Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Agreement

I'm making an entry because I know nobody is watching. I think that entitles me to say whatever I want about whomever I want. But then, I've always been able to do that. It is my own blog, after all. So I'll just go ahead and talk about myself and ignore everyone else.

I don't feel like talking about you. I feel like talking about me.

It must be summer because I want to make masks again. I found this exciting recipe for what is essentially a paper mache clay. I've never really put effort into making something out of clay, but I don't think I'm very good at working with it. But it has got to be easier to deal with than ripping paper into strips and smoothing it and watching it dry for hours before adding more of it... Yes. I am excited to try this cheap clay made out of paper. I am also able to sand this paper down once it has dried, which makes me really excited. I really hated the ridges caused by the edges of paper strips, but there was no way to deal with them. Now I'll at least be able to sand down any small globs or bits that I don't like on the mask.

Anyways, to get me into the mood (and because I am overly excited to get started again on this) I made another mask base. It's a lot like the mask base I made last summer that I still actually have, except better. It starts with one of those white masks from JoAnn's, but this time I used masking tape instead of paper mache to cover up all of the features on the face. This is an obviously better idea. I don't have to deal with drying and waiting and fussing about moisture. I can also pick it up and add more tape to it whenever I please. I'm not afraid to poke holes in it or modify it or ruin it. It's just a pile of tape on top of a plastic mask. I could make another one in less than an hour, if I needed, and I'll bet the next one would be better.

When I don't feel like I am shirking off a bunch of responsibilities, I am going to make my first batch of that clay and my first mask out of the new materials. I'm excited for it, but I really feel like I should wait. I'm supposed to get a job this summer, but I haven't been trying very hard. (I'm so nervous about applying for jobs it isn't even funny.) I'm trying to remain productive during the day and not just lie around all the time to make up for my lack of a job. Maybe I should set a goal for myself--No hobbies until I have done so many hours of productive things in the day. To maintain a balance.

I suppose that means I should stop cuddling the cat and writing Ubiquity entries, and start cleaning my room.