Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have that one song stuck in my head.
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so close to me!
I am considering adopting it as my new theme song. My other one seems to have worn itself out, and I do believe this one gives off just the right message.

So! Even though it is past Christmas, I am still receiving gifts. I've managed to gain: Yotsuba doll + manga, manicure kit, slippers, bracelet charms, and a replacement pocket watch for the one I have that broke.

I am so happy to have this pocket watch, you really have no idea. I've really missed winding my watch every morning, listening to that frantic way it ticks double-time... It's like having a part of me back. Though, I still have not found somebody locally who can fix my old watch. Which is sad, because even though the two watches are very similar, their faces are opposite color, and I think the older one is prettier. Black and gold is nicer than white and gold, I think.

I went and saw that movie Spirit with a friend tonight. It was unplanned, but fun nonetheless. That movie, though. I expected so much more out of it. Like maybe a plot that was thicker than tissue. And not the kind you sneeze into, but the kind you wrap things in. It seemed like everything they said was useless. You could condense every important line down to a short paragraph. But the visuals were good, once they got done with the opening credits.

I wish to kill the opening credits' animations!

After you get used to the fact that yes, the entire movie will look like that, the visuals become more stunning and less tedious. Which is backwards. It also would have been nice if they explained certain really important bits more. Like what that shiny thing at the end was that saved the entire movie. I had to ask somebody--It was the golden fleece. An ancient Greek myth.

... Or maybe they did tell us about that fleece, but it was during all of the fluff I tuned out because nothing was happening visually or to the story.

Usually I'm done rambling right about now, but I wish to share my experience at the orthodontist today. I've had bad visits in the past, but they all had their reasons for being painful. This time, they were just being completely incompetent. I told her I had a loose band, and she made a big deal out of it. All I could think was yeah, yeah, just fix it already. She had so much trouble trying to get the already loosened band off my tooth that it started to bleed. She then proceeded to cover my entire tooth in glue. The entire thing. The. Entire. Motherfucking. Tooth. I took my fingernail and chipped off a huge piece later, but there is still a lot of glue. She was then told to take a wire and pigtail one of my teeth. Last time I went, my entire upper row was pigtailed, it was really nothing out of the ordinary for me. It's nothing painful, just a bit of wire used to anchor the main wire to the braces.

But she found a way to make it painful.

She takes this thin, razor-sharp wire, and maneuvers it around my braces, get it in place, then spreads the two ends apart and proceeds to scrape around my mouth with it. I almost smacked her! What was she thinking, running a wire that thin along the sides of my mouth like that?! Once more around, and she'd have taken enough off that it would have been considered surgery. She must have been having difficulty with whatever she was doing (it is simple, I could have done it for her with one hand.) because she took one wire and pulled it down as far as she could so that it was badly cutting into my lower lip, and took the other wire and pulled it sideways, so that it was cutting into the side of my mouth. And wiggled it around a bit.

"Why are you fighting me so much?"

Because if you keep doing what you're doing, I'll look halfway like Batman's major villain. I don't know why I didn't just push her hands away from my mouth. That was seriously so painful, and for no good reason. It made sense when I flinched when that other lady forced all of her weight onto a sore tooth, and it was perfectly fine that I squirmed when the orthodontist dug her sharp metal tools between my gums and my tooth. But when I'm flinching, squirming, squealing, and clenching my eyes tight at what should be an absolutely painless and completely normal thing, it means you're doing your job wrong.

Needless to say, there is a sore in the corner of my mouth.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Watching Adam Savage obsess over building a dodo skeleton and making the Maltese Falcon reminded me of some old career/job choices I used to have.

Y'know. The answers to what I want to be when I grow up.
They go like this:

  • I first wanted to work at McDonald's for a living (And I have the toys to back this up)
  • I then wanted to be an archaeologist (Again, the toys...)
  • A journalist, after meeting one
  • An architect
  • A pet store owner
  • A prop maker, like for movies
  • A teacher
  • A veterinarian
  • A computer technician
  • A web programmer
  • A fashion designer
  • A forensics scientist
  • A novelist
  • A photographic journalist
  • A surgeon
  • A lawyer
And I'm certain I've had passing fancies of other jobs, like trophy wife, stuntman, race car driver, and comic artist.

But gosh, it's really no wonder I had a hard time choosing a college, because I still have interests in all of these things. I even think of doing a lot of these things on the side, just for fun.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Suuuup, Ubiquity?

Merry Christmas. Even if you're not religious, I do wish you a good Christmas day.

I received some very lovely things for Christmas. Including this shiny new Mac Book that is sitting on my lap right now. Mircrosoft Office (another gift) is currently installing, and I am anxious for it to finish. I feel the need to type out a lot in order to get used to this new keyboard. The fact that is is so very flat is causing me to miss keys, as my long fingernails hit the areas around them.

God, why is this keyboard so flat? Who thought this would be a good idea?!

Here, let me list the other things I received for you:

  • MSU sweater and T-Shirt (They are lovely.)
  • Cockeyed.com Calendar, complete with nail
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac
  • $60 iTunes giftcards
  • Tangerine
  • Wireless mouse for Mac
  • Hello Kitty soaps
  • Pajamas
  • $100 from Grandma
  • Steampunk locket-rings
There might have been something else, but I really can not think of it right now.

Let me tell you, those steampunk rings I got are really incredible. They are clockwork inset to the front of a locket. One is attatched to an intricately-designed band, the other attatched to just a solid band. They are both of a golden color. I'll have pictures of them up for you as soon as possible.

To celebrate Christmas, we went over to a family friends' house. There we sat around chatting for a long while, then eating dinner for a bit, and finally playing The Great Dalmuti. It is like tradition with us to play that game for long hours. The game divides you into classes depending on how well you play; Greater Dalmuti plays the ebest, then going down to the Lesser Dalmuti, Merchants (of which there can be any number), the Lesser Peon, and the Greater Peon. I usually am the Greater Peon, as I seem to always deal myself horrible hands (Greater Peon is in charge of dealing, collecting cards, and doing other's bidding). Never had I been the Great Dalmuti, and tonight I decided it was my turn.

I should mention: The Great Dalmuti wears an obscenely large and ridiculous hat. The Greater Peon also wears a ridiculous hat, but it is a jester's hat and it nowhere near as large.

So I played a mean game! I was slowly wokring my way up through the ranks, and I had made it all the way to the lesser Dalmuti. I then lost my seat and ended up a merchant, and finally the Greater Peon again. But only for a couple rounds--I then miraculously won and became the Great Dalmuti.


Only problem: We did not have the usual hat tonight. So I wore a large purple pimp/Mad Hatter hat.

... I'll win again. And I shall wear that hat.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Face

Two posts in one day! Boy, am I talkative today.

So that was the most haphazard photo shoot I've ever done for myself. My glasses were smudged, my tie was crooked, and my hair was going every which way. I hadn't even bothered to iron my tie, despite it being prone to wrinkles and in a pile for the past year or so.

Though! I had completely forgotten how adorable I am in that dress. Or, rather, how adorable that dress is on me. It was also a nice chance to retake those photos that combine that dress as well as my black overcoat (Or is it a pea coat? It is very much inbetween). All the others I had taken very very blurry, and I've always been a little sad by that.

Now! Drumroll! The one picture out of 35 that I have chosen to be my new face on the internet!

I look like Mikami, wtf. How did I not notice that?

As you might see, the image is fairly similar to the old one. But, there's more hair, the addition of glasses, and a slightly different pose.

... Eh, I'm bored of this now. I'm gonna go read comic books.



What? No. What? Stop saying these things.
Since when do I have an accent? Your ears must be off.
I was born in that hospital down the road. I've lived here ever since. Go away.

All my life. Why do people keep asking me these stupid things? I don't have an accent. Ask anyone from Europe. Kelly speaks like an American. So why do people assume I'm English?

And then I must type funny, too, because my apparant accent is leaking into the internet. Do I type like I'm British? I don't even know the difference between Britain and England. But I've managed to confuse more than one person into thinking I'm not quite American.

Is it because I say 'quite?' Is it?
Maybe it's because I say 'rather.' And 'bother.' And the occasional 'humbug.'

But I couldn't even tell you the difference between a pound and a pence. Agh.
(Perhaps it's because I was raised watching British comedies and reading English authors. And drinking tea. And eating crumpets. Hm.)

Also: I've spend most of my day today in a long battle with my computer. When it woke up today, it had decided it would clear away my desktop theme. A restart didn't fix the problem. A re-download of the theme did not fix the problem. So many different troubleshoots and so many different restarts. Finally downloading this one application fixed the problem. But then when I decided to open up the Desktop Properties window, it decided to glitch out and open a couple hundred Firefox windows, all leading to a Microsoft website telling me I could pay to install more desktop themes. Restart my computer two more times, and things are all quiet and set as they should be. For now.

Do you think my computer is rebelling because I wish to replace it with a laptop next week?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Recently, when I have been clicking on things, my computer doesn't register that I clicked, but the internet browser does. So the button shows selection, or changes color, or whatever it is the button does, but nothing loads. I find myself clicking on something, then waiting a few minutes for it to load before realizing that nothing has happened. I decided to try double clicking on everything, but that just caused more problems.

What the fuck is wrong with my computer?

I don't know why I said I would bake cookies today. I was planning to start them around 2pm, so I cleaned the kitchen up. But I found I did not have what I needed for the recipe, and sent my father out in his massive snow-fighting truck to pick up a couple things for me. That was at about 1pm. About five or six dad comes home, and then we go out to dinner. Meaning I waited for many hours just so I'd have something to do. I thought he'd be back in one or two hours. Gah.

So the cookies got started at 8:40, and need three hours to chill. I was making this recipe specifically for my dad, so I hope he doesn't mind that there will be no cookies until tomorrow evening, since I refuse to bake at midnight or before lunch.

Also, I sucked at making the cookie dough. But I succeeded in making cookie crumbs, somehow, despite my use of the oven. It will be interesting to see how my cookie crumbs cook.

I am in a reading mood. I spent so long on the couch reading that my knees hurt from being curled up. I plan to finish this book before Sunday is over, then move on to another, and then I have three more lined up I will probably have done before New Year's. Which is all well and good, because there is an ice storm with 90mph winds headed our way. The power is expected to be out for a couple days or more. Though the generator is all cranked and ready to go, the TV will not be hooked up to it, so I'll be stuck with books.

Wait. I realized why I have this sudden enthusiasm to read. It's because I can see clearly now with my glasses. With the words in focus, I'm actually focusing on the story, and not getting distracted and daydreaming while I skim along. It makes so much sense!

Off I go, to read.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It snowed all last night and all today. School was canceled for today, and they just called to tell me that it is canceled for tomorrow as well. This is reason to CELEBRATE, as I don't have to make these snow days up at the end of the year. The perks of being a senior.

Do you remember how forever ago (a little over two weeks, actually) I was talking about a story I wanted to write? I decided to plow right on ahead with it, donning a sort of screw-the-world air as I decided not to bother talking to anyone about it first. And I've made a bit of progress; I have given the main characters names. Though, I must say, two of the three main characters got completely shafted when it comes to their names. Who the fuck names their son Liam? I must re-roll the dice on that one.

And I am having trouble when it comes to designing the looks for the main female character. I keep wanting her to look like me, because I am The Prettiest. But I want her to be in no way connected to myself, otherwise I'll just be inserting some dumb Suzy into this thing. But she'd just look right with long blond hair. With curls. And a thin figure. And elegantly long fingers. And luscious red lips, captivating blue eyes, beautiful legs that go on for miles...

Damn, I'm pretty.

(I need a break to look in the mirror.)

On second thought. Maybe I will base her looks off me. And tell people she's really based off some cover girl.

RaeLynn got me these adorable socks for Christmas. They are black with neon hearts in cute little rows all over it, with Hello Kitty at the top. They are so me. I plan to wear them later. Jessie said something about making cookies. But without school tomorrow, I'll see no such things until maybe after New Year's.

Oh, hey! That's true! I don't have any more school for the rest of the year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hooray, I have my glasses. I am planning a quick photo shoot before the end of the week, since I believe that picture in the top left corner could use some updating. And I do believe the addition of lenses would make the picture more attractive.

It did not snow here today. It snowed everywhere except here. I am not even kidding--The newspaper showed little pictures of clouds dropping snow completely surrounding my area, but no little pictures over my home. It is supposed to snow within the next couple hours, but I do wonder if that will happen.

It is currently 33 degrees outside, cloudy, and an 83% humidity.

Now if you'll excuse me, there is a cat posing and styling next to me that would like my attention. She either wants to play or wants head scritchies. Either way, I am willing to help.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Snow snow snow snow snow some more please. I hate the cold, but I adore the delays, and I love the cancellations. I would like to not be at school for the rest of the week. Let it snow all night and all day.

For Christmas, Amber got me a dinosaur excavation kit. I spent a few fair hours scraping away at moist clay and assembling a plastic Tyrannosaurus rex. I am happy at it's five-inch figure, but later I plan to tackle the nine-inch friend. They can be mommy and baby. I just enjoy the fact that I got my hands so dirty, and the clay was delightfully moist. Not moldable, yet not dusty. You could cut it with a knife, crack it with a hammer, and leave impressions with tools. Satisfying.

The optometrist called and my glasses are ready. But by the time I got down there to pick them up the little shop had closed. So tomorrow I will swing by and then see things a bit more clearly. I am excited to find out if I am dyslexic when it comes to reading, or I just have poor eyesight.

So lately I have been considering whether or not I might be narcoleptic. I know for a fact I have some sort of dyssomnia (I have for many many years). And lately I have had strong urges to sleep at random moments in time. I am too strong willed to just lie down and sleep during certain activities, such as driving, but I found myself propping up my head and closing my eyes during a quiz today. That is so uncharacteristic of me. I'm usually the most alert kid in the class. I also find I would rather lie down and take a nap than play a thrilling video game right in the middle, and I'd rather rest than read a favorite book. Everything has become "Oh, but I shouldn't do that, because I want to sleep instead."

Maybe I just need a nice vacation to get rested up.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Cingulomania (n) -
A desire to hold someone in your arms.

(Felt like sharing.)

Ugh ugh ugh. That hat I am crocheting is turning out all wrong. I have no desire to restart again. I think I might just buy a hat and dye it black. Fun fact: Kelly always reads 'crocheting' as Crotch-Etting. Even though I know better.

One more week until winter break. I am excited. Since I do dislike school.

Sunday I helped to tear down the set from the school play. I was having fun and enjoying myself until Jessie took my power drill away for her own selfish needs. Then I was stuck peeling tape off the floor, as opposed to dismantling things with gusto.
... Her selfishness and blindness towards others really gets to me sometimes.

There is snow on the ground but it is not as normal. Usually, the snow falls in thick wet clumps, gathers on the roads as slush and ice, and gathers on the cars as a very not dense ice. But this time, the snow fell as powder, gathered on the roads hardly at all, and gathered on the cars as powder. It is so strange... When the wind blows it looks like it is snowing sideways, because of all the powder being blown around. It is strange, surreal, and very very cold.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


So you know how at sports games, someone will hold up a sign that says John 3:16? I've been wondering what that meant, and I've looked it up.

I had to pull out my dusty old Bible from back in the day. I've never actually looked someone up in this book before, actually, and I wasn't sure how to go about it. Despite attending a Christian school. But I found it.

For god so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
This made me think. Not about Jesus, but about how I need a passage from the Bible to call my own. Something that speaks to me. So I opened up to my favorite book, Leviticus. I've been reading and rereading it for a while now, and I really can't think of one passage that I like the best. All of it is really great. And perfectly absurd out of context. I especially like the ones that end with "I am the Lord," or "I am the Lord your God." I think that defines me well. But I think I've settled on one that I can stand strongly by, despite my lack of religious faith: Leviticus 18:19.

Do not approach a woman to have sexual relations during the uncleaness of her monthly period.
That's really something I believe in. For oh so many reasons.

I want to go on and quote some more of my favorite passages, but I'd just end up quoting the entire thing. I'm especially fond of the bits that make slavery okay, tell you not to eat pigs or chickens, describe who and what to not have sex with, and count the many different ways you can be unclean.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Professor Tweedle

I need to go to the Post Office! To mail boxes. I also need to go to the Optometrist's. It's been a couple weeks and they've yet to call about my glasses. So I'm going to walk up there and be all like "You promised! Also, I kinda need these lenses."

Crocheting is going... Okay! I've learned that it is not something you need to pull tight, like knitting. It took three tries to get the hat going right. The first time, it turned out like a triangle. The second time, it was bunching and ruffling along the edges. This time! I now have a black yamaka. That will hopefully evolve into a fuller sized hat.

I! Hate! Using! Exclamation! Points! I've seriously just been using them as a way of being sort of ironic. I really think they are evil and a sign of poor writing. But now, I find them as a way to excuse myself for writing fragmented sentences as well as stressing things. But no more! After that. I am back to boring punctuation.

I am now off to shower and then have troubled sleep. Tonight feels like a night for nightmares!
(Okay, no more exclamatory remarks.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sometime during the week, my parents put up the Christmas tree. On Sunday, I went with my dad and we bought all new ornaments and decorated the tree. We bought ornaments for two reasons; one is because the old ornaments are infected by Christmas trees past, the other is because we needed unprecious unbreakable ornaments that the kittens couldn't destroy. They get into the tree all the time. They think it's a new toy for them.

Today we had a bomb threat at school. After receiving multiple threats a week for a few months, bomb threats aren't a big deal to me anymore. As horrifying as it is, I am used to them. This threat, though, was really weird. First, they announced that they received a note with the threat, and made us evacuate without any of our bags. Normally, they just pull the fire alarm and tell nobody what is going on (which is a smart idea). They also made us gather in a weird place where they could not take role: the stadium. It made sense on one hand because it was windy and raining and 40 degrees outside and the staium is covered mostly. On the other hand... they couldn't take role.

So they made us wait in the wind and rain for about an hour while they (I assume) checked everyone's lockers and ran the bomb-sniffing dogs through. They then sent everyone back in, in groups determined by the placement of your classroom. We'd go in, grab our stuff, authorities would then dig through and check our bags, and we'd go back outside and wait. In the rain and wind.

The last group never had a chance to go inside and grab their stuff, because they made everyone leave school grounds immediately. There would be no access to the school until 4pm tonight. A few of my friends were not able to get their stuff, some teachers found themselves without the necessary things to leave with, and the entire ordeal strongly suggests that they found something.

On an unrelated note:
Since I finished that surprisingly labor-intensive scarf, I've now picked up crocheting. I'm making a hat.

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is one day's worth of dirty dishes.



And maybe now people will understand what I mean by "I've been gone all weekend--I have a lot of chores to catch up on."

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ahhhhh... The play is over. Now I can get some sleep, and maybe have some time to do things.

The last night's performance was hilarious at the end, because the disappearing act was totally ruined by Jesus. He literally left a trail behind, and everybody knew where he went. And then one of the actresses stole an important part of the disappearing box, and the stagehands couldn't haul it off stage right away like the director demanded. But all in all, each night was a good performance. And the cast party was fun, too. I had no idea there were so many ways to interpret the play as well as the Bible sexually.

Really, I'm just excited to have free time again.

Oh! What am I doing wasting time on Ubiquity? I should be off playing video games!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Day

  • That is the best sleep I have ever had in my bed before.
  • Me 'n Audrey have a specialized assignment in Photography. (All we normally do is sit around)
  • We are watching Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead, and I am happy.
  • No homework in Japanese for the week, due to the play.
  • I bought Christmas gifts and boxes.
  • Another standing ovation, and a better audience. Yay.

  • I sleep.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bottle Toppers

Yay! The play went off without any major disasters tonight. I flubbed once, and every so often an actor said something odd, but it was nothing we couldn't just overlook. It was great! We got a standing ovation.

BUT. Only one person I told to come tonight showed up. And that was because I drove him there. I don't mind so much, since there are still three showings left, just so long as they see it sometime. Heh, I'm starting to feel like a friend of mine that was a senior when I was a sophomore. He'd tell everyone to come to the plays and things, and they would. So now, here I am, a senior sitting in a class full of sophomores, telling everyone to come. Now, if only they would. I guess I'm just not charismatic enough.

Man, am I tired!

I plan to Christmas shop real fast tomorrow. I need to buy a ton of cards, a videogame, and small trinkets and boxes to put everything in. I'd immediately think that I could just go to the mall, but the mall does not sell boxes! So, to Target I go. And maybe I'll buy some bandaids while I'm there.

Okay. To bed now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Savour the Savior

I want to write a story. Something long, with dialog and character development. Maybe even twists in the story. It's been so long since I've attempted such a thing, I don't know if I can anymore. So I want to find out, and start putting words onto paper.

I have two ideas in my head I've been kicking around. One, I've more or less been working on for years. The idea is still original as far as I can tell, but I've been stuck on the same old problems in how the plot should unfold. I also don't think I'm ready to put an idea that's so important to me so completely down on paper. Not to mention that I'm tired of the characters, and I know that story all too well. It's like, repeat central.

The other idea is still fresh to me, more or less since I came up with it only this year. I'm interested in exploring the new ideas, and there are things I genuinely want to find out about human emotions through writing this story. There are a lot of problems that come with writing this, though. One is that it would be an emotional story about somebody with average emotions. While I do have feelings, I can't say I always experience the correct ones for the current situation. That other story is based around a character whose problems center around how very different they are. This one the characters don't matter quite so much as the situation, so I need them to be normal.

The other problem is that, if I write this, I'll actually start worrying about what other people think about me. Not strangers, I don't care what they think, but the people close to me that I'll force to read it. Because I'll want their input on how the characters behave. And the characters will have to be based on real people, or a mish-mash of real people. I feel like I should be asking permission. Also: I don't want anyone thinking it's real. Because these realistic characters will do realistic things that could shatter lives in very real ways.

Oh God, I'm afraid to write a story because I don't want to hurt anyone.

That means I should totally do it.
(but at what cost?)

Monday, December 1, 2008


I love that feeling! I love it so much. And it's an odd thing to enjoy, too.

That feeling of "Hey, you've been reading my diary!" but put into a context where it's obvious that they have not.

For example, before Chuck Norris jokes were on the internet, I had problems sleeping. I'd be dead tired, but just not sleep. I'd lie there all night, eyes closed, but still awake. I'd still be peppy the next day so it was really no problem. So I would think; I don't sleep, I wait. So when that became a common internet joke, I had a Hey! My Diary! moment.

But now! Oh, now. I am having another one of those moments, but much more prolonged.

We are reading Samuel Beckett's play The Endgame in Dramatic Lit (He wrote Waiting for Godot, in case you've forgotten). And the way he writes his plays! We are reading this play because it is written so differently from everything else we've read. It is strange, and incoherent, and does not conform to the proper dramatic laws of scriptwriting. I'm enjoying the play enormously, but the entire time, I cant help but think "Hey! That's how I used to write my diaries!"

Yes! I wrote largley incoherent strings of words that mattered to nobody but Kelly! They made perfect sense to me. Which is all that I cared about, not like I wanted anyone to easily read my private thoughts, anyhow. So, as we read the play aloud, I'm having very little problems understanding just what is going on. But as the other people read their parts, I feel compelled to direct them. You can hear it in their voices--They have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. But the entire time I'm reading, I have no problems grasping who the characters are and what they are trying to say.

Clough says Beckett messes with it's actors.
Kelly says she has cracked the Beckett code.

Hah! If I knew where they've gone off to, I'd publish my old diaries. I could probably make a mint off of my Beckett-styled writing.

And now, I am tired. I have one more rehearsal, and then four nights of performances. So I should sleep now while I still can.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stop Matriciding!

It goes like this:

On one hand, I would very much like to have an exciting death. Go out with a bang, y'know? Not just something drastic, like a murder, but something that would make a good crime drama. Maybe something like... I get killed by a runaway Ferris wheel, and the clown did it. It took four guys and a hooker to pull off, and one other person got stabbed in the back because of it.

Exciting. Unusual.

But on the other hand, I'd be really pissed off to have an exciting death. My reaction would not only be "OH GOD OH GOD," but also "So, this is how it will end. This would make for a good story." And then I'll be pissed off because I won't be able to write about it later. Something truly amazing happens to me, and I'm too dead to do anything about it. How obnoxious!

Augh! The very idea of it is making me angry.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Caviar Cavalier

So after painting the drinking room a color that is slightly less white and slightly more yellow, we bought more plants to place inside there. We had the get rid of the plants originally there, as Kelly identified them to be the world's second most deadly plant. Our house was crawling with these toxic plants, and we have cats that are likely to chew on them. And this was the sort of plant that all you needed to do was chew on it to die of suffocation (but if you swallowed, you'd go septic and then have kidney failure if you lived long enough). So now we have more plants that are completely unidentified, and could be deadly, but they are there with their dirt and pots nonetheless.

The problem here is that our cats are obsessed with the dirt inside these pots.

So everyday for the past three days, we have been finding piles of dirt surrounding these plants. At first, it was just a light spattering of dirt. But as the days went on, the piles became larger. I just cleaned up a pile of dirt that could have been used to start a little seedling. And the plants gradually have less and less dirt, and deeper and deeper holes bored into them. So my mother and I placed aluminum foil around the plants, covering the dirt, hoping the crinkling and weird textures would deter the cats until we could make it to the store to buy rocks to place over the dirt.

Also: The family came and left for Thanksgiving. I ate lots, and am still full. (I am actually pretty empty, but I am feeling nauseous, so if anyone asks tell them I am full.) We watched Wall-E, and then Kung Fu Panda. We also watched the Seahawks lose the game (which is sad, since they are my team. We suck.) and watched the cats play. I was given a lot of advice as a young adult about to enter into university, a lot of which I wish I could forget.

... What kind of advice is that?! "Listen up. My dad didn't want me moving so far away for school. So you know what I did? I got a 45-year-old boyfriend. I was outta there!"

No no no! I will stick to boys my age that I love.
That is the sort of advice I should be hearing.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ahh! We cut that bit with the dancing walls from the play. I am rejoicing.

So I've had Turn Back, O Man stuck in my head ever since I left the stage. It's my second favorite song in the play. My first being that one whose name I don't know... But I call it the Puppet Master song, because of the way they dance. Anywho, these songs wouldn't be so horrible to have in my head if I just knew the lyrics. You see, I can't understand a single word they sing for most of the songs. So I'm all walking around, trying to sing it, and I fall flat after four words. It's so... uncomfortable.

Turkey day tomorrow! The grandparents dined with us tonight at a lovely bistro. Tomorrow, we dine at home! They were excited to meet our cats, and grandma brought me a turkey plush that gobbles when you squeeze it. We gossiped about relatives, ate way too sweet cookies, and they left eventually.

I missed my show, so I'm a bit sour about the experience.

Bed now! I've been wanting to sleep before 10 all week, but with no luck.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faster in a Fast World

So the grandparents are coming over! They shall be here tomorrow. And the cousins will soon follow after! They shall be here Thursday, but whether or not they'll be in time for dinner is a mystery. And then other adults I do not know will show up! All on Thursday.

We're having a turkey-day bash, I guess. It's been a while since we've had turkey with the family.

So many people entering the house means that we need to clean up the house. Having the grandparents come over means we need to sterilize the house. SO WE HAVE BEEN CLEANING. I've cleaned my room up some, but it is still messy by most people's standards. But then, what is it for Kelly standards? It is sparkling. I can see my floor, and lie down on it, and walk across it in the dark at night. I also do not break things anymore when I move about. It is nice to own unbroken things.

Tech rehearsal for the play was today! I had thought that it was an hour later than it actually was, so I went home to prepare food. I had this large bowl of steaming noodles, as well as a nice mug of steaming tea, when I received a call and found myself going 60 on a 45mph road. I came home later and the food was cold and bitter.

Tech rehearsal was stressful for me! I don't even know why. I think it's the blasted moving walls that get to me. Moving them forward and back at random intervals is no problem, I can even deal with the hot dog cart trying to take out all the actors as it swivels dangerously about, but when I have to dance with those walls...! Clough shouts "No, Kelly! You have it backwards!" Emily shouts "No, Kelly, you need to go faster!" "Jessie shouts "FUUUCK KELLY YOU KINDA HIT MY FOOT NOT REALLY!" because Jessie speaks in all caps and is an offensive and foul-mouthed person. (She is a good friend of mine.)

My problems with the walls went as such:
- They weight more than me. They weigh more than me. You have to understand that I am moving my legs at full speed, but my feet are slipping and not gaining any traction. So pardon me while I ice skate on my side of the stage. I can go no faster! You must slow down!
- STOP CHANGING THE CHOREOGRAPHY and maybe I won't do it backwards!
- Fuck you guys for being in my way. I am blindly moving a wall forward, and I need to not hit the band or the actors, meaning I must move an awkward diagonal. You try driving a car with a blindfold on, and then take a tight corner. And then when you finish turning, drive sideways and do it again! ON YOUR SIDE! YOU MAY NOT GO FORWARD! TURN FUCKING NOW. YOU HIT GRANDMA AND HER GUITAR!

Augh. I'm okay with Clough telling me what's wrong with what I'm doing, but not the other techie. She has it super easy with her wall, only needing to go straight forward. And she weighs more than me. She has no problem moving the stupid wall in intricate circles.

But Clough dislikes the effect of the dancing walls. So he may cut it. Which will be grand.

I made pumpkin pie today! I am not so great at making pie crusts (especially not this crumbly whole-wheat kind. I'll stick to the normal stuff, thanks). But I am good at the filling part. They are in the oven now, and I will be asleep when they finish cooking. Custard pies take a long time to cook.

Gee, I would like to avoid school tomorrow. But I have tech rehearsal again, and this time it will be going on super long. We need to practice that magic trick with Jesus. And I tend to give a lot of rides home, so I won't be back until and hour after it ends. Which makes me sad.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today would have been great! If I wasn't feeling so tired.

Not that I regret being tired. I'm really quite used to it now.

Actually, it really wasn't being tired that put a dent in my day, it was a significant-yet-not-so-significant event that took place just after the final bell rang for school. It happened like this:

Kelly is experiencing extreme joy as she hoists her backpack onto her shoulder. School is freaking out for the day, and she plans to enjoy it.
That Kid Who Wears The Same Thing Everyday: (Enters Kelly's classroom and blocks the door.)
Kelly: (Crestfallen) Excuse me, I need to get by.
TKWWTSTE: (Moves aside) Oh yeah, sorry.
Kelly: (Trudges through the exit, defeated)


I held a slight conversation with That Kid Who Makes Me Angry Everyday.
I NEED CONSOLATION. (I did not wish to ever speak to him.)

But today was still pretty awesome. I totally found my lost thumbdrive. Which is great! I missed it these past couple months. Also, we paid off my glasses, so I'll be getting them pretty soon. I am excited to be able to see things slightly more clearly. I think I also don't look so terrible in them, so expect a picture post of Kelly's four eyes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Like So

Why are we still out of cereal?! This angers me!

Freakin' love cereal.

So one of the techies dropped out of the play. And I will be replacing them! This means that most of my after-school free-time brought on by the extra-early dismissals accompanied by conferences will be taken up by being a techie in preparation for the play. This also means I will not be able to watch the play be performed opening night.

And, sadly, this also means I will have less free time. This is the biggest blow.

(I miss having free time.)

I bought a book today and it has words in it. I plan to read a vast majority of those words. I am excited for this, as I enjoy the way the words are put together, and I think the craftsmanship in the sentences is simply delightful. I also very much enjoy the carpenter of this book. He is not Jesus, but he is quite gay, and his name is Oscar Wilde. Which brings me to my next point:

Oscar Wilde has a way with T-H-E-A-T-E-R.
(Much like how Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.)

Of course, as I sing this song, a delightful chap helps me discover that "Oscar Wilde has a way with AL-WAYS-BE-ING-SUCH-A-DOUCH."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bubblegum Bomb

Oh my God I have nothing to say. Today was so nothing.

I woke up kinda late. We're out of cereal, so I ate the last bagel. Jessie and I made it to school on time. I read H.P. Lovecraft all during Photography. We took a walk during history. I'm casted in the play we're reading in Dramatic Lit. I had pizza for lunch. Senior Social Studies was astoundingly boring. I made the whole class wait for me to finish my work in Japanese (I never finished. So Sean and Louis had a free day). I caught That Kid Who Wears the Same--NO WAIT THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT SO I AM SHARING.

I don't know if you remember That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday, but I certainly do since I see him now two to three times in the hallway daily. He's always wearing the same damn thing, and it makes me angry. His outfit has gotten classier from last year, but he stills wears the one thing all the time. I would punch him if he wasn't about a foot taller than me.

Anywho, I keep catching him looking at me in the hallways. And it freaks me right the fuck out. I don't want those unwashed eyes peering in my direction. It goes like this: I sweept the hallways for a face I might now. I see that stupid bright-green hat of his sticking out above everyone, and then his face awkwardly jerks away. I've seen RaeLynn make that exact same motion when Cody B or Ryan F would glance in her direction. And she practically made love shrines to them.

So the plan is to ignore this kid completely, and maybe he'll go away like a bad headache.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Optigonally Yours

Today I finalized the frames I'll be getting for my glasses. They are nothing like the ones I was looking at earlier. They are the opposite of round; they are so square they have 90-degree angle corners. Okay, I'm exaggerating the corners, but only a little bit which is the freaky part. Amber had me try on a pair in that style, and everything just looked balanced. Though, I hate how glaringly obvious glasses look on my face. And I hate how I've yet to find a pair that improve my already glorious looks. And they don't make me look smarter, they just bring out the geek in me.

Augh! I look like a dweeb in glasses.

But then there's this little motto of mine: I love how I don't have to look at me all the time. I'll wear my glasses when I'm not near mirrors, and am instead near books, and will bask in the comfort and clarity they bring to my eyes.

(I am being so over-dramatic about wearing glasses. They'd be totally optional if I didn't read so very much and do so much artwork. I shouldn't fuss so much.)

Then after picking out frames, we went to the video game store right next door. I love the locations of those two stores, since you know avid gamers are prone to eye problems from ogling back-lit screens. Just like that sex toy shop that's right next to a mattress store. It works. I started to gather together the two items I wanted to buy, when I noticed my lack of wallet. I had forgotten it at home. Which was tragic, because I so very much wanted that Zelda GBA game.

Oh! Okayso. I must have been in a coma during the entire GBA period of gaming, because I have no knowledge of GBA games. I've only ever owned one, and it was Hamtaro. So I'm looking at all their used GBA games and freaking out because I never knew these games existed. Home Alone?! Harry Potter?! Pokemon?! ZELDA?! HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS?! And my brother's GBA library was full of war-strategy games, which I dislike. So it's like... where was I?

Augh. I feel the need to re-live portable gaming. I simply must!

Monday, November 17, 2008


So this is my 100th post! I've been avoiding writing it because I have nothing special planned. But now I'm all like, just get it out of the way so you'll go back to regular updates.

Here I go.

So, like any normal teenage girl in a relationship after watching a chick flick about weddings, I've begun planning my own wedding. Just as I have no skills in interior decorating, I have no skills in planning a wedding. I haven't even thought about details like location, or dates, I just have planned out one section that's really important.

You know that part in the wedding, during the ceremony, when the music starts, and everyone stands up and turns to look at the bride? And she slowly walks up with the important male figure in her life, to the beat of the music. Dah~ dat dah dahh. Dah~ DAT dah dahh! She finally reaches the other side of the church, and they begin their vows.

Yeah. This is how it'll go down with me and Griff:

So the music starts, and everyone stands up. Then--BLAM! I kick open the doors and bust my way into the room (or whatever). I'll fucking fly down the runway, wedding dress and all, and tackle Griffin. Because I'm so sick of being separated from him. My father will still be on the other side of the church, slowly making his way up, and the plaster on the walls will probably be chipped from the impact of the doors. Not to mention the heel print in the doors themselves.

Then you know how during their vows, the couple is standing like, three feet away from eachother? C'mon, now, you're gonna spend the rest of your life with that person. Get cozy. At my wedding, my hands'll be all over Griff the entire time. The preist'll be all "Ahem. Ahem!" and one of us'll have to gasp for air and say "Yeah... Yeah! I do." It'll be time to kiss the bride, and we're already practically making babies.

Kiss the bride? Pssht, been there, done that!

We'll still be at the altar when we realize it's time for us to make our getaway into the limo. Instead of waiting for everyone to shower us with rice and shit, I'll just throw my bouquet at them, my garter will already be off, and we'll have the groomsmen and bridesmaids in charge of the gifts and cake at the reception. 'Cuz Griff and I? We're leaving for our honeymoon right then and there. Screw receptions.

And that is why I want a tiny wedding. I don't want gramma to see me humping my very-nearly-husband. But close friends and parents? They'll laugh it off. Yeah. They better.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just wasted my entire day on this website.


It went from 11:06 AM to 4:35 PM pretty fast.

I think I had something I needed to do, but I've completely forgotten about any responsibilities I might have. I think... I think I needed to fill out and mail some... forms...

I spent Saturday with my friends celebrating this occurrence. We went to the Seattle Science Center. Or Pacific Science Center. Anywho, there is a dinosaur exhibit, and I smushed a penny and imprinted the design of a stegosaurus onto it. I also bought a formerly-known-as-the-brontosaurus (apatosaurus) plushie, while my friends bought things like plush puppies and plush kittens and spinney balls. (I am a proud geek.) Also, my Apato's name is Jack. I think it is fitting. We also got some stickers in the shape of things like planets, celestial bodies, and spacecraft. We got to see Lucy, which was actually rather boring for the amount we paid. An exciting part was finding out that Rae can throw a ball 55mph. (My max was something like 27 or 32mph.) No butterflies landed on us, and the Queen Bee has eluded us once again. We got to touch a sheep brain. They are remarkably heavy for their size.

It didn't rain, and everything was grossly overpriced. But we had wicked fun.

(Last year, we went to an art museum for my birthday. I personally believe that one should live a life of constant learning, so I try to catch up annually.)

I am excited for Sunday, because Animal Crossing: City Folk comes out. I always do this. A couple weeks before an Animal Crossing game comes out, I become over excited and spend my life trying to figure out all the little details of the game before it is released. I have wonderful memories of eleven-year-old Kelly using her (extremely) limited Japanese skills to read an article about Animal Crossing for the N64. (This was before the GameCube.) I think I dedicated my entire summer that year to Animal Crossing.

I still play Animal Crossing for the GC. Even though it has been about five years. It is not my original town (I deleted the original in a furious fit). I also lost my copy of Wild World over a summer vacation (along with all of my other DS games.) So I am so stoked for this new game to come out, because I want to not only play it, but treasure it and not fucking lose it like all the other games. I lose memories when I lose those games! I hope I get Tabby in my town again. Or Kabuki, he's pretty boss. Agent S is confirmed, I need her in my town. And Pudge. But only if he's gay, I really enjoy gay Pudge.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Optical Correction

According to my Blogger Dashboard, this is my 100th post! But according to you, it is not.

(Sorry for not posting often this week.)

So my pupils are totally dilated right now. It really isn't so bad, actually, my right eye only looks dilated and I can see just fine. But my left eye! Oh boy, it's still huge and blurry. I keep covering up my left eye so I can look at things. I feel like a pirate. Yarr! It's super obnoxious, to be blunt. I wish it would just stop.

My eyes are dilated because I went to the eye doctor's. As it turns out, I am a little bit far sighted. It's only minute, but it's enough that I noticed and went to have it checked out. So I'll be getting glasses. They won't be for full time, though, they'll only be reading glasses. I picked out a couple frames that I liked, but I kind of want to drag a friend over to the eye place and have them tell me what they think. I actually look pretty good in emo glasses, but I worry I might look pretentious. I also found a pair that are the sort of glasses a blond male doctor in a shojo manga might wear that look pretty good on me. But then I worry they're too masculine, as I tend towards the masculine side of fashion. (I have enough trouble with looking like a boy when my hair is pulled back and my bangs hidden!) And those are the only two frames in existence that look okay on me, I swear to God. I don't look good in glasses. I need a second opinion.

At least they're only reading glasses. I don't have to make a life-changing decision.

So! My birthday is tomorrow. I am excited, since I will be turning 18. I'd be happier, but everyone I know is currently severely depressed. Two of my friends broke down in hysterics today in school. I'm expecting more drama tomorrow, as well. The stress of my friends' problems combined with my own has left me with a lingering nausea, and if it weren't for the fact that I detest crying in front of people I might have bawled along with them. But that would have involved offloading my problems, and today was a day to focus on them. We can talk about what ails Kelly at a later date, perhaps when everyone else is feeling cheery.

Then! Then THEY'LL know how it feels to have a glorious sunny day ruined by someone else's raincloud! Ha-HAH! (I am so sick of being happy when everyone else is sad. Cheer up, emo friends.)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I wake up this morning and roll out of bed, long after my alarm has gone off. On my way down to the floor, I notice the time on the clock and think "Oh, gee. I'm getting out of bed a little late today. It's gonna be tight getting ready this morning."

When I hit the floor, a sudden realization hits me. "Oh shit today is Thursday and the schedules are all fucked up today I'm already late to class!"

Zoom! I put on clothes I find on my floor, and not my school-spirited costume. I make up my hair, and am out the door to go pick up my friend and drive her to school. Along the way, an ambulance causes me to pull over, as well as a firetruck confusing the Hell outta me with what looks like confetti at a four-way intersection. Was it throwing confetti at me? I don't even know. I get my friend in the car, and off we go! At our normal pace.

(Which is 35 in an obsolete 25 mph zone.)

And bwip! Kelly gets pulled over by a cop. I've never been pulled over before, so I was pretty nervous, but I kept my cool. The cop didn't say much, just took my paperwork and wrote me up a ticket.

... Which is really freaking weird. While I've never been pulled over before, I've certainly been in the car plenty of times when it's been pulled over. Normally the cop talks to you a bit, you're given a chance to explain, or at least he explains to you in fair detail what you've done wrong, and tells you not to do it again. But he really only told me how fast I was going, and asked me for my paperwork. He also told me not to put my car in reverse while he was behind me, but he said that over a speaker thinger.

$154. For a speeding ticket. Is that higher than normal? I'd like to get it appealed, but I have school. I'll have to pay for this myself, but I don't want to dip into my savings account just because I slept in a bit on a weird Thursday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We don't take very many pictures in my Photography class, so I'm stretching and scratching to make the few I have count. This image will be my submission for lines, texture, and high contrast (and maybe emotional likeness, frame within a frame, and scenery). We're supposed to have one image for each type. Unless I can get another photo shoot in this week, this one image is gonna have to do it all.

My Photography teacher makes me really sad when he gives us Photoshop tutorials. He'll be all like "And this is how you do this!" and I want to be all "ONLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT PHOTOSHOP IS. THIS IS HOW YOU REALLY DO IT."

CCW means Counter-ClockWise. That's the direction the picture needs to be rotated. No, don't--DON'T FLIP IT 180 DEGREES. WTF YOU JUST INVERTED THE IMAGE. Gawd. NO, DON'T CLICK THAT--Great. You deleted the internet. Also, it's now a crappy Jpeg. Good job.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Waugh, why do people have to call me when they're crying? I've never been good at saying words to make people feel better. The only thing I can think to cheer someone up is physical contact, and I'm no good at that either. So why have I been bombarded with blubbery calls and messages lately?

Maybe it's 'cuz I'm a good listener. (Most of the time)

Though, I can't help but feel like I failed someone when they walk away still just as upset.

So I got a packet from MSU containing my application for housing! They have a lot of different dorms to choose from and I'm having trouble deciding. I've ruled out the boy's dorm, the 21 and over dorm, the dorm my parents say is terrible, and the hoity-toity honors dorm. So now I'm stuck with a lot of other choices. Co-ed or no? I don't care either way, since my roomate will be a girl no matter what, and I know that the novelty of a co-ed bathroom wears off pretty fast. If I choose one of the all-girls dorms I'll get a sink in my room, which might be nice if I decide to keep a pet fish. But if I choose a co-ed dorm I'll get not only a dining hall right there, but a convenience store, too. But one of the girl's dorms is said to have the best dining hall on campus. But then the co-ed dorms have a your-side-my-side feel to them being split right down the middle, while the girl's dorms are a bit more mixed in. I do well with a defined space.

But the real question is: What will I do with Othello when I move off to college? There's no way a goldfish can survive a 14-hour road trip.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blessed Pudding

My goodness, I am so tired and I ache all over. Being a screaming witch is, strangely enough, a lot easier on my voice than being a zombie. But being a screaming witch that is literally being thrown against walls and being hunted down by the mayor is a lot tougher on my muscles. Sadly, though, this week at the haunted barn both of my friends dropped out, so I was stuck hanging out with strange teenagers for the weekend. Wasn't a problem Friday night since it was just me and one other really nice chick (who happened to like Dr. Horrible). But Saturday turned into a tedious six-hour long game of Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare is such a boring game for me. I'll do pretty much any dare, so long as my safety is concerned and it won't bother someone else, and we don't even need to be playing a game for me to tell my deepest secrets.

What, it isn't my turn? Woops, sorry.

Actually, I had a lot of fun Saturday despite a tedious game. The only thing that really got to me was when I would play the part of the witch trying to escape. Running around and freaking out the customers is fine, but being grabbed and manhandled by some creepy kid is not. Were it any other situation and any other girl, he'd have been kicked in the balls.
(I'm just angry because he kept throwing me into the wall, and I'd break my nails.)

So I bought a new goldfish! His name is Othello, and he is a (small) Black Moor Goldfish.
If you've ever read Othello, or knew anything about it, you'd understand exactly what I was getting at with his name. Hee, back moor. That is so perfect.
As a description on how he looks, I would have to say that he is a black pop-eyed goldfish. But since I don't know if pop-eyed goldfish actually exist, I'm gonna get all technical and say he is a black version of the Telescope Goldfish. I want to fill up the bigger tank we apparently have up in the attic and buy more fish to put with him, so I can have the entire cast of Othello. But apparently, my Othello isn't good with other fast-moving fish because of his impaired vision, so come feeding time he won't be able to see the food fast enough to eat his fill. So if I DID buy more fish, I'd end up with a tank full of some really ugly, giant-eyed goldfish. And I'm not usually a fan of fish with bug eyes.

I actually hate Othello for his bug eyes, but I still think he is an overall handsome fish.
(I'll be depressed if it turns out to be a she come breeding season.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So everybody is having a terrible week! It's crazy. Either my friends are freaking right the fuck out, or they're celebrating so hard they accidentally woke the dead with their loud music.

So they through a party today for me in Japanese! Kind of. Not really. They all just clapped for a long time. Because I told them I'm going to college! Hooray. I knew Sensei would be excited.
(I'm going to college.)

So to put things in order:
  • Louis needs a hug because his parents are getting a divorce. Poor kid has such monotonous emotions (like a robot) that I can't tell if it's really affecting him.
  • Jessie needs a cake because her boyfriend realized he loved her! After deciding one day that he didn't love her anymore, and then stringing her along for another month because he didn't want to let go, they're finally back to a civil relationship.
  • RaeLynn needs a shoulder because her relationship with her boyfriend is putting serious strains on her relationship with her family. I can't tell exactly what the problem is (other than yet another overprotective mother), but I know RaeLynn can't even face her father anymore.
  • Audrey deserves a high-five because she took some awesome pictures today! I dunno, I'm straining for another happy person to balance out the not-so-great-feeling people.
  • Mr. Allan needs a cure for cancer because he has it.
I'll be the first to admit that the last two are a bit superfluous, but I really wanted to put down the Mr. Allan thing. It sounded silly in my head.

I think everyone's problems could be fixed (and everyone could celebrate) by having a drink. Myself included.

So my plans to have Griffin over are canceled and it's a serious bummer. (That is putting lightly.) But I'm moving on! Putting it behind me. Until Sunday. That is when Griffin's mother is planning to call my house again, in an attempt to talk to my parents. Why she wishes to talk to them I'll never know, but I do know she won't be able to contact them on that day. A quick chat with my parents over the phone revealed that while they will be back on Sunday, they meant Sunday night/Monday morning, anytime between midnight and 3am. So I hope Griffin's mother and I will have a nice chat, and maybe she can answer some questions I have. (Mostly just clear up confusion about the situation we're in. My main question: Why is there a situation happening, again? I never really got that part.)

... I hope the two of us don't get into some sort of tense fight over the phone. I actually have a few things I'd like to apologize for, but I don't think they're the things she wants me to be sorry about. And if I get angry, we won't get anywhere, since when I get mad I either A) break things or 2) get very condescending and unreasonable. I actually don't get angry very often, so there might even be a third option. And I don't really want to know what it is.

Though, there's really only one thing that's guaranteed to set me off in a fiery blaze, and that's treating me like a child. I hope that won't be an issue.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accepted and Denied

Why this image is blurry I'll never know. But I do know it means I'm going to my choice college!

(Pretend I'm wearing a party hat and I've got one of those little blower things. Vvweet!)

This week is a wild emotional rollercoaster. One moment I'm crying and depressed, the next I'm dancing on the rooftops, the next I'm hurling china things against the wall in a rage.

I'd think maybe I was bipolar, but I actually have good reason for it all. Go fig.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my god, I sat down 30 minutes ago to make a post, and instead started watching some Japanese girl's vlog. She doesn't say much, either. "Hi guys! I'm in Japan. You guys make me really happy. Today was so fun! I am going to Tokyo tomorrow at 12:20. Bye!" Or something like that.

But hey, she's a cutie. And her eyes are HUGE OH MY GOD.

So I spent my weekend at the haunted barn. I had so much fun scaring people. My makeup was creepy awesome. I actually made kids cry just by looking at them. Instead of leaning against the car, I decided to pretend to be dead by partially lying across the car. I got a lot of people sticking their faces up close to mine to see if I was dead. Then I'd scream at them, of course. Amber's zombie makeup was super creepy the first night (she got people to scream just by looking at them) but the second night she looked like an evil clown. I kept saying to her, "Why so serious?" because she really looked like the Joker. A lot of my part was screaming at people, and I seriously wrecked my voice. It's still not back to normal. I hope I'll be fine by the end of tomorrow... I'll be so depressed if it gets stuck this way.

I sound like I smoke a lot, or something.

After the haunted barn, Amber and I went in full bloody costume and makeup to Shari's. We ordered pie, freaked the waiters, and scared a couple old ladies. When I went to wash my face off later, I ended up getting fake blood everywhere. It's all out of the shower now, but I somehow managed to get it all over the bathroom floor. Eh, I'll wash the blood away before the police arrive, no worries.

I'm achy from being a zombie. And tired, too. I think I'll sleep now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Wow, no posts this week? What have I been up to that I'm so busy I can't make a post?

Absolutely nothing. I'm just a lazy bugger.

So tomorrow is the first day at the Haunted Barn. I'm excited, and it seems mum and dad might drop by tomorrow. They say that dad's planing a date for them, but mum doesn't know it yet. (Mum's the one that told me they're going out.) So, of course, take your girl someplace scary, and get them to cling to you. It's funny, my mother loves scary movies and Halloween and all that fun stuff, but she has a lot of trouble with haunted houses. Go figure.

It's been a week since I sent in my application for my choice college. So within this next week, I'll get a reply stating whether or not I've been accepted. I'm so nervous... But at least I've got a definite plan down if I don't get accepted into any colleges this year. But I have no idea what'll happen if I actually get accepted. Interesting how I work like that; I'm so prepared for failure, but I have no clue about success.

We got progress reports in school today. My grades are as follows:

Photography - S
World History - S
Dramatic Lit - A
Senior Soc. - S
Japanese V - A-

Why can't we just have normal letters? S stands for Satisfactory. It could mean anything from a D to an A. Generally, teachers give you an S when they don't actually finish their grades, or can't remember who you are. They give you an O (for Outstanding) when you have an A or the teacher sees you as a pet, and a U (Unsatisfactory) for when you're failing or the teacher hates you on a personal level.

I believe I got an S in History and Senior Soc. because the teachers are lazy. An S in Photography because he doesn't know who I am at all.

(At least I've got an A in English. I really need that.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Argh, there is a lot of stuff on my bed, and I want to lie down. I also do not want to just push everything onto the floor, since the floor is full and these things are too nice to put on the ground. Putting it all away would take too long. Oh, whatever shall I do!

Today was the first meetup for the haunted barn. They taught us how to put out fires, and everybody found the rooms they belong in. I learned what to do as a mummy and as a zombie, but not as a witch. Though, I could hear the witch girls screaming when I was a zombie, so I think what'll happen is I'll scream. I'm excited for the zombie room. I find I'm good at shuffling and stumbling. I want to try to start out leaning against a car when the groups come in, because I think it's really creepy the way I try to stand up. But otherwise, I've got moaning, breathing, and gnashing my teeth down. I'm gonna be so freaky.

I'm not so excited to be a mummy. Amber really shines in that part; she's supposed to read the book of the dead. I've got her saying that Bhuddist chant Rae taught us last year, and she makes it all spooky and dramatic. As she chants, I'm supposed to come out and be undead (again), but it's difficult to be a spooky mummy when I'm not allowed to touch people. So I'm just gonna walk around and be all like "Yeah, so, boo."

Omfgnjsadn. I just remembered that RaeLynn is a scaredy cat. We're making her come see us at the haunted barn one night. She's read a lot of zombie books and watched a lot of zombie movies. I'm gonna scare the pants off her. It's gonna be great.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I really have nothing to say today.


I keep having dreams where everyone is really short. Also, I'm hungry all the time.

Analysis: I am going to have a growth spurt.

Which means my favorite pants won't fit me anymore. Awww...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Basement

So my dad just handed me this little baggy of stuff, and told me that Giese will buy it for $50 on Friday. The little baggy obviously contains paintball marker parts, but it's still an odd situation. So the next time I see Giese, I'm gonna sidle up right next to him, and say in a low voice "You got the money? 'Cuz I got the goods." I'll keep my hands in my pockets and keep my head hung low. And maybe even pull a hand out every so often to grab and wipe at my nose real fast.

The funny part is that if he doesn't have the cash, he gets the little rubber bits for free. Also, my dad sees Giese more often than I do. So why'd he hand it to me?

Bleaargh, I hate being sick. I stayed home today, with the justification that I still feel like absolute crap. It's really not that bad of a cold, I'd have been able to concentrate in school today no problem. But it seems I'm really contagious, as my mother is now sick as well. I wonder if she might be a hypochondriac, with how often she gets sick. Always the same cold, and it'll last for a week or two.

But then again, she is allergic to trees and cats. Both of which we have a lot of.

Man, I am feeling so impatient. I wish November would just hurry up and come, already. I could really use a birthday right about now.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, why do I get so sick when there isn't any school to miss? I'll never forget being stuck in bed all last spring break. And now, one of those achy feverish colds that will most likely be gone by tomorrow morning. I missed the SAT's and everything. Le sigh.

These Tamagotchi things must be really big in Japan. Did you know they've got a Wii and a DS game? And both have come over to America, too. Every time I see a Tamagotchi something or another, I feel like there's more to the story that I'm just not seeing. Like when you look at the cover of a book, you just know there's something more to it than the blurb is letting on. But when I go check it out, I find everything really is as 2D as it's letting on. There's no story or conflict or meaning, it's just cute. I want something more.

I also really want to play Animal Crossing right now.

Oh, I just realized that this will be my last weekend at home for a long while. I've got the haunted barn every week, now. And then my first weekend after that, Griffin is supposed to come over. While I do enjoy getting out and doing things, my time spent at home is unbeleivably precious to me. Mostly because I know that there will come a day when my home time will be very limited.
Oh, week of Novermber 15th, I await your arrival, as well as your extra hours for sleeping.

Friday, October 3, 2008


He hee hee! Oh man.
"You can spike me in your end zone anytime. Touchdown!"
If only I was a dangler. I'd use that one.

So after taking that nice shot of the Rock With a Hole In It For The Fish To Swim Through with the layer of silky green blanketing it, I've been thinking a lot about broken stone arches. So I decided I wanted to draw a broken stone arch. It came out not so broken, and more complete looking. So I decided I'd remove a stone, and the entire arch fell apart. Because I remembered how stone arches are constructed.

That is so say, in Art History we learned about the architectural advancement that is the Arch. Not only can they bear a lot of weight and distribute it phenomenally well, the design was a feat of engineering. Each stone is carefully shaped according to how the other stones are shaped, and pieced together one by one on top of a wooden arch. The stones are completely unable to support themselves until the middle stone, the keystone, is placed. Friction and gravity is all that holds them together, really. And if one stone is removed, the entire thing collapses.

So that stupid plastic thing in my aquarium isn't possible, I've decided. The entire rounded part should be gone.

We performed our Star Wars play today. Our Anakin was quite sick, and we were worried that he'd puke on stage. But he held up well. We all messed up our lines at least once, but we all also saved ourselves form utter embarrassment by catching ourselves messing up. It was hilarious when Anakin was supposed to turn on his lightsaber and hold it to Palpatine's neck, because he managed to hold it backwards and open it into his crotch. It was also interesting when ObiWan jumped onto the highground, and it nearly tipped him over.

I got myself a Tamagotchi. One of the new ones, so you raise three at the same time. I was hoping I'd be able to play with my friend who also has one, but we could not get them to connect. I've got the instructions now, and I think I see what we did wrong. We'll try again on Monday. I really hope we can make them connect, because I'm raising two girls and one boy, and she's got two boys and one girl, and we want them all to marry and have babies.

Lots and lots of babies.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is my fish tank.

I have no fish, but something is definitely alive in there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just went downstairs purely to open a bag of Cheetos. I did not eat any, I just left it wide open. Tomorrow, all of the Cheetos on top will be stale and lose their crunch. And then I will swoop in and eat them in their most delicious state.

Also, I am the only person I know that finds stale Cheetos undeniably delicious.
Om nom nom.

I have a lot of mail to post. Well, not really, but two letters in one day is about a 200% increase in my LPD rate (that's Letters Per Day). Except they aren't letters, but instead applications. But whatever! At least I'm committed to applying myself to something. Which, I believe, is the problem with modern-day America; not enough people are applying themselves to things. Perhaps if we all just put a little more effort and thought into things, we wouldn't be in debt as a country.

This coming from a girl with little work ethic.
(But at least I don't spend what I don't have.)

Oh Gosh, I just realized that I'm still uncertain about how to work the mailbox. Why is it so complicated? I know where the incoming mail goes, but where does the outgoing mail go? I miss the days when mailboxes were just that: Boxes that you put your mail into. Now I gotta know two codes and have a copy of a key just to peek inside. What are we being sent that's so important, anyways? Argh, and those damn kids won't get off my lawn. Why is she screaming like that? I often think she's being murdered, with how often that girl screams. Somebody should make her go quiet. Then maybe when I take the cats outside they won't be so freaked out by the sounds of shreiking children.

Dogs keep peeing on my rock!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So back to that billowy cape and minions thing, Jessie and I are teaming up to join the Evil League of Evil, it seems. She will be Crisis, and I am Chaos. I've already got my evil outfit all picked out and ready to go, now we're just waiting on her. How fun and exciting.

... Pretend I just said all of that with zero inflection. I am tired.

So I did not get a part in the play, but I decided last night that if I got a part I'd yell at Mr. Clough. To be honest, looking at the cast for the play has me all excited, because they are all spectacularly awesome singer, actors, and people. Casting me would have pushed out somebody much more deserving. Like Jessie, for example--She totally got apart. I'm so excited for her, but I really hope she finds other things to talk about than her part in the play. She tends to have a one track mind.

Why am I talking about Jessie so much?
Prolly because I hang with her the most now, since we share a class, lunch period, and I drive her to school every morning. Sigh. I miss Amber and Rae.

So this one college keeps sending me admission applications. I'm having some trouble understanding why; my GPA is substandard, I'm only in the top 75% of my class, and my transcript is the opposite of stellar. So my only guesses in why they love me so much is either A) They don't love me, they love my legacy or B) My SAT and ACT scores are actually a knock-out and I never realized. (I'm fond of the numbers that came back. 1610 and 26. They both have 6's in them and the digits add up to 8. Neat!) Hopefully when I finally send in an application, they don't get scared off. I'd really like to go to college next year.

At least I have a backup plan if university fails.

Also, their rival school has started sending me stuff. What the heck? How did they get my information? Unlike MSU, I don't talk to UM. Also: I'm staring to wonder how I'll pay for these colleges. I'm out of state, so I'll end up paying about $11,000 more than their normal student. I know that we have a college fund set up for me, but I'm guessing it's closer to $7,000, and not $23,000. I guess I should start looking for scholarships now, too. That guest we had in Social Studies the other day said that there's about a billion dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year. If I can apply to all those, I'll be wealthy enough to not need to go to college.

See how well-rounded my logic is? It goes full-circle.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day by Day

What is this, am I masochistic? I'm all like "Oooh--chocolate mousse. Om nom nom! Chocolate milk! Drink! What's that? A bag of M&M's? Devour!" I shouldn't eat chocolate like that. Now I kinda want to curl up and die.

Or drink plain milk. God, I miss milk that's not fat free.

And now it sounds like I'm on a diet. A diet of conquest. I feel an urge to become great in some way. Like a billowy cape, evil laugh, minions sort of great. I think that little Star Wars production we are putting on is getting to my head. I play Chancellor Palpatine, and there's this scene where I'm all "Yess, my pet, submit to me. Let me use you to my will." And my pet even gets all down on his knees and begs. I could get used to that. But I kind of fail as a dominatrix--I don't like that black leather look. And I'm not into bondange. So it's like, I want the power, but I don't want the style. Sigh. What's a girl to do?

Everything smells like cat pee. I'll sit and watch TV downstairs, and WHAM! I smell cat pee. But when I go and look for a pee stain, none exist. I even get down and dirty with a blacklight, but I find nothing. So then, at school in Photography, I sit in this easy chair and BAM! Everything smells like cat pee. What the fuck? Is it the chair? I don't know. Maybe it's that kid next to me. So I go and stand in a well-ventilated area and WHOOF! Nothing at all smells like cat pee. And it's nice, and I can relax. Until I get home and sit on that couch that smells like cat pee! I'm starting to wonder if it might be me. Do I smell like cat pee? Maybe my nose is working incorrectly, and it's thinking everything is cat pee.

The world is made of cat pee.

Call backs for the play were today. We sat around and sang. I have zero problem making an absolute fool of myself in front of people, but as it turns out I can't sing for an audience. So I tanked today, since I couldn't get my voice under control. I sang like a chicken, and I thought it was hilarious. So tomorrow I see if I made it into the play or not, and I'm kind of excited. I pretty much doubt I got a part, but I'm really curious to see how Jessie did. She has a glorious voice, but is afraid to use it, and she can act really well. It's like, she has so much potential for this play, but is the director willing to work to make her shine? Anyhow, I might volunteer my time to work behind scenes, and I'm definately auditioning for the next play.

DollHouse is the next play. We read it in Dramatic Literature this year. I hope it's good.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Augggh, blarrg. Why do I do this to myself? I am allergic to chocolate, so I ate some, and now I feel like crap. I took some aspirin and I chugged some water, and soon I will lay down and sleep it off. I swear, eating chocolate gives me a hangover. I can't help but to eat it, though; when you wrap it around cookie dough I can't resist.

Oh, cookie dough. If I were to get fat, it would be your fault, and I would be okay with it.
(Just don't sit in an oven or anything)

So a couple weeks ago I was digging around in a really old jewelry box of mine, and found this nice little ring. I put it on my finger, and was pleased that it fit so well. Rings don't usually fit me, my knuckles are oddly knobby, so rings will either slide around a lot or not come off. In fact, this ring I tried on a couple weeks ago will not come off. Actually, it will, I took it off once. And then put it back on, thinking I'd be able to do it again. But no, it's still there, on the ring finger of my right hand. Sigh.
Isn't that where promise rings go?
Every finger has significance when it comes to rings, but the only one well known by our society is the ring finger of the left hand. I'm not even sure what the other fingers mean, but it doesn't matter. I just find it interesting what we choose to collectively forget and simplify. We'll remember things that identify ourselves (birth stones, horoscopes), but we forget things that signify others. Humans are so selfish.

So I just saw Ghost Town. It was a delightful movie, I'm glad I saw it. About this guy to suddenly finds himself with the ability to see ghosts, and he is the only one who can. So all of the ghosts want his help, since they have unfinished business. A true romantic comedy, I thought. By the way, he falls in love with some woman. Whatever.

Whee, tomorrow I check out about volunteering for the haunted house. The theme this year is time traveling. I so badly want to join in on the fun.

Oh, blech, the aspirin is kicking in. I'd better sleep.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am a little bit excited because I do not have school tomorrow. I plan to sleep, and then wake up, and then eat. I want to knit. I want to sync up my iPod. I want to read a comic book. I want to watch a bit of daytime television. I want to watch StarWars episode three.

Oh my God, I dislike StarWars. I pretty much hate it. Why is such a boring movie series so popular? In Dramatic Literature, we have to write and perform a short play. I decided to team up with Jessie, what with her being my closest friend in that class. She waved over a couple of her friends, and they were all "You thinking what I'm thinking? StarWars Episode Three as a Greek tragedy."

(When she turned around and said to me "The end of episode three," I assumed she meant Dr. Horrible. If I had known what she really meant, I wouldn't have smiled and nodded so enthusiastically. I'd have sighed, grunted, and maybe thrown up a little in my mouth.)

At least she gave me a part I can have fun with. I'm that evil guy in the black cloak that brings Anakin to the dark side. I get to laugh evilly, and Brent (Brad? Bret? Benny?) holds a lightsaber up to my throat. And I get to coach Benny (Brian? Brit? Bartholomew?) on how to scream like he's on fire while yelling the words "I HATE YOU." I am good at loud dramatic voices.

I wish to turn this play into a Satyr, instead of a tragedy. I want Anakin to be all gay for.. uh... My character, whatever his name is. I want Uh... Mark's character to actually swordfight Anakin on stage, climb some steps, and be all "I have a plus four height advantage!" And when Jessie's character dies, I want her to say "I'm dead," and have Mr. B-Name shout "No! You can't be! That's impossible!" as a sort of foreshadowing for what his son will say to him.

Oh my God I still really hate StarWars. The only characters I remember are Luke, Yoda, Vader, and Anakin. And two of those people are the same. (I'm lucky I even know that.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So the tryouts today went pretty smoothly, I thought. The stage manager this year is smart, organized, and adorable, which will be such a pleasant change from previous years. Perhaps she'll actually listen to and do the things the director says, and remember everything he forgets. That will be so wonderful. It's amazing how just the personality of one person can make something as nerve-wracking as auditioning for a play so graceful.

So anyways, I sang Freeze Ray from Dr. Horrible. I didn't do so well in the singing portion; my nerves caused my voice to crack, warble, and completely hit the wrong note. But I did well reading and acting, I think, so there is still a good chance I will get a part. It was a lot of fun doing the acting, though I couldn't hear the girl reading my lines so I ended up prancing about like an idiot trying to pantomime what she was saying. (He'd have someone read a story aloud while two others acted out the scene) But I redeemed myself during the improv--I do well at making people laugh.

At the used car lot not too far from my house, there is a police car for sale. I fucking want to buy that car. I could speed where ever I want, picking my friends up at their homes would be a larf, and just imagine how much fun it would be to tail someone in that thing. Of course, imagine how much shit I'd get from a police officer. As soon as they see a teenager driving a police car, they would hunt me down for grand theft auto. "I swear, I bought this car legally!" Hah hah, yeah, right. Get out of the motherfucking vehicle.

All cops say motherfucker at every possible opportunity.
(I learned this from Dexter)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is my (second) 77th post. How lucky I am that I get to celebrate twice. How unfortunate that I still have nothing prepared. But whatever.

The tryouts for the school play are tomorrow and Thursday. I am quite excited, though I'm a bit nervous to sing. I love to sing, but like most people, I'm very shy about it. So I wonder if I have a good voice that he'll approve of. Also, I wonder if I can even sing loud enough. Jessie and I are planning to sing songs from Dr. Horrible. I've yet to decide if that makes us lame for doing the same thing, or awesome for doing Dr. Horrible.

Command decision: We are awesome.

So I need a new computer mouse. It's been freaking out on me fairly frequently. I'll try to do something like push it upwards, and the cursor jumps all over the screen. There is hair and gunk in places I can not get to to clean, and it's starting to gross me out. My keyboard is even more disgusting. But I refuse to replace either of them while they still mostly work. If only because I can't find any computer components in the right color. Why is everything black nowadays? I want that off-white color that was dominant about ten years ago. That's where it's at. Off-white. Not black.

Maybe I'll take a weekend off to dismantle my mouse and keyboard, and clean them well.

Auuurgh, I have a song stuck in my head.
And it's a large chunk. So it's like I'm tricking myself into thinking it's the complete thing, and then it repeats. Repeat repeat repeat. But I've found a random cure for when a song gets stuck in your head. It can either help get it off your mind, or get it stuck further, so... yeah. Writing down the lyrics to the song (or all that you can remember) seems to help you move on to other things. But on the other hand, writing down the lyrics may just help you remember them more accurately and for a longer period of time. Who knows.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bon Bon Bon

So I ran off yesterday to go see Batman in Imax. After missing the ferry (which was pretty obvious we wouldn't make in the first place), we waited around in the rain at the ferry terminal for the next one to arrive. After being soaked to the bone, we ate icecream because we obviously weren't cold enough.

We walked the hours or so in the rain to the theater, only to have them sell out of tickets just as we get there. It was upsetting. After finally getting back to our home town a couple hours later, we decided we still very much wanted to see a movie, and drove around for another few hours trying to find a theater playing Ghost Town. Of course, it has not come to a theater near us.

I am getting a craving to go see the Seattle Science Center. It's been a long time since I've gone there during the day just for the exhibits. The last few times I've gone, it was for an overnight stay for Girl Scouts. They close some of the exhibits during an event like that, and I want to go and see everything. I want to sit at the giant table, watch the balls drop, play virtual reality basketball, walk amongst butterflies, and pet the starfish. I wonder if they still have that little space shuttle thing? I wanna sit inside there again, too. MAN, I WANT TO GO TO THE SCIENCE CENTER.

Boy, am I hungry. I wonder if I would get in trouble for sneaking downstairs for a snack?

Friday, September 19, 2008


This is my 77th post! That is very exciting. I wish I had prepared something to do for this post that would be interesting, but I have not. Perhaps I should start thinking now about what I want to do for my 100th post. Maybe I'll go on a trip, and document it here complete with photos. That would make for a nifty 100th post. But I mostly do not want to go anywhere, unless it is to Maine.

So being in a long-distance relationship leaves you as hollow as much as it fills you with love. It's great to have somebody to love and support you emotionally, but there's nobody there physically. It's really no wonder that I've seen so many long-distance relationships just flat out fail within their first couple months. A cheating girlfriend, an impatient boyfriend, a couple that's not willing to commit unless it's convenient. Perhaps their only way of communicating is through cell phones, and she has her phone taken away as punishment. That kills a relationship dead.

But it's not like it's difficult to maintain something with distance. Not cheating on your love is about the easiest thing you can do; I do it every day. And having different modes of communication keeps you from getting cut-off. Internet, phones, snail mail. If all of these options dried up, I'd send a singing telegram to Griffin's door. Actually, now that I've thought of it, I might do that anyways, just for his reaction. And you can't have a true relationship of any sort, be it for love or friendship, if it is based on convenience. You might talk to the same person every day just because they sit next to you in class, but as soon as the school year ends you're no longer friends. You have to be willing to at least try to talk to them outside of when it is most convenient for it to really stick.

I suppose it takes a certain kind of personality. And seeing how long we've been together (and how much much longer we're going to last), I'd say we have just the right personality.

Also, I made pancakes for dinner. And I ate waay too much. Four pancakes doesn't seem like that much, but I guess I have a really tiny stomach.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I thought Griffin might like to read a second Ubiquity post from today, and I figured, why not? Maybe it'll make him feel better. (Chicken soup, and a boosted vitamin C and Zinc intake would help even more.)

So remember that red bump that developed on my eye lid? Well, that particular bump is gone, but a new one has formed on my lower lid this time. It's like... Wry? Well, I think it won't get any worse than last time, so I am not worried. But Jeezuz, these things hurt. Every time I blink it's like someone is poking my eye lid with a needle.

Last week I had Amber come over and we sorted through the manga and anime Craig has left in my care. I don't want to keep very much of it at all, so it'll be donated to the Japan club. This meant that we needed to sort through it and make sure everything was school appropriate. Sorting through manga is really easy since they are always rated and you can flip through them, but anime is really difficult. They won't always have a rating, especially one that conforms to American standards, and to find out if there's anything bad you have to actually sit and watch it. So I took out two series that I knew for a fact weren't any good, and one that looked like it might be clean, but judging by the advertisement inserts probably wouldn't be. In total, seventeen volumes of manga and about eight disks of anime. All taken out because of strong sexual themes and/or nudity. Violence is one thing, but I won't allow teens to see that sex is a natural part of adult life!

Also, that manga where the girl gets raped like, three times in one volume was just too much.

(What will I do with all this porn?)

My friends were talking about this question and answer service called Chacha. You text a question to Chacha, or 242242, and a real person on the other end answers it. They asked it "What is a Fleshlight?" and got a definite answer. It was cute. I wanted to try it for myself, but the message wouldn't send. But you can sign up to be that person on the other end, and I am interested. You get paid for every question that you answer. They give you like a PayPal account type thing, I guess. Really, I just think it'd be really fun to do, like being on Yahoo questions or whatever. Except I'd get paid.

I think I shall next ask how much they get paid.

I am excited to sleep in this weekend. Last weekend I was busy waking up early for tests and not sleeping because of cats punching me in the face. But this weekend, the alarm is off, and the cats locked out. Ahhh!~ I get to sleep.


Man, I am sleepy today and nothing that exciting has happened. But I was told to make a blog post, so here I go making a blog post.

Whee, look at me go. Making a blog post.

Hah hah, how fun. Whoo.

This has reminded me that I need to type up an essay for my History class.

I was reading a classmate's essay in History. Trying to revise it for them so that they do not fail. I did my best, but her essay is so incoherent. There was nothing I could do. Expect move on to some other chick's essay. Who also didn't seem to know how to write. I am a little bit frightened by this fact. How many other kids in that class are near illiterate? WASL scores these previous years have been going up. I think that this year, they will drop drastically.

But also, this means I don't have to try so hard on my essay. By comparison, I am Shakespeare. A++, here I come!

I want to buy a button maker. Like those pins kids wear. "Vote for Kelly, '08" That sort of thing. I went all over town, looking in the deepest corners of every craft store, with no luck. Not even a cheap $20 one hanging around Toys 'R Us. So with a gloomy sigh (and a moment of sheer panic when a giant truck carrying scrap metal nearly backed over my car), I went home and looked online. And looked some more. And then a little more. What the fuck, really?! $300 for a button press?! And it only makes one size. I want to make three sizes. Big, little, and normal. But I eventually decided this guy suited my needs best. It actually makes all three sizes, but it's still really pricey. I don't know if I want custom buttons bad enough. I wonder if there's any way I could buy them without the circle cutters? I am quite handy at scissors, and I bet it would knock about $150 off the price.

Though, I suppose I could ask for it for my birthday. But Then I'd probably have to pay half... and I want my money so's I can buy Animal Crossing.