Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So the tryouts today went pretty smoothly, I thought. The stage manager this year is smart, organized, and adorable, which will be such a pleasant change from previous years. Perhaps she'll actually listen to and do the things the director says, and remember everything he forgets. That will be so wonderful. It's amazing how just the personality of one person can make something as nerve-wracking as auditioning for a play so graceful.

So anyways, I sang Freeze Ray from Dr. Horrible. I didn't do so well in the singing portion; my nerves caused my voice to crack, warble, and completely hit the wrong note. But I did well reading and acting, I think, so there is still a good chance I will get a part. It was a lot of fun doing the acting, though I couldn't hear the girl reading my lines so I ended up prancing about like an idiot trying to pantomime what she was saying. (He'd have someone read a story aloud while two others acted out the scene) But I redeemed myself during the improv--I do well at making people laugh.

At the used car lot not too far from my house, there is a police car for sale. I fucking want to buy that car. I could speed where ever I want, picking my friends up at their homes would be a larf, and just imagine how much fun it would be to tail someone in that thing. Of course, imagine how much shit I'd get from a police officer. As soon as they see a teenager driving a police car, they would hunt me down for grand theft auto. "I swear, I bought this car legally!" Hah hah, yeah, right. Get out of the motherfucking vehicle.

All cops say motherfucker at every possible opportunity.
(I learned this from Dexter)

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