Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I thought Griffin might like to read a second Ubiquity post from today, and I figured, why not? Maybe it'll make him feel better. (Chicken soup, and a boosted vitamin C and Zinc intake would help even more.)

So remember that red bump that developed on my eye lid? Well, that particular bump is gone, but a new one has formed on my lower lid this time. It's like... Wry? Well, I think it won't get any worse than last time, so I am not worried. But Jeezuz, these things hurt. Every time I blink it's like someone is poking my eye lid with a needle.

Last week I had Amber come over and we sorted through the manga and anime Craig has left in my care. I don't want to keep very much of it at all, so it'll be donated to the Japan club. This meant that we needed to sort through it and make sure everything was school appropriate. Sorting through manga is really easy since they are always rated and you can flip through them, but anime is really difficult. They won't always have a rating, especially one that conforms to American standards, and to find out if there's anything bad you have to actually sit and watch it. So I took out two series that I knew for a fact weren't any good, and one that looked like it might be clean, but judging by the advertisement inserts probably wouldn't be. In total, seventeen volumes of manga and about eight disks of anime. All taken out because of strong sexual themes and/or nudity. Violence is one thing, but I won't allow teens to see that sex is a natural part of adult life!

Also, that manga where the girl gets raped like, three times in one volume was just too much.

(What will I do with all this porn?)

My friends were talking about this question and answer service called Chacha. You text a question to Chacha, or 242242, and a real person on the other end answers it. They asked it "What is a Fleshlight?" and got a definite answer. It was cute. I wanted to try it for myself, but the message wouldn't send. But you can sign up to be that person on the other end, and I am interested. You get paid for every question that you answer. They give you like a PayPal account type thing, I guess. Really, I just think it'd be really fun to do, like being on Yahoo questions or whatever. Except I'd get paid.

I think I shall next ask how much they get paid.

I am excited to sleep in this weekend. Last weekend I was busy waking up early for tests and not sleeping because of cats punching me in the face. But this weekend, the alarm is off, and the cats locked out. Ahhh!~ I get to sleep.

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