Thursday, September 18, 2008


Man, I am sleepy today and nothing that exciting has happened. But I was told to make a blog post, so here I go making a blog post.

Whee, look at me go. Making a blog post.

Hah hah, how fun. Whoo.

This has reminded me that I need to type up an essay for my History class.

I was reading a classmate's essay in History. Trying to revise it for them so that they do not fail. I did my best, but her essay is so incoherent. There was nothing I could do. Expect move on to some other chick's essay. Who also didn't seem to know how to write. I am a little bit frightened by this fact. How many other kids in that class are near illiterate? WASL scores these previous years have been going up. I think that this year, they will drop drastically.

But also, this means I don't have to try so hard on my essay. By comparison, I am Shakespeare. A++, here I come!

I want to buy a button maker. Like those pins kids wear. "Vote for Kelly, '08" That sort of thing. I went all over town, looking in the deepest corners of every craft store, with no luck. Not even a cheap $20 one hanging around Toys 'R Us. So with a gloomy sigh (and a moment of sheer panic when a giant truck carrying scrap metal nearly backed over my car), I went home and looked online. And looked some more. And then a little more. What the fuck, really?! $300 for a button press?! And it only makes one size. I want to make three sizes. Big, little, and normal. But I eventually decided this guy suited my needs best. It actually makes all three sizes, but it's still really pricey. I don't know if I want custom buttons bad enough. I wonder if there's any way I could buy them without the circle cutters? I am quite handy at scissors, and I bet it would knock about $150 off the price.

Though, I suppose I could ask for it for my birthday. But Then I'd probably have to pay half... and I want my money so's I can buy Animal Crossing.

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