Friday, January 30, 2009



I wish I did not have just elements on here. All I wanted to do was adjust the color on that picture, and everything went strange. It's too red and too yellow, but there is nothing I can do.

So I did not edit this image, but that is okay because me 'n little eel had some good times together. I would squat down to get a shot of him, and he would go back into the sand. As I stood up, he would as well. Four tries of squatting and standing, and I only managed to get a video of him halfway out. But hey, he is adorable. (Do you see his friend in the background there?)

Most of the shots I took came out really blurry or badly in need of some editing, so the three I'm posting are actually stills of videos.

I loved seeing all of the fish. Fish are just the neatest thing, and I pretty much fell in love with these fish that had horns on their faces. They were like the Unicorns of the sea (If the narwhal did not exist).

I bought a necklace with a golden seahorse charm on it, as well as some gummy octopuses.

There were two huge octopuses there (neato), a gigantic puffer fish (neatorific), and otters (neatastic). The otters were adorable and playful, and there was this chubby one eating clams on it's belly the entire time. These are all things I did not photograph.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My laptop is running out of juice, I must hurry up and type!

There is no school tomorrow, as today was the last day of the semester and the teachers need some time to catch up and plan. I plan to spend my day lying about, and then doing my nails. Dad comes home tomorrow from a business trip, and mum is talking about taking the day off to do something together. Kelly is pushing going to the aquarium.

My 'Go To The Zoo' idea was already shot down.

I keep thinking that I have some exciting news to share, but that would be a lie. I also keep thinking I need to go out and buy something at the store, but that is also a lie. So I am thinking: I need a vacation. It'll get me out away from home. Going somewhere would be exciting news. And then there would be things at new stores I could buy. But I have no time for vacation.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I am going to the school dance on Saturday, and I am only moderately excited. The theme is masquerade, which is the only reason I wanted to go, since I already have an extremely appropriate outfit. And I will be dragging Amber along with me, because I do not wish to intrude on Rae's date, and I wouldn't be able to take both Jessie and her boyfriend at the same time.

I just finished watching Mamma Mia. Boy, what a feel-good movie! The world needs more absurdist shows. I am getting a bit sick of all of these nitty-gritty reality drama things that seem to be popular nowadays. I want things that are fanciful and outlandish. Shows to escape into, if you will.

I am happy today because an old friend of mine popped into school and said hello. I wish I had remembered to ask for his contact information... Last I knew, he was working in this little business I'd really love to throw money at and receive their products. Ah well. Really, it was just nice to see him again.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It is so satisfying to lie here in bed and type up this post, knowing that soon after I will attempt to sleep, and come up with better ideas I should have instead blogged about. But now it feels more like my day has ended, as opposed to recounting the day-so-far. Which I never actually do. I just write what's on my mind. Writing down all the things that have happened in one's day is so... droll.

So I went shopping for things with my mother today. I bought clothing, and I am really happy with it. I'm excited to wear it next week, especially this one shirt with extra long sleeves that fits me quite well (considering). I also bought one of those scrubby brushes for getting at your back while in the shower.


I can scrub my back clean now! No more awkward reaching! I wish I hadn't waited so long to get one, but also I could never find one for sale. Ahhh... I am reveling in the smoothness of my back. Tonight's shower? It was godly. Now, I just need to find a way to apply lotion to my back, in the same areas, and my life would be set.

It is finals week. The only tests I have been taking are in History. A spelling test everyday for three days. I am pretty good at spelling, and even better at using words in sentences and defining them, so this final is a piece of cake for me.

I totally just misspelled 'piece.'

Monday, January 26, 2009


Boy, is it nice to be sitting back at my PC! Even though my chair is in a peculiar position, and I am sharing it with a large block of stone, everything feels comfortable again. Mouse speed set at the perfect rate, keyboard pressing no longer difficult, and I now have a scroll wheel.

(I would be scrolling right now, but my screen size is so reasonable I don't have to.)

I am quietly celebrating the fact that I have moved a large chunk of work for school out of my way. I am still not able to relax yet, but I will probably pass this class now. Meaning there is still hope for graduation. Ahh... Life is good. I just need to give my well-thought out presentation, withstand the berating I will receive afterward for the work I didn't do that is unrelated, and then let the new semester roll in.

All of my classes will be new next semester except for Japanese. It is thrilling. I am half hoping that TKWWTSTE will be in one of my classes so that I might meet him, get to know him, befriend him, and then STAB HIM IN THE BACK.

Gosh, I am really hostile towards him. I don't even know him.

But! I do have a pretty-okay-but-not-great reason for disliking him now, that goes beyond the fact that he wears the same thing everyday. While Louis and I were leaving the classroom (in a fashion similar to the linked story), Louis nearly bumped into TKWWTSTE on his way through the door. TKWWTSTE rolled his eyes, made a face, and motioned his hands in a demeaning manor. Before stepping aside. So he's gone and insulted my friend.

It is like he is Kahn, and I am Kirk.
(Except I did not cause him to accidentally kill his wife.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Oh man, what a tiresome weekend. Stressful Friday melts into Stressful Saturday, and it all just leads right into Run-Around Sunday. And I didn't even get to test-drive a car. Only look at bedsheets.

On the plus side, though, I bought this amazingly soft body pillow, and ate a Cinnabon cinnamon bun. I suppose Sunday wasn't all bad.

... MAN this pillow is soft. I can't stop touching it.

I have suddenly forgotten all about yarn and gotten back into manga. I read four manga in one day, and I don't think I'll be stopping. Unfortunately, there will be no time for manga until February. No, wait, scratch that, not until after March. I lied about February.

(Oh God I have so many things to do.)

Jeezus, this pillow is softer than my cat.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mental Floss

Man, I am so good at procrastinating. But I'm even better at blowing things off. I don't get a lot done, actually...

Anyhow, I am applying to one scholarship a week now, according to my dad. Or else there will be dire consequences. I've applied to one, and the due date for the next one is coming up. Last week's was just a form I needed to fill no, requiring no real thought or creativity. A good last-minute application. But this week, there is a great scholarship with a due date coming up real fast that requires a quirky essay. The essay is supposed to be about how awesome I am, and why my amazing self deserves their money.

Five people will be awarded $10,000 in tuition money. (Fuck yeah.)

Second place either nabs me a dinner or $250, and third gets me a T-Shirt and magazine subscription. I plan to dazzle them with my writing, and possibly cause somebody to fall in love with the person behind the words, and get myself that T-Shirt. Or the tuition money, whichever they think best.

And here I am, trying to warm up with a little bit of writing, and waiting for my sugary caffeinated beverage to kick in. I'm turning to drugs to help me put the quirk into my writing, since I am so very tired today.

Though, I can't decide what wonderful parts of me I should highlight. Should I tell a life story? Should I talk about my academic career? My curiosity, my quirky hobbies, my many talents? But I do know this: Mention that I'm paying out-of-state tuition. I need that money. Need.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I feel so dirty for not shutting my computer down last night. Something about that doesn't sit right with me. Especially since it was on the power cord all day and all night long. How much energy could it have sucked up? Too much energy, I say.

... Shut up, I know I've left it on overnight before. But that's different. I swear to God, I was using it even though I was asleep.

So I crocheted a hat today!
And I've just now pulled it apart.

I get all the satisfaction of having crocheted something, without having something useless lying about. Also, we decided we did not want to make a dinosaur hat, and have instead decided on Link's hat. (What do I mean by we?) And we feel this green is better suited to heroes, and not to chickeny-tasting animals. We are excited for the outcome.

I watched Burn Before Reading. I wish I hadn't. So many people told me it was a really good movie. So many people hyped it up for me. But it was Napoleon Dynamite all over again--It was a horrible movie. I have decided that nobody quite understands my movie tastes, and I have stopped taking all movie suggestions.

That includes you too, Netflix.

So to salvage the night, I watched the Coneheads. Great movie. Classic movie. Correctly-paced-and-with-no-filler-time movie.

Contented sigh.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay, I just need to put the crochet hook down. I have been doing too much of that lately.

Yes, dooowwnnn...

OH GOD NO I just made a teacozy.


So Obama is king, now. Or, at least President of the US, but that's more or less the same thing. He is now the leader we take the aliens to. And I'm happy for it. Not just because I'm hopeful for the future now, but because I know that for the next week or two in class we'll be studying the Civil Rights movement. And I know the Civil Rights movement.

So I made a doll for one of my class projects this weekend, and turned it in today. The class seemed to enjoy it. One kid told me about ten times that it was 'hot shit.' He even whispered it to me as I walked by to turn it in. And I'm a little disappointed--I was hoping it'd be recognizable as MLK in doll form. Not as burning poo. But despite the confusion, the girl who sits next to me asked if I could make her a doll.

In my crafting-induced high, I eagerly agreed to make something for her. So she asked, could I make somebody from TV? Why, of course, I said. Could I make Hannah Montana? Well... Sure, I said. And then I waited for a beat or two, hoping she'd ask if I could make somebody else. Then we talked about McDonald's and such for a bit, while I cried on the inside. Now I am tasked with Hannah Montana.

Maybe if I make a Montana (the state) plushie, she won't talk to me anymore. And I can get my work done. And I'll have a nice Montana plush to give to a family member.


...! I just remembered something interesting.

Watchmen comes out March 28th in Japan.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So remember that hat I was crocheting so many months (weeks, actually) ago?

I found it in a corner of my room, still attached to it's lovely soft ball of yarn. I picked it up and pulled it apart. Just ripped it back down into one piece of yarn. Then wound all the slack back up into a ball. So many hours of work gone, just like that, all tied up into a neat little package. It's almost sad.

And then I picked my crochet needle up again and made a hat. This time, though, it is hat shaped, and it fits the top of my head, and I can wear it as I please. The actual hat part of it is not quite done yet, though, as every time I put it on it seems to not be long enough. And then I put another thirty minutes of work into it, and it is still just way too short. I expect I will be crocheting in my sleep, and wake up tomorrow with a hat long enough to be a scarf. That'll teach me.

Also, it took me like, four hours. Wtf is that, that is kind of a long time. But then, I also ate dinner, a pudding, and a bowl of cereal in that time, so whatever...

Oh man, I am so tired. I keep having these dreams about rape, spiders, and disease outbreaks. So I sleep fitfully and wake up the next morning not quite rested. The dream I had the other night had me pretty shaken up yesterday morning, so I stayed home from school to try to rest and forget about it. Only to have another disturbing dream, followed by one that was really just awkward. I am thinking: Maybe something is bothering me?

So I feel bad because while I was gone from school yesterday, my friends made plans to hang out with me on Saturday. They had it all figured out: movies, dinner at Kelly's, sleep in the media room. Really, they had planned for me to treat them to a nice evening, which in all honesty I would love to do. But this Saturday is my 1-year anniversary with Griff. So I had to say no.

... And now I wonder when we'll all have the chance again to hang out. Our last weekend together was planned months in advance. And even then, everyone had something popping up at the last minute to steal them away. And here I always thought highschool was when it was supposed to be easy to make get togethers with your friends.

Monday, January 12, 2009


How strange it is to think that I am pulling so many A's in so many of my classes, and yet I am completely uncertain about whether or not I will graduate. It's a dreadful feeling, uncertainty. I usually experience it when I look towards the future. Rarely does it come when I look at the past.

But then, the past carries regret.

Anyhow, what I'm trying to get at is how I think the school district is trying to cockblock my diploma. I reviewed last night everything I need to do to be able to see my diploma this June. Many things I can officially check off the list, such as passing grades K through 11. That is twelve check marks right there, and it feels good. I've also completed so many years of math and passed the WASL, which seems to be the two main things that keeps kids from graduating on time. But I still have some really big checkmarks whose due dates are coming up here in a couple weeks. The biggest being my culminating project. I've had so much difficulty with this thing, but I do beleive I will get it all done and turned in on time. The only problem is that most of it needs to be done and turned in by the 29th (actually, by this Friday if I don't want to make any enemies) or else I will fail one of the only classes required for seniors.

The idea that I might fail this class enrages me. I don't honestly know how I could make it up if I failed. Unless I become a super senior. If I have to repeat a year, I may just stab somebody.

This all just reminds me of why I wanted to become a teacher a while back. I was sick of being dumped into classes with incredibly poor teachers, and I was sick of being apart of a failing education system. So instead of complaining, for a good few years I commited myself to becoming apart of the solution. I would become a teacher--And I already know that I am a good teacher. Or, at least, I am a lot better than many I have faced. I would work hard to make certain all of my students understood the subjects I taught. I would also be working my way into the school board. So that I could begin working to change an educational system that desperately needed revision. (Don't you love how I talk about the future with past tense?) It was a plan I put into action in junior high.

Yes, I was so gung-ho about my mission I found a way to get started even before highschool.

My plan crumbled when I realized how very much I hate children. I would be no good as a teacher unless I was teaching highschool kids, and even then it might be too late for them to learn anything substantial. I still continued with some of the larger chunks of my plan, I even threw around a lot of money to help further me along. But I can tell you right now that I will not be becoming a teacher.

So here I am now, a student whose main priority is graduation. I am a good student when I wish to be, and overall a very smart kid. And yet, graduation is not a definite thing for me, when I can name right now some kids my age who can barely read that will be hearing their name get called.

... I was helping a kid today write an essay. They didn't understand the difference between an introductory paragraph and a body paragraph. I had them read the essay to me, and it consisted of five introduction paragraphs.
They are a winner and will graduate years before I ever do.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


For some reason I have been dreading making this particular post. No real reason behind it, I've just been stressing out about it. For reals, I have no qualms over this post. I just feel it in my heart that there is something bad, though my head knows otherwise. That is all.

... This post will eat me alive from the inside out.
(That is what I fear.)

I have been spending my money and I really should stop. But tomorrow I have some more money I want to spend, and there are some things I have told myself I could really do with. But if I keep spending like this, I will have no money for later, and that always makes me feel trapped. But if I don't spend what I have, then I will be doing nothing to help the economic crisis this nation is encountering.

I am having a moral dilemma!

Also, I have decided that crises (plural) a nation can have are actually encounters. Like foes in a video game. They are encountered, and they are something that must be overcome through a combination of strategy and brute force. Sometimes they sneak up from behind, and then you have to endure a bit of damage. And sometimes your fighter attacked but missed, and it will be an entire round before he gets to deliver that final blow. And sometimes the healer is dead. During a boss fight.

Which, boys and girls, is how Rome came to fall.
(Keep your healer alive.)

Louis gave me his band's CD and I am happy to play it. They are actually really good. Not the best, but for their style of music they do quite well. It is no wonder people are willing to pay them to play. Also, I enjoy the names of their songs.
Between Perdition and Paradise
Penance of Exsanguination
Eclipse of the Eternal Night
Just perfect for a band called Irony! I also do think that they are making up words. But I should not be one to judge. Making words is how a language forms and evolves.


I just spent some time in a dictionary, and they are not making things up. (Well, gee.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Jeeze, the stuff I do for my goldfish when I'm planning to just flush him in August. And he's not even gold. I went out today and bought him some frozen bloodworms.

Now, I know what bloodworms look like, don't get me wrong. I know they they are long, red, and bitey. I think they might even be poisonous, but that's beside the point. Those things are longer than my face. And that's what I was expecting--Either chopped up worm bits, or a couple bloodworms all tied together and frozen. And I've been fully prepared to see those horrors since I dissected worms in seventh grade.

What I did not know was that they'll sell you bloodworm larvae. (Actually, it said somthing about mosquitos on the package. I really have no idea what I bought anymore.) And I bought this little package, with bloodworms printed on it, that was shaped like a cross between a blister pack and an ice cube tray. So that I could just easily pop a cube of what I figured was ground-up and forzen worms into my fishie's tank. Which I did. Just pop into his tank.

And it was really cool to watch Othello rip into that blood-red cube. He was a beast, tearing into that thing with a vigor I've only ever seen him put into having seizures. It was like he had new meaning to his life, and it was eating red gunk. Until I realized that it wasn't a cube of gunk he was eating, but a cube of tiny, stringy little red worms.

Do you know what a rat king is? They're a myth, like unicorns, but theoretically possible. It's when a bunch of rats (or mice) are born and live in a very confined space. Their tails get all tangled and eventually begin to grow into one another. They become like one living thing.

What I was watching my fish eat was a rat king, there was no doubt in my mind. It was horrible. And disgusting. It was a knot of horrific little worms squirming around, and my fish was eating them in a stimulating fashion. He was getting off on the most disgusting thing I've seen this year.

But it was really hilarious when the worms sunk to the bottom of the tank, and Othello was too buoyant today to be able to reach them. He'd struggle so hard, and maybe hit his nose against the rocks, but he never got a good mouthful of those worms once they were on the bottom.

Sucking those worms out with one of those tank vaccuums was not so hilarious.

In fact, it was kinda traumatizing.