Monday, November 24, 2008


Today would have been great! If I wasn't feeling so tired.

Not that I regret being tired. I'm really quite used to it now.

Actually, it really wasn't being tired that put a dent in my day, it was a significant-yet-not-so-significant event that took place just after the final bell rang for school. It happened like this:

Kelly is experiencing extreme joy as she hoists her backpack onto her shoulder. School is freaking out for the day, and she plans to enjoy it.
That Kid Who Wears The Same Thing Everyday: (Enters Kelly's classroom and blocks the door.)
Kelly: (Crestfallen) Excuse me, I need to get by.
TKWWTSTE: (Moves aside) Oh yeah, sorry.
Kelly: (Trudges through the exit, defeated)


I held a slight conversation with That Kid Who Makes Me Angry Everyday.
I NEED CONSOLATION. (I did not wish to ever speak to him.)

But today was still pretty awesome. I totally found my lost thumbdrive. Which is great! I missed it these past couple months. Also, we paid off my glasses, so I'll be getting them pretty soon. I am excited to be able to see things slightly more clearly. I think I also don't look so terrible in them, so expect a picture post of Kelly's four eyes.

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