Thursday, April 30, 2009

Government Dereliction

Oh hey, I have a follower again. But this time it's somebody whose name I kinda recognize. Now I'm feeling the extreme social pressures of high school, right here in my own home!

I made that Professor Layton doll I mentioned last post. Now mum wants me to make a voodoo doll for her of some guy that's been giving her trouble at work, and Rae wants me to make a Vincent Valentine doll. Either I start dabbling in voodoo magic to make my mother happy, or I start on a rather complicated design to make my friend happy. To be honest, I might just blow them both off.

I had the worst substitute today. I've had horrible subs before, and horrible teachers as well, but this one takes the cake. Mrs. Wheelock (I was going to insert link to a personal page of hers, but could not find one), you have succeeded in making the lives of children everywhere a little more miserable miserable. I was on edge with her the moment she told us to put our food away in a cooking class. I felt a bit like punching her when she told Emily to put away her Nightowl and Rorschach laminated dealyboppers. Then she went and seperated Jessie and Emily, despite the fact that they were not disturbing class in any way (I'm not even sure they were talking). She lectured Larrisaa for not looking forward, when all she was trying to do was get out a peice of paper like she was told, and then had the tallest kid in class sit right in front of me during the movie.

What this boils down to is that she treated us like little children, and did not give us the respect we gave her. Also, she kept interrupting the movie to ask me inane questions, and I was really interested in the movie. We wrote a letter to our teacher, explaining the experience. The kids in class that knew about it signed it. If I never see that sub again, it will be too soon.

Ah! I just had one of those moments where you think of what to say afterwards.
Damn. That would have set her straight. And probably gotten me in detention. (worth it)

Something else interesting happened today... Oh! For some reason, my writing class decided we would all be having second lunch today. They told us over the announcements, but I was in an auditorium filled with kids that were quite literally screaming, and I did not hear it. So I went to first lunch, as normal, and missed most of class. As did about 75% of the rest of my class. I was still excused to eat second lunch, though, and I got to eat with all of my friends. It was really great, talking to people I know and love.

As opposed to the kids I only know by their nicknames... And I think they're all sophomores, too. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I feel better than I did yesterday, in case you were wondering. Well enough that I can expect to go to school tomorrow. Which depresses me because I--Woah, wait. Where the Hell is my cell phone?

It's around here somewhere... In all my years, I've never...

Found it.

What was I talking about? Never mind. Let's discuss an idea I had while showering.

I'm done with knitting. I just can't wrap my head around it. All I can do is knit and purl. Which is fine for making scarves, curly scarves, and illusion scarves. But I can't make sweaters, gloves, or anything that isn't square or rectangle shaped. So fuck you, knitting.

But crocheting! That is something I can do. I can make square things and round things, not to mention any-shape things (I could crochet newly invented shapes, if I wanted). And the projects I work on are always smaller than the ones I do when kitting, so... Yeah. I've forgotten the word I was working towards. So, to profess my love for crocheting, I've decided on a few dolls that I want to make:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Professor Layton
  • (Phoenix Layton?)
  • Kelly
  • The Prince
  • And maybe a fish or a dinosaur.

Anyways, I can feel the asprin kicking in, so I expect I'll be back to writing blog posts that aren't weird and un-entertaining in just a minute or so. I'll stop now before I disgrace myself with writing in two different styles in the same entry.

Monday, April 27, 2009


How hilarious is it that I get all sick as swine flu becomes the next big epidemic?

So I think I caught something at the arcade the other night. Sweaty people all touching the same things, it is very likely. And now I feel like a bitch, because I told myself I wouldn't stay home from school this month. And here I am, staying home on a Monday, and considering the likelihood of staying home again on Tuesday.

Argh, my symptoms are so strange. Are nighttime migraines a thing? Because I'm only getting them at night. Or what about the inability to digest food at the proper rate? I know being achy is a normal thing, but what about aches in the fingers and aches in the muscles you use to wiggle your ears as well? Whatever, I suppose you could just say that I'm achy all over, in the most literal sense.

Also: a fever. How normal.

It is night, which means that my head hurts. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fellonious Tube

With every day that passes, I become a little more excited. I expect that by this time next week, I will be so excited that I will pee everywhere and make a horrible mess. I'll be babbling incoherently, and someone will put me in an insane asylum. I'll break out, of course, on May 14th. My super excitement that day will give me superhuman strength.

And then I'll be all depressed that following Monday, awww...

The school play that I tried out for but did not get a part in is playing this week. It was a good play, and I thought the actors did a pretty good job. Louis got the part I really wanted. But in the end, I think he did a better job than I ever could. He had this chemistry with Jessie that I could never match. And McClain did a good job throwing Jessie against the couch, though I wish he would have menaced her a bit more after that. I'm a little mad at Jessie at the moment, and it was nice to see someone putting her in her place, even if it was all just a show. And Sören did a great job being the badguy with justafiable means. There was this part where his glasses caught the stagelight, and it looked like an evil glare.

Plus, everyone was in Victorian-era outfits. Guys need to dress like that every day, all day.

I've downloaded an application onto my Mac that allows me to play Interactive Fiction games. It is so fun, I've finally found a game I can play when the internet is being slow. These things take me months to play, and I often don't get to the end, but they take hardly a minute to download. And they're always a small file size. I'm just going to load up with a bunch of them, and be set for the next few years. Not to mention, most games like these pretty much require multiple playthroughs.

Oh my god I'm so excited!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spider Gates Hotel

I swear to God, spiders are making me agoraphobic. Every time I go outside, I find a few more webs placed around the yard. I took the trash out, just a quick walk to the side of the house, and by the end of it I was prancing about like a sissy, freaking out about all the spiders. Seriously, this close to bawling my eyes out. Why are there so many spiders in exactly our deck area? Other bugs don't freak me out as much. I like to smush them when they crawl on me. But if I find a spider on something, that object is cursed and I'll refuse to go near it for a while.

Once, a large spider built a huge web in our kitchen. It spanned from the ceiling to the top of the kitchen counter. That was a smart place for the spider, but damned inconvenient for me. Every time I went into the kitchen, I would eye that spider as if it were pointing a gun at me.

I was sitting on the couch once, and I noticed a smattering of black spots in a ceiling corner. Hundreds of tiny little dots, so small it was as if someone drew them there with a fine pen. I stood on the couch and got my face reeaall close, so that I could see what it was, and if I could clean it. (I thought maybe it was mold.) It was spiders. Hundreds of spiders that had just hatched from an eggsack that must have been so tight in the corner nobody noticed it. I thought at first they had all died, until they all started moving super-slowly. Swarming spiders in my living room. I freaked out and shut myself in my room for the rest of the day. The spiders were still there the next morning, but it was the day the cleaning lady comes by. The spiders were gone when I came home from school, so she must have gotten rid of them.

A daddy longlegs decided it was time to die in my room, once. It made a crappy lump of web, and hung itself from it. I seriously think it commited suicide by hanging. It also decided that the best place to do this would be the corner by my bed. I was too afraid to clean it up, but also too afraid to sleep. So I would just lie in bed in fear every night. Two days later, mum came in and went "Ew," and just picked it up and took it away. She is a brave woman.

We had a chronic spider problem in my bathroom for a while. Spiders would crawl up the skylight, and then try to crawl upside-down on the glass, only to lose their footing and fall. Usually onto me, just as I was getting out of the shower. I screamed every time. A few times I'd be on the toilet, and one would fall. They never died on impact, just became dazed for a while. Once a spider fell and landed, but wasn't really stunned. I was all alone in the house, so I ran downstairs, grabbed a cup, and captured it. Kinda. I just left it there underneath the glass for a week. It was in the bathroom, so I'm surprised nobody moved it.

There was a particularly large spider on my bed. I dropped a textbook on it. But because my bed is soft, the spider didn't get squished, and just tried to scramble away instead. I dropped the book back on it. Along with seven other textbooks I had in my room. I left a large stack of books on my bed for a few hours, until mum came in and asked me about it. She removed the books, grabbed the (uncrushed) spider with a tissue, and walked away.

A spider crawled onto my shoulder one recess during a soccer game. I didn't notice until another girl pointed it out. I looked down, and I swear to God the spider was all "Jolly good day for a match, wot wot" it was sitting there so perfectly. That was the girliest moment of my life--I squealed, danced about, and acted like a girl until the spider fell off.

Okay, enough spider stories, it's making me really itchy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Problem: Kelly's hair is long enough to clog a shower drain after 2-3 showers of normal intensity*.

Solution: The bath plug is taken out, and a mesh tea strainer is placed there instead.

Outcome: Spiders that get caught in the spray also get caught in the strainer. Kelly refuses to clean it, and continues to have flooded showers (but without the strainer, for fear of spiders floating out of it).


Problem: Tiny hairs always get caught up in the shaving razor.

Solution: An old toothbrush is used to remove hairs after every use.

Outcome: Kelly goes traveling, and packs her two toothbrushes together. Later: Oh fuck, which toothbrush is which?


If you say 'puzzle' instead of 'problem,' you will always find the solution.
"Every puzzle has an answer!"

- Prof. Layton

*Shower intensity is determined by amount of time spent conditioning hair.
Low Intensity = No conditioner used
Med. Intensity = Normal amount of time spent
High Intensity = Extra tangled hair; Large amount of time spent

Monday, April 20, 2009


So because I have the will of a woman, I bought Gardening Mama. The only thing I regret about the purchase is the price. It was about $17 more than I thought it would be. But otherwise, great game. I think it's loads better than Cooking Mama. With Cooking Mama, all the dishes eventually started to feel the same to prepare. Measure, cut, cook. Measure, cut, cook. I suck at measuring, I rock at cutting, and I am okay at cooking. But there is a much wider variety of things to do in Gardening Mama. And the more you progress, you'll find that you are sometimes still using the same skills as from the first flower, but the skills have become more difficult. They add a twist.

Also, there is a reward system. So there is more incentive to keep playing.

I managed to break our microwave oven. Again. Last time I did it by burning EasyMac into the most disgusting pile of ashes you've ever smelled. This time, I was loading EasyMac (shut up, I know) into the microwave, when it suddenly shut off. It only microwaved my food for half a second or so before it cut its own power. I did everything I could think to do to fix it (plug, unplug, switch outlet, press buttons, bang on it), and eventually just left it alone. I drew a dead face on a sticky note and put that on the microwave, so that dad could see that it had died when he got home.

Dad seems to really like it when I draw faces on notes. I once put a smiley face on a note card when we got a bunch of packages (they were blocking up the hall, it was exciting), and he stuck it on the fridge. He also put the dead face on the fridge. I really don't understand this.

We discussed Palindromes in Biotech today. I felt like a superstar. That is the second time being a bit of an English nerd has made me amazing in my science class.

Despite not going to sleep until 1:30 last night, I decided that it would be a great idea to get up at five this morning. Or, more accurately, 4:44am. Now, I am quite tired. So to sleep I go.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

City Folk

Okay, that interesting thing, as promised. But I am tired, so my story telling abilities could really use improvement.

Um... Where does it start. We were in Montana, lost in a maze of little student-owned houses just off of campus. We were stuck in traffic with a busy intersection up ahead, so we were slowly moving forward. Outside my car window, I notice a cop car parked on the side of the road. Out of it steps a cop. He was good looking, with black hair slicked back and a cop's swagger. I honestly wasn't sure if he was a real cop, because he looked like something out of a soap opera or a television show. But his car and uniform were real.

We pull forward a little bit, to the next house over. Through the fence I could see a lot of people crammed in the back yard, standing about, smoking, drinking. There was definitely a party going on. A guy was sticking out of the car in the driveway, trying to get something out from under one of the seats, or something. Up swaggers the cop, slowly creeping up to the guy, who is completely unaware. The cop stands there next to the guy for a moment.

We pulled away just as the cop was about to tap the guy on the shoulder. He was about to get the shock of his life.

That is it.

Today, Louis informed me that he was performing at a free, all-ages show tonight. So I grabbed Sarah and Sean, and we went to go see him play. We spent a lot of our time standing around outside, because we just weren't interested in the other bands. While we were out there, some cop cards pulled up, and a guy got arrested for having a gun. Sean and Sarah seemed uncomfortable, but for some reason it just made me super calm. Louis's band, Irony, was great. They all had long hair that they flipped about (visually appealing, actually), except for the drummer. The drummer just looked like some small asian kid, until he randomly took his shirt off to expose his tatoos. It was hilarious, watching them all together.

It shouldn't have been funny. It should have been awesome with a capital A. I'm sure the people that kept spontaneously breaking out into a mosh pit would agree. But I just found it all very amusing. "Can I get a hail Satan!" "HAIL SaTAN WHOoO" "Yeah! We are here at... At uh... Fuck, whatever, let's just play!" The music was so loud I could feel it in my chest. I almost couldn't tell my phone was vibrating, because the rest of me was vibrating just as hard. And I couldn't understand the singer at all--So I just went and Misheard Lyrics'd the entire thing. "Oh God I stepped in bubble gum, and now my arm is broken. Mom, we are going to town!"

We had to leave in the middle of their last song, though. Sean needed to get home half an hour before we left, it seems. I was kinda sad, because I wanted to chat with Louis after the show. Oh well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I skipped school today so that I could hang with my brother out in Seattle. We bummed around for a bit, and then saw the Dragon Ball movie. As soon as I got home (it takes like, two hours to get home from Seattle) mum and dad push us back out the door to go eat dinner. I didn't get home until about 9. I'm pretty exhausted from walking so much.

Gosh, there is a lot I want to ramble about tonight. Like some of the hobos we saw today--There was one guy trying to learn to fight from a Mortal Kombat arcade machine--To the sorts of epople that shop in the mall on a Wednesday afternoon, to that interesting thing that I've been forgetting but have remembered.

But I am so damn tired. I'll talk about that interesting thing tomorrow.
Don't worry--I wrote it on my computer. I won't forget.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


WOW my Senior Composition teacher really respects me. We had a little conference today, just her and I, to discuss my grade and check off some assignments.

Teachers don’t give enough praise to their students nowadays, but I think it’s really important that they do. If you think your teacher likes you, you are more willing to do your work and work harder at it. I’ve had more teachers mock me and belittle me than I have had praise me. I wonder… do you think I would have done better in school if my teachers weren’t all such bastards?

Fifth grade was such a horrible year for me. There was that hair stylist randomly cutting off all of my hair, I nearly died to a common ailment, and I don’t think I had ever had such little will to go to school. I swear to God, my math teacher was bullying me. I never liked him to begin with, but then he pulled me aside after class just to mock me, and then tried to tell my parents I was illiterate (and should be held back). I had never hated a teacher so much.

I never did any of my class work that year. I just didn’t want to. As a punishment, I was to stay inside during recess until I was all caught up. I had recess maybe four times that year. My teacher (my regular teacher, that is. We had three teachers: Reading, Math, and everything else. My reading and math teacher were the same person) thought he had me all figured out, and decided that my parents were beating me at home, and that the kids made fun of me during recess. So he thought he was doing me a favor, telling me to just stay inside. But I really just wanted to go out and play with my friends.

You know, I think just about the only reason I didn’t kill my self (I seriously considered it) was because of my friends. Asia and Sarah were both in my class, along with a few other kids that I don’t quite remember the names of. And in math, I sat next to Louis and Bubba, and they were great distractions from my awful teacher. I think they were also in my reading class. But I remember sitting by myself in reading. And also, when I had recess, I’d get to see Amber. Since I had moved the year before, we went from neighbors to strangers, but seeing her was still a treat.

Oh! Another reason that year was awful: Amber and I got into a nasty fight, and we didn't speak for over a year. It was totally my fault. Not to mention it was that year my parents decided I wasn't allowed to go visit Jessica anymore. I haven't seen her since. I worry a lot that she is dead.

I'm trying pretty hard to find a silver lining in all of this. But even my luck in love was crappy that year. The boy I had a crush on got his first girlfriend that year, and the boy I absolutely hated turned out to have a crush on me. (I had completely forgotten about this until now.) I think it was also then that my mom got addicted to Runescape, and started ignoring her family. And I'll bet that was the year our cat Wedger died.

Fifth grade was so terrible that I decided to go to a different school for sixth grade. Things started getting better from there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


ARGH that interesting thing! I was thinking about it earlier today, so I wrote it down. And now I have lost the note! This is the most frustrating thing available on this planet.

I feel accomplished right now, since I just finished hanging a bunch of posters on my wall. I have been putting it off for a few months now. These posters are small--maybe 5 by 7in--So they take a lot of tedious work. But it's also really cool whenever I add a new bunch of posters. It is like mold growing across my wall. It just keeps spreading. This time, though, I added some posters that aren't like the others. Instead of the usual American Movie in Japanese poster, I added a double-wide Watchmen poster, and a couple dinosaur things I picked up last week. I think it looks alright, despite the Watchmen poster being the third watchmen poster (as well as being posted sideways) on my wall.

I am sitting around in anticipation. I can't seem to find anymore ways to spend my time until the second episode of The Office comes on tonight. I have to know what happens next. I need to! I need to know that it will all end okay, that everything will work out in the end. I need a happy ending right here, right now. I am waiting, with bated breath, for this week's exciting conclusion.

It has been so long since a TV show has made me excited for the next episode.

We do a lot of fun stuff in Biotech, because Dr. F is actually a good teacher that has a real interest in his subject. Today we played Dingo (DNA Bingo) and I won twice in a row. I'd have won a third time, but I actually didn't notice that I had four in a row, and continued on with my game. Yesterday we watched the best science-related video I have ever seen. Bill Nye could never top this. Not even if he did it himself.

Protip: Actually listen to the boring lecture at the beginning. "Colored Head Balloons" "Using the dance idiom" "Tumbling, rolling, clusters of body" "Second dancing initiation factor"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So all week this week, I keep thinking that something interesting happened over spring break, and I want to blog about it. But as soon as I open up the blog, I forget what it was. This is the most obnoxious thing in the world.

So I am very excited for prom and then graduation. I don't think you can completely comprehend the sheer magnitude of my excitement. I mean, 38 days until prom, 64 days until graduation, and 47 days of school left. And I don't have anything to keep track of those numbers with. (Five weeks until prom, ten weeks until graduation, by the way.) The theme for prom this year is Arabian Nights. Apparently they voted on it during lunch, and nobody bothered to ask me. So I can't even say what the other choices were, but at least this theme isn't so awful. Plus, we could all go eat at Aladdin's before the dance. We know the owner there, and he always gives us the best service (probably because we tip our friends well).

Sakuracon is this weekend. I won't be going, but my brother will be flying out just to attend. And then he will be staying a week with us. This will be the first time I've seen him since he moved out. Mum didn't realize this until I told her last night--I haven't seen my brother in almost a year and a half. Mum and dad have gone out to see him a few times, but I've always been busy with school and couldn't come along. She seemed to feel absolutely terrible that she never took me along. So I'm going to see if I can milk this guilt: I want a limo on prom night, and I want to go to graduation night. Expensive, yes, but she's been keeping me from my own brother.

(A little research later: Gosh, limos are expensive. For that price, I'd rather spend a week in Maine.)

For some reason, Othello is still alive. He's been a bit sluggish since I had Amber take care of him over break, but he's still kickin' and floatin' and eatin'. And I can only assume that he has been pooping. Though, if he dies, I think I will get another fish that looks just like him. But this time, I will name it Batman. That sleek black body, that flowing tail--He is Batfish, and he is there to protect Gotham Tank. I could then get him a little plastic (bat)cave, and maybe a plastic Robin doll for him to adopt and occaisionally be responsible for his death.

Hee, what a neat idea. I amuse myself.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Purple Monster Saliva

Man. Is it really only Tuesday? I keep thinking it is Thursday. My TV viewing schedule was thrown off last week, meaning my internal clock is out of whack. Partially because of traveling, mostly because of the fact that most of the shows I watch didn't air their new episodes.

Oh man, that reminds me. Did anyone see this week's episode of House? That's fucking bullshit. If they're gonna do that, then I'm just not going to watch the show. You are not allowed to kill off my favorite character in a show that is already starting to fail. Seriously, the only reason I watched the show was for that guy. He was the only one that wasn't troubled by his serious problems, and bogged down by the blues. So he, the only happy guy, commits suicide? Not okay.

Otherwise, what a ho-hum day. I decided to bring my old sketchbook to school. It still is made of mostly empty pages, so I thought I would do something about it. Also, it has white paper in it. I've been drawing on yellow paper lately, and I was kinda missing the classic white. Now if I decide to scan anything I don't have to worry about color correction so much.

Not that I can do a lot of color correction. This is the worst Photoshop Elements I have ever used. I mean, my God, it doesn't even do what it's supposed to do. Resizing an image is impossible (Resize 50%. Resize 50%. Just resize 50%. WHY IS IT STILL FULL SIZED, FUCKING GET SMALLER), copying and pasting is a nightmare in its purest form, and it does things randomly, and won't allow you to do anything else until you tell it to stop doing its thing. You can't even hit undo--First you have to find the impossibly small button that has appeared somewhere because you did something like click, and then you can't click on it because you have to find the button somewhere else that tells you you can't do anything, and then maybe if you close Photoshop while sacrificing a baby you can continue on with your work.

Devilshop Elements 666, I spit on you.

I mean, Photoshop has always had its problems. But Photoshop Elements 6 is like someone pissing in your eye.

(Boy, I am angry today. I must be PMSing.)

Monday, April 6, 2009


There are ten more weeks until I graduate. And they aren't even all full weeks, so it's less than fifty school days left. That is so great.

I had an orthodontist appointment today. They didn't change much, just where one of my rubber bands connects to now. (They changed the band that was not causing problems.) Afterward, I had two hours until the school would start to wonder where I was, and I wanted to take advantage of my freedom in the middle of a school day. So I went inside the store who's parking lot I always use to turn around in. I bought a lunchable for lunch, as well as a soda that I am not allowed to drink in class. I ate my lunch, drank my soda, and the fun was pretty much over by then. I should have done more with my time.

Ugh. I have been trying to play Ico, but the game keeps randomly freezing. I'm not sure why... It coukd just be because it is an old disk, or it could be because it is a new Ps2. I am at the cemetary. And I just finish the fight with all of the monsters. I have not saved yet, and then BAM the screen does not move. So annoying.

But at least mum had a good look at Yorda. Now she can help me with my cosplay.

I need to find a wig for my cosplay. I usually look on eBay, and I think I've found a few that will work. But I want a second opinion. Guh. Wigs are so itchy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know that weather is a boring topic unless you are a meteorologist, but OH MY GOSH THE WEATHER.

Weather weather weather!

It was so sunny and nice today! The birds are still singing, there were so many hatchling bugs and cotton-tree seeds it was like epic snow, and it was still too cold to stand in the shade with shorts. THIS is spring! On the plane, I could see all of the mountains. I don't think I've ever seen all of the mountains before. I mean, I knew that Mt. Rainier was the largest of them all, but I really only knew it as a disembodied peak of a summit that floats over the clouds. I could see where it connected to the ground. There were all these bumps and bumps and bumps that looked like a mountain range, and then suddenly a large cone about five times the size of the other bumps just juts out of the Earth. Simply amazing.

The weather down in LA was like summer to me. Pure sun, complete with shorts and sunburn. And the weather over in Montana was simply winter: snowy and snowing. Though, it wasn't all that cold, despite the snow falling from the sky. It seems that the high humidity here (plus constant windchill) just makes makes things seem colder, without the responsive weather.

So I have decided to play Ico again, in preparation for my cosplay. There were three interesting things to note:

1- I tried to call Yorda (who was three steps away), and she turned around and ran the opposite direction. She ran so far that Ico kept shouting "OOOII" until she turned a corner and disappeared. She then got taken by shadows.
2- Yorda wears a tiny little cape. The wind blew it by the castle gates, and I was surprised.
3- I tried to save, but Yorda was too busy running to the opposite side of the level to let me. It took five minutes to get her to sit down. It seems that this time, my Yorda is a runner.

I want to see Yorda sit down with a shadow thing, and Ico pull a Scandelous Wench.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I let my dad use my computer for a bit, and now it smells like him. How does he do that? He even did it to the cat, on more than one occasion.

Tomorrow morning, I wake up early and fly home. I'm excited to get home. I have a lot of homework to do, though, and that will be no fun. But I at least want to get a little bit of Japanese done... Maybe then Sensei won't yell at me so loud. Oh gosh! And I have a lot of Biotech to do, too! Augh.

I went to a museum and looked at dinosaurs today. It was neat. I bought dinosaur chocolate, and some dinosaur toys.

That's all I really have to say.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ahh, yes, I found an internet connection. The rest of my spring break maybe won't seem so deprived, then.

Monday, dad and I went down to LA to ride some roller coasters. We rode all but two of the coasters at Magic Mountain. We missed out on X2 because it broke down, which is sad because I was hoping to experience the fifth-dimension like they were advertising. On the Deja Vu, a bug hit me in the face and I slammed my front teeth and bottom lip against my harness. Both my dad (who passed all the physical tests to become a fighter pilot) and I nearly blacked out on the Riddler's Revenge.

I did the Penny thing on the Superman, and it was so amazing. You just hold a penny in the palm on your hand, and when you go into zero G's on the vertical part, the penny begins to float. Louis told me to try that, I should call him and tell him how right he was. The Batman ride was alsosimple amazing, and I was expecting it to suck. The first thing I rode was the Collosus, and I forgot to get a picture of its shadow. I thought that would be a neat play on words. My dad's favorite ride was the Tatsu. It was a really neat ride--You sit down and strap in, with your feet hanging like most of the other rides. But then they strap your feet in, too, and then the ride tilts you horizontal. You're on your belly, and you're flying around, twisting through the air, really intense without being too forceful. Fun fun fun.

After two plane flights, though, I am in Montana, with the soul intent of checking out the Montana State University Campus. We drove around it today, and tomorrow we go on a special tour. I'm not very excited about the tour. But! I am excited about the shops on Main Street. They have a specialty bead shop, and a specialty book store, and a library so huge it makes me want to faint. Not to mention, the soup shack has really tasty soups.

Montana is really weird. Kids run around in the bars, and I swear I met Buck from United States of Tara today. People wear cowboy hats seriously, for function, and not for fashion. We also came to a split in the road. If you went left, you'd go to Amsterdam. If you went right, you went to Manhattan. We went to Manhattan. We go back on Saturday, and I will take a picture of the sign that says "Welcome to Manhattan!" with a sign underneath pointing to the campgrounds.

Ugh. I am so bored. And I ate way too much steak.