Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was struck by sudden inspiration to write a song today. I call it "My Noisy Neighbor." It's not done yet--I still need to write all the lyrics and maybe put a tune to them, but I have the chords. They are pretty melancholy for such a stupid song.

Let me show you what I have so far:

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
Living in the room next to me
Always up so bright and early
Why you gotta wake up early?

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
I have such a disdain for you
Making crashes playing music
How I wish these walls were padded

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
I am still in bed and sleeping
You've just had a fight with someone
You are crying before the sun's up

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
You talk real loud into your cell phone
Is yelling even necessary?
Please consider a different service

And um... Yeah. The song pretty much goes on in a similar fashion, until I get to the bridge, where I speed everything up and get really stressed because my neighbor is so noisy. And the ending is me apologizing to my neighbor and asking if I can borrow some stuff. Because I guess I'm kind of a jerk like that. And I guess I'm also not passive aggressive enough, because I am writing this song at 11 at night.

So Craig lent me the PS3 game Infamous. I like it so far. I've been playing for hours, but it seems like I've hardly put a notch in the storyline. I guess games nowadays are really long, or something. Or maybe I'm still just really slow. Either way, it's been a good game for keeping my mind off the gnawing hunger. I haven't had anything (decent) to eat since Friday. I've been surviving off tea and hot cocoa, because that is the only food I have, and I don't have the energy to walk all the way off campus to someplace that will serve me food. I got lightheaded just walking down the stairs. Tomorrow morning food service will serve real food, and I can eat and be full and have energy.

Okay, now I'm going to continue writing this song until I fall asleep, or until I pass out. Whichever comes first.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hang Up

NaNoWriMo word count, nooooo! Look at how far behind I am! I tried to write 10k words this weekend, but really only hit 4k. That wasn't even enough to fill my goal for one day! I'm starting to think I might not hit 50k words by the end of November.

So anime club had a big movie viewing night last night. There was a raffle, and I entered and won eight times. It's the luck of the Irish. I won five times in the first raffle, and got a Haruhi wall scoll. I then won three times in the second raffle, and got a Zatch Bell clock. Winning multiple times didn't make any difference, because you can really only win once per raffle. But I won the first time both times, and got to take the better of the prizes offered.

... I don't like Zatch Bell, but I really wanted to take the clock apart. I took it apart today, and put it back together again. It still works. I'm not that proud, actually.

This Wednesday I fly home for Thanksgivng, and I'm excited. I haven't been eating well lately. I don't know why, but food service has been putting out only really crappy food lately, and they haven't been putting out much of it. So my meals have been really poor, and I can only think about what food I'm going to eat when I get home.

In the movies last night, they always had people sitting around eating things. I pretty much started drooling at the screen. I really really badly need a good meal.

I fly back to Montana on Saturday, and I'm not excited for that. I don't know why dad decided I only get to stay a few days, but that's how it is. I just have to squeeze in all of my friend and family visitng into two days, is all.

Okay, now I'm gonna go try to write another 1k in my novel before I go to bed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I now have a movie-going buddy, who is also lacking in a car but is willing to wait for the bus with me. It's exciting. We went to go see Men Who Stare At Goats yesterday, but there was a problem with the film and it didn't play. To make up for it, they gave us each two free movie tickets, and then let us go ahead and sneak into any other movies that were playing. So we saw Paranormal activity. It was a pretty good movie, but it wasn't very scary. Just as a different friend told me would happen, we ended up laughing a lot. Still worthwhile.

Anyways, we're planning to take our four free movie tickets and get a group of four people together to go and see Twilight. We're planning to just ruin it for everybody. Maybe dress up as Harry Potter, or go in Guy Fawk's masks. But mostly stand up and yell a lot of things. It should be good fun. And if we get kicked out it doesn't matter, because we didn't pay for anything.

I sign up for my classes tomorrow morning. I'm fairly excited. I'm trying to sign up for this Biology class, which will have an actual lab. I like labs... A lot. So I think it will be good for me. And I'm now fulfilling all of the requirements to major in Anthropology. As much as I like science, I think I may go the Anth way, if only because I won't have to take an extra year of college just to complete my major. Not knowing what I want to do with my life is pretty sucky, but at least I have options.

So I have been really foul-mouthed lately. I'm not sure why, it might be the people I'm hanging out with. I just felt like mentioning that.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Intramural Ball Fields

Oh, 'sup Ubiquity?
Me? Oh, you know, insanely busy. Which is why I haven't been updating.

Actually, I haven't been updating because I keep getting back to my dorm after my roommate has gone to sleep. And instead of flicking on all the lights and clacking away at the computer for hours on end, I've just been getting dressed in the dark and going to sleep as well. I suppose it's a bit healthier to get more than two hours of sleep each night, but I really miss updating. So maybe I'll change my update schedule to first thing in the morning, after eating something. And then we can have all of these posts with ridiculous spelling and grammar mistakes that wouldn't make any sense even after a spell check. And they'd all end with "Oh! Gotta run, I have class."

I am about to have a food baby. I don't know why, but I decided to drink half a gallon of chocolate milk in about an hour, as well as eat a cup o' noodles. I'm at this odd stage of full, where I know for a fact that there is no more room in my stomach because I filled it with liquids, but I'm not completely uncomfortable. I just really don't want to do anything that might squish my stomach a little bit, is all. Just in case.

So there was a black light dance in the basement last night. I went with a big group of my friend's old friends from her small hometown, so I was pretty much the outcast from the big city. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up for the dance, because I have been craving a rave ever since I went swing dancing for the umpteenth time. I figured, you know, there'll be techno music, and people dancing a bit awkwardly, some glow sticks, and black lights. The bare minimum. But, there were no glow sticks, and there was no techno. It was all that odd hip hop type of music. You know, that stuff that you crunk to with idiot beats? So I danced awkwardly. They started a techno song, but stopped it halfway through because I guess it was too appropriate.

Anyways, I am sore from dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Hey, if I can solo dance to swing music, I can dance to anything.

So I have to start getting to bed at a decent hour more often. I keep staying up until like two or three in the morning with one person, and then heading back home to sleep, only to run into some other person in the hall or bathroom and staying up until six or seven with them. Some nights I don't sleep at all, because I'll be heading back home after going out for the third time in one night, and then I'll get invited to breakfast and a consequencial all-day hangfest. It's odd, though, because I'm not in a clique or a specific group of friends. It's like I'm back in the early days of junior high, where I have all of these great friends, but they've yet to meet and form a group. Except instead of a bunch of singular friends, I have a bunch of friend groups. Which is a bit awkward, because I often end up waiting around for somebody to invite me to something, as opposed to just knowing that I can go hang out with someone as per the usual.

I don't do anything during the day, though. Like, at all. I'm pretty sure 95% of my friends have never seen me in the daylight.

Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom now. I'll be back in time for class tomorrow.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smart Heart

I'm just going to set the record straight really quick.

N64 > PS1
PS2 > GC
Ukulele > XBox

That's a jumble of jargon to live by.

I feel like pointing this out, too:

Piano > Ukulele
Yarn > Ukulele
Piano > Yarn

Which I guess means that I like yarn more than I like the XBox. I don't know how I feel about the XBox 360, though, since I've never really played one.

Okay, I've spent way too long on this entry already. I think I'll just go ahead and stop now.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Candy

Rorschach's Journal, August 15th: Night Owl is so dreamy, but he doesn't care about me. He says mean things and he wouldn't even recognize me on the street. Oh diary, preventing nuclear war is basically the worst.

: (

(Real men keep diaries.)

So happy nineteenth birthday to me! It was a fairly happy one. First I played video games with a friend at midnight and hung out until about five in the morning, slept for a bit, and then hung out with different friends until about seven at night. We went on a hike, which did not work out so well for me and my asthma (it was rather embarassing; it wasn't a difficult hike). And then they drove me out to a special bakery with huge cinnamon buns, and bought me a cinnamon bun. And then we played video games.

So I've got a PS3 now, with Little Big Planet. That's a good game for me. I can play it by myself whenever I want to, but it's got a great multiplayer mode. So whenever I'm hanging with someone and we're bored, we can just play a game. That's all I really have to say about that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Parking Kiosk

I saw Where the Wild Things Are finally! A friend took me to see it today in celebration of my birthday. I was pretty excited. And yes, I enjoyed the movie. I just wish I had a car, or something, so I didn't have to awkwardly sit around waiting for the bus all the time.

There is so much leftover popcorn, hooray!

I didn't get back until about 8pm, so I didn't write any words for NaNoWriMo today. I am a bit disappointed at myself. To make up for this, I decided I would write twice as many words tomorrow... Despite the fact that I actually have some homework that needs doing. I figure that if I can stay focused inbetween classes, and maybe even jot down some notes of things to write during class, I'll be fine. Tomorrow morning is laundry day anyways, so I'll have plenty of free time.

Man, I really want to play some video games right now. Anything would be fine, so long as it isn't a sports game. Or a DS game. Okay, I think what I'm tyring to say is that I really want to play a consol game that is probably a classic. One that will take up hours of my time, and leave me feeling satisfied when I'm done. (And have me itching to play when I'm not.) Yes, I need a video game about like that right now.

I would also like to paint my fingernails, but that's not going to happen. I should just give up on these silly pipedreams of mine.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Find Bind Drag

Achoo! Eugh. I just huffed a feather accidentally. It was actually kind of painful.

So I had a good Halloween. I went on a scavenger hunt with the anime club. My team won three packs of Magic the Gathering starter packs each. I honestly don't know what I'll do with them now, since I don't really play. But at least now I know other people with Magic cards, in case I do feel like playing. And it was the weekend, so I ended up staying out until about four in the morning. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I got the first 1667 words of NaNoWriMo written today. I'm excited, but I found out that I can get distracted really easily if a bad song starts to play. Skip skip skip, and then I browse the internet, and I end up writing almost nothing in a very long space of time. Also, I kind of really hate how my NaNovel is starting out. But I guess I'll continue on, because I can always rewrite it after the month is over.

So my birthday is next week! I am excited. Though, I don't know how I feel about turning Nineteen. Nineteen is the jerkwad age, where everyone starts to act like a major dick. I really hope that doesn't happen to me, because I would like to be able to stay friends with all of the people I love.
Mostly, though, I'm excited for the giant poster that Tia is going to make for me. I hope a lot of people sign it. If they don't, I'll probably sign it a bunch myself, because I really love me. And then my poster will probably stay up for a long time, and I'll be able to gloat about it. Or something.