Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I wake up this morning and roll out of bed, long after my alarm has gone off. On my way down to the floor, I notice the time on the clock and think "Oh, gee. I'm getting out of bed a little late today. It's gonna be tight getting ready this morning."

When I hit the floor, a sudden realization hits me. "Oh shit today is Thursday and the schedules are all fucked up today I'm already late to class!"

Zoom! I put on clothes I find on my floor, and not my school-spirited costume. I make up my hair, and am out the door to go pick up my friend and drive her to school. Along the way, an ambulance causes me to pull over, as well as a firetruck confusing the Hell outta me with what looks like confetti at a four-way intersection. Was it throwing confetti at me? I don't even know. I get my friend in the car, and off we go! At our normal pace.

(Which is 35 in an obsolete 25 mph zone.)

And bwip! Kelly gets pulled over by a cop. I've never been pulled over before, so I was pretty nervous, but I kept my cool. The cop didn't say much, just took my paperwork and wrote me up a ticket.

... Which is really freaking weird. While I've never been pulled over before, I've certainly been in the car plenty of times when it's been pulled over. Normally the cop talks to you a bit, you're given a chance to explain, or at least he explains to you in fair detail what you've done wrong, and tells you not to do it again. But he really only told me how fast I was going, and asked me for my paperwork. He also told me not to put my car in reverse while he was behind me, but he said that over a speaker thinger.

$154. For a speeding ticket. Is that higher than normal? I'd like to get it appealed, but I have school. I'll have to pay for this myself, but I don't want to dip into my savings account just because I slept in a bit on a weird Thursday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We don't take very many pictures in my Photography class, so I'm stretching and scratching to make the few I have count. This image will be my submission for lines, texture, and high contrast (and maybe emotional likeness, frame within a frame, and scenery). We're supposed to have one image for each type. Unless I can get another photo shoot in this week, this one image is gonna have to do it all.

My Photography teacher makes me really sad when he gives us Photoshop tutorials. He'll be all like "And this is how you do this!" and I want to be all "ONLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT PHOTOSHOP IS. THIS IS HOW YOU REALLY DO IT."

CCW means Counter-ClockWise. That's the direction the picture needs to be rotated. No, don't--DON'T FLIP IT 180 DEGREES. WTF YOU JUST INVERTED THE IMAGE. Gawd. NO, DON'T CLICK THAT--Great. You deleted the internet. Also, it's now a crappy Jpeg. Good job.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Waugh, why do people have to call me when they're crying? I've never been good at saying words to make people feel better. The only thing I can think to cheer someone up is physical contact, and I'm no good at that either. So why have I been bombarded with blubbery calls and messages lately?

Maybe it's 'cuz I'm a good listener. (Most of the time)

Though, I can't help but feel like I failed someone when they walk away still just as upset.

So I got a packet from MSU containing my application for housing! They have a lot of different dorms to choose from and I'm having trouble deciding. I've ruled out the boy's dorm, the 21 and over dorm, the dorm my parents say is terrible, and the hoity-toity honors dorm. So now I'm stuck with a lot of other choices. Co-ed or no? I don't care either way, since my roomate will be a girl no matter what, and I know that the novelty of a co-ed bathroom wears off pretty fast. If I choose one of the all-girls dorms I'll get a sink in my room, which might be nice if I decide to keep a pet fish. But if I choose a co-ed dorm I'll get not only a dining hall right there, but a convenience store, too. But one of the girl's dorms is said to have the best dining hall on campus. But then the co-ed dorms have a your-side-my-side feel to them being split right down the middle, while the girl's dorms are a bit more mixed in. I do well with a defined space.

But the real question is: What will I do with Othello when I move off to college? There's no way a goldfish can survive a 14-hour road trip.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blessed Pudding

My goodness, I am so tired and I ache all over. Being a screaming witch is, strangely enough, a lot easier on my voice than being a zombie. But being a screaming witch that is literally being thrown against walls and being hunted down by the mayor is a lot tougher on my muscles. Sadly, though, this week at the haunted barn both of my friends dropped out, so I was stuck hanging out with strange teenagers for the weekend. Wasn't a problem Friday night since it was just me and one other really nice chick (who happened to like Dr. Horrible). But Saturday turned into a tedious six-hour long game of Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare is such a boring game for me. I'll do pretty much any dare, so long as my safety is concerned and it won't bother someone else, and we don't even need to be playing a game for me to tell my deepest secrets.

What, it isn't my turn? Woops, sorry.

Actually, I had a lot of fun Saturday despite a tedious game. The only thing that really got to me was when I would play the part of the witch trying to escape. Running around and freaking out the customers is fine, but being grabbed and manhandled by some creepy kid is not. Were it any other situation and any other girl, he'd have been kicked in the balls.
(I'm just angry because he kept throwing me into the wall, and I'd break my nails.)

So I bought a new goldfish! His name is Othello, and he is a (small) Black Moor Goldfish.
If you've ever read Othello, or knew anything about it, you'd understand exactly what I was getting at with his name. Hee, back moor. That is so perfect.
As a description on how he looks, I would have to say that he is a black pop-eyed goldfish. But since I don't know if pop-eyed goldfish actually exist, I'm gonna get all technical and say he is a black version of the Telescope Goldfish. I want to fill up the bigger tank we apparently have up in the attic and buy more fish to put with him, so I can have the entire cast of Othello. But apparently, my Othello isn't good with other fast-moving fish because of his impaired vision, so come feeding time he won't be able to see the food fast enough to eat his fill. So if I DID buy more fish, I'd end up with a tank full of some really ugly, giant-eyed goldfish. And I'm not usually a fan of fish with bug eyes.

I actually hate Othello for his bug eyes, but I still think he is an overall handsome fish.
(I'll be depressed if it turns out to be a she come breeding season.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So everybody is having a terrible week! It's crazy. Either my friends are freaking right the fuck out, or they're celebrating so hard they accidentally woke the dead with their loud music.

So they through a party today for me in Japanese! Kind of. Not really. They all just clapped for a long time. Because I told them I'm going to college! Hooray. I knew Sensei would be excited.
(I'm going to college.)

So to put things in order:
  • Louis needs a hug because his parents are getting a divorce. Poor kid has such monotonous emotions (like a robot) that I can't tell if it's really affecting him.
  • Jessie needs a cake because her boyfriend realized he loved her! After deciding one day that he didn't love her anymore, and then stringing her along for another month because he didn't want to let go, they're finally back to a civil relationship.
  • RaeLynn needs a shoulder because her relationship with her boyfriend is putting serious strains on her relationship with her family. I can't tell exactly what the problem is (other than yet another overprotective mother), but I know RaeLynn can't even face her father anymore.
  • Audrey deserves a high-five because she took some awesome pictures today! I dunno, I'm straining for another happy person to balance out the not-so-great-feeling people.
  • Mr. Allan needs a cure for cancer because he has it.
I'll be the first to admit that the last two are a bit superfluous, but I really wanted to put down the Mr. Allan thing. It sounded silly in my head.

I think everyone's problems could be fixed (and everyone could celebrate) by having a drink. Myself included.

So my plans to have Griffin over are canceled and it's a serious bummer. (That is putting lightly.) But I'm moving on! Putting it behind me. Until Sunday. That is when Griffin's mother is planning to call my house again, in an attempt to talk to my parents. Why she wishes to talk to them I'll never know, but I do know she won't be able to contact them on that day. A quick chat with my parents over the phone revealed that while they will be back on Sunday, they meant Sunday night/Monday morning, anytime between midnight and 3am. So I hope Griffin's mother and I will have a nice chat, and maybe she can answer some questions I have. (Mostly just clear up confusion about the situation we're in. My main question: Why is there a situation happening, again? I never really got that part.)

... I hope the two of us don't get into some sort of tense fight over the phone. I actually have a few things I'd like to apologize for, but I don't think they're the things she wants me to be sorry about. And if I get angry, we won't get anywhere, since when I get mad I either A) break things or 2) get very condescending and unreasonable. I actually don't get angry very often, so there might even be a third option. And I don't really want to know what it is.

Though, there's really only one thing that's guaranteed to set me off in a fiery blaze, and that's treating me like a child. I hope that won't be an issue.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accepted and Denied

Why this image is blurry I'll never know. But I do know it means I'm going to my choice college!

(Pretend I'm wearing a party hat and I've got one of those little blower things. Vvweet!)

This week is a wild emotional rollercoaster. One moment I'm crying and depressed, the next I'm dancing on the rooftops, the next I'm hurling china things against the wall in a rage.

I'd think maybe I was bipolar, but I actually have good reason for it all. Go fig.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my god, I sat down 30 minutes ago to make a post, and instead started watching some Japanese girl's vlog. She doesn't say much, either. "Hi guys! I'm in Japan. You guys make me really happy. Today was so fun! I am going to Tokyo tomorrow at 12:20. Bye!" Or something like that.

But hey, she's a cutie. And her eyes are HUGE OH MY GOD.

So I spent my weekend at the haunted barn. I had so much fun scaring people. My makeup was creepy awesome. I actually made kids cry just by looking at them. Instead of leaning against the car, I decided to pretend to be dead by partially lying across the car. I got a lot of people sticking their faces up close to mine to see if I was dead. Then I'd scream at them, of course. Amber's zombie makeup was super creepy the first night (she got people to scream just by looking at them) but the second night she looked like an evil clown. I kept saying to her, "Why so serious?" because she really looked like the Joker. A lot of my part was screaming at people, and I seriously wrecked my voice. It's still not back to normal. I hope I'll be fine by the end of tomorrow... I'll be so depressed if it gets stuck this way.

I sound like I smoke a lot, or something.

After the haunted barn, Amber and I went in full bloody costume and makeup to Shari's. We ordered pie, freaked the waiters, and scared a couple old ladies. When I went to wash my face off later, I ended up getting fake blood everywhere. It's all out of the shower now, but I somehow managed to get it all over the bathroom floor. Eh, I'll wash the blood away before the police arrive, no worries.

I'm achy from being a zombie. And tired, too. I think I'll sleep now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Wow, no posts this week? What have I been up to that I'm so busy I can't make a post?

Absolutely nothing. I'm just a lazy bugger.

So tomorrow is the first day at the Haunted Barn. I'm excited, and it seems mum and dad might drop by tomorrow. They say that dad's planing a date for them, but mum doesn't know it yet. (Mum's the one that told me they're going out.) So, of course, take your girl someplace scary, and get them to cling to you. It's funny, my mother loves scary movies and Halloween and all that fun stuff, but she has a lot of trouble with haunted houses. Go figure.

It's been a week since I sent in my application for my choice college. So within this next week, I'll get a reply stating whether or not I've been accepted. I'm so nervous... But at least I've got a definite plan down if I don't get accepted into any colleges this year. But I have no idea what'll happen if I actually get accepted. Interesting how I work like that; I'm so prepared for failure, but I have no clue about success.

We got progress reports in school today. My grades are as follows:

Photography - S
World History - S
Dramatic Lit - A
Senior Soc. - S
Japanese V - A-

Why can't we just have normal letters? S stands for Satisfactory. It could mean anything from a D to an A. Generally, teachers give you an S when they don't actually finish their grades, or can't remember who you are. They give you an O (for Outstanding) when you have an A or the teacher sees you as a pet, and a U (Unsatisfactory) for when you're failing or the teacher hates you on a personal level.

I believe I got an S in History and Senior Soc. because the teachers are lazy. An S in Photography because he doesn't know who I am at all.

(At least I've got an A in English. I really need that.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Argh, there is a lot of stuff on my bed, and I want to lie down. I also do not want to just push everything onto the floor, since the floor is full and these things are too nice to put on the ground. Putting it all away would take too long. Oh, whatever shall I do!

Today was the first meetup for the haunted barn. They taught us how to put out fires, and everybody found the rooms they belong in. I learned what to do as a mummy and as a zombie, but not as a witch. Though, I could hear the witch girls screaming when I was a zombie, so I think what'll happen is I'll scream. I'm excited for the zombie room. I find I'm good at shuffling and stumbling. I want to try to start out leaning against a car when the groups come in, because I think it's really creepy the way I try to stand up. But otherwise, I've got moaning, breathing, and gnashing my teeth down. I'm gonna be so freaky.

I'm not so excited to be a mummy. Amber really shines in that part; she's supposed to read the book of the dead. I've got her saying that Bhuddist chant Rae taught us last year, and she makes it all spooky and dramatic. As she chants, I'm supposed to come out and be undead (again), but it's difficult to be a spooky mummy when I'm not allowed to touch people. So I'm just gonna walk around and be all like "Yeah, so, boo."

Omfgnjsadn. I just remembered that RaeLynn is a scaredy cat. We're making her come see us at the haunted barn one night. She's read a lot of zombie books and watched a lot of zombie movies. I'm gonna scare the pants off her. It's gonna be great.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I really have nothing to say today.


I keep having dreams where everyone is really short. Also, I'm hungry all the time.

Analysis: I am going to have a growth spurt.

Which means my favorite pants won't fit me anymore. Awww...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Basement

So my dad just handed me this little baggy of stuff, and told me that Giese will buy it for $50 on Friday. The little baggy obviously contains paintball marker parts, but it's still an odd situation. So the next time I see Giese, I'm gonna sidle up right next to him, and say in a low voice "You got the money? 'Cuz I got the goods." I'll keep my hands in my pockets and keep my head hung low. And maybe even pull a hand out every so often to grab and wipe at my nose real fast.

The funny part is that if he doesn't have the cash, he gets the little rubber bits for free. Also, my dad sees Giese more often than I do. So why'd he hand it to me?

Bleaargh, I hate being sick. I stayed home today, with the justification that I still feel like absolute crap. It's really not that bad of a cold, I'd have been able to concentrate in school today no problem. But it seems I'm really contagious, as my mother is now sick as well. I wonder if she might be a hypochondriac, with how often she gets sick. Always the same cold, and it'll last for a week or two.

But then again, she is allergic to trees and cats. Both of which we have a lot of.

Man, I am feeling so impatient. I wish November would just hurry up and come, already. I could really use a birthday right about now.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, why do I get so sick when there isn't any school to miss? I'll never forget being stuck in bed all last spring break. And now, one of those achy feverish colds that will most likely be gone by tomorrow morning. I missed the SAT's and everything. Le sigh.

These Tamagotchi things must be really big in Japan. Did you know they've got a Wii and a DS game? And both have come over to America, too. Every time I see a Tamagotchi something or another, I feel like there's more to the story that I'm just not seeing. Like when you look at the cover of a book, you just know there's something more to it than the blurb is letting on. But when I go check it out, I find everything really is as 2D as it's letting on. There's no story or conflict or meaning, it's just cute. I want something more.

I also really want to play Animal Crossing right now.

Oh, I just realized that this will be my last weekend at home for a long while. I've got the haunted barn every week, now. And then my first weekend after that, Griffin is supposed to come over. While I do enjoy getting out and doing things, my time spent at home is unbeleivably precious to me. Mostly because I know that there will come a day when my home time will be very limited.
Oh, week of Novermber 15th, I await your arrival, as well as your extra hours for sleeping.

Friday, October 3, 2008


He hee hee! Oh man.
"You can spike me in your end zone anytime. Touchdown!"
If only I was a dangler. I'd use that one.

So after taking that nice shot of the Rock With a Hole In It For The Fish To Swim Through with the layer of silky green blanketing it, I've been thinking a lot about broken stone arches. So I decided I wanted to draw a broken stone arch. It came out not so broken, and more complete looking. So I decided I'd remove a stone, and the entire arch fell apart. Because I remembered how stone arches are constructed.

That is so say, in Art History we learned about the architectural advancement that is the Arch. Not only can they bear a lot of weight and distribute it phenomenally well, the design was a feat of engineering. Each stone is carefully shaped according to how the other stones are shaped, and pieced together one by one on top of a wooden arch. The stones are completely unable to support themselves until the middle stone, the keystone, is placed. Friction and gravity is all that holds them together, really. And if one stone is removed, the entire thing collapses.

So that stupid plastic thing in my aquarium isn't possible, I've decided. The entire rounded part should be gone.

We performed our Star Wars play today. Our Anakin was quite sick, and we were worried that he'd puke on stage. But he held up well. We all messed up our lines at least once, but we all also saved ourselves form utter embarrassment by catching ourselves messing up. It was hilarious when Anakin was supposed to turn on his lightsaber and hold it to Palpatine's neck, because he managed to hold it backwards and open it into his crotch. It was also interesting when ObiWan jumped onto the highground, and it nearly tipped him over.

I got myself a Tamagotchi. One of the new ones, so you raise three at the same time. I was hoping I'd be able to play with my friend who also has one, but we could not get them to connect. I've got the instructions now, and I think I see what we did wrong. We'll try again on Monday. I really hope we can make them connect, because I'm raising two girls and one boy, and she's got two boys and one girl, and we want them all to marry and have babies.

Lots and lots of babies.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is my fish tank.

I have no fish, but something is definitely alive in there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just went downstairs purely to open a bag of Cheetos. I did not eat any, I just left it wide open. Tomorrow, all of the Cheetos on top will be stale and lose their crunch. And then I will swoop in and eat them in their most delicious state.

Also, I am the only person I know that finds stale Cheetos undeniably delicious.
Om nom nom.

I have a lot of mail to post. Well, not really, but two letters in one day is about a 200% increase in my LPD rate (that's Letters Per Day). Except they aren't letters, but instead applications. But whatever! At least I'm committed to applying myself to something. Which, I believe, is the problem with modern-day America; not enough people are applying themselves to things. Perhaps if we all just put a little more effort and thought into things, we wouldn't be in debt as a country.

This coming from a girl with little work ethic.
(But at least I don't spend what I don't have.)

Oh Gosh, I just realized that I'm still uncertain about how to work the mailbox. Why is it so complicated? I know where the incoming mail goes, but where does the outgoing mail go? I miss the days when mailboxes were just that: Boxes that you put your mail into. Now I gotta know two codes and have a copy of a key just to peek inside. What are we being sent that's so important, anyways? Argh, and those damn kids won't get off my lawn. Why is she screaming like that? I often think she's being murdered, with how often that girl screams. Somebody should make her go quiet. Then maybe when I take the cats outside they won't be so freaked out by the sounds of shreiking children.

Dogs keep peeing on my rock!