Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blessed Pudding

My goodness, I am so tired and I ache all over. Being a screaming witch is, strangely enough, a lot easier on my voice than being a zombie. But being a screaming witch that is literally being thrown against walls and being hunted down by the mayor is a lot tougher on my muscles. Sadly, though, this week at the haunted barn both of my friends dropped out, so I was stuck hanging out with strange teenagers for the weekend. Wasn't a problem Friday night since it was just me and one other really nice chick (who happened to like Dr. Horrible). But Saturday turned into a tedious six-hour long game of Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare is such a boring game for me. I'll do pretty much any dare, so long as my safety is concerned and it won't bother someone else, and we don't even need to be playing a game for me to tell my deepest secrets.

What, it isn't my turn? Woops, sorry.

Actually, I had a lot of fun Saturday despite a tedious game. The only thing that really got to me was when I would play the part of the witch trying to escape. Running around and freaking out the customers is fine, but being grabbed and manhandled by some creepy kid is not. Were it any other situation and any other girl, he'd have been kicked in the balls.
(I'm just angry because he kept throwing me into the wall, and I'd break my nails.)

So I bought a new goldfish! His name is Othello, and he is a (small) Black Moor Goldfish.
If you've ever read Othello, or knew anything about it, you'd understand exactly what I was getting at with his name. Hee, back moor. That is so perfect.
As a description on how he looks, I would have to say that he is a black pop-eyed goldfish. But since I don't know if pop-eyed goldfish actually exist, I'm gonna get all technical and say he is a black version of the Telescope Goldfish. I want to fill up the bigger tank we apparently have up in the attic and buy more fish to put with him, so I can have the entire cast of Othello. But apparently, my Othello isn't good with other fast-moving fish because of his impaired vision, so come feeding time he won't be able to see the food fast enough to eat his fill. So if I DID buy more fish, I'd end up with a tank full of some really ugly, giant-eyed goldfish. And I'm not usually a fan of fish with bug eyes.

I actually hate Othello for his bug eyes, but I still think he is an overall handsome fish.
(I'll be depressed if it turns out to be a she come breeding season.)


Graham Eyre said...

Hi a great piece of literature how ever there seems to be an actual Blessed Pudding, in the form of Suet, Fruit & Cream, for which we are looking for a recipe, does any of the people on this Post have or know where there is an actual recipe. Cheers Graham

Graham Eyre said...
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