Saturday, October 11, 2008


Argh, there is a lot of stuff on my bed, and I want to lie down. I also do not want to just push everything onto the floor, since the floor is full and these things are too nice to put on the ground. Putting it all away would take too long. Oh, whatever shall I do!

Today was the first meetup for the haunted barn. They taught us how to put out fires, and everybody found the rooms they belong in. I learned what to do as a mummy and as a zombie, but not as a witch. Though, I could hear the witch girls screaming when I was a zombie, so I think what'll happen is I'll scream. I'm excited for the zombie room. I find I'm good at shuffling and stumbling. I want to try to start out leaning against a car when the groups come in, because I think it's really creepy the way I try to stand up. But otherwise, I've got moaning, breathing, and gnashing my teeth down. I'm gonna be so freaky.

I'm not so excited to be a mummy. Amber really shines in that part; she's supposed to read the book of the dead. I've got her saying that Bhuddist chant Rae taught us last year, and she makes it all spooky and dramatic. As she chants, I'm supposed to come out and be undead (again), but it's difficult to be a spooky mummy when I'm not allowed to touch people. So I'm just gonna walk around and be all like "Yeah, so, boo."

Omfgnjsadn. I just remembered that RaeLynn is a scaredy cat. We're making her come see us at the haunted barn one night. She's read a lot of zombie books and watched a lot of zombie movies. I'm gonna scare the pants off her. It's gonna be great.

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