Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I wake up this morning and roll out of bed, long after my alarm has gone off. On my way down to the floor, I notice the time on the clock and think "Oh, gee. I'm getting out of bed a little late today. It's gonna be tight getting ready this morning."

When I hit the floor, a sudden realization hits me. "Oh shit today is Thursday and the schedules are all fucked up today I'm already late to class!"

Zoom! I put on clothes I find on my floor, and not my school-spirited costume. I make up my hair, and am out the door to go pick up my friend and drive her to school. Along the way, an ambulance causes me to pull over, as well as a firetruck confusing the Hell outta me with what looks like confetti at a four-way intersection. Was it throwing confetti at me? I don't even know. I get my friend in the car, and off we go! At our normal pace.

(Which is 35 in an obsolete 25 mph zone.)

And bwip! Kelly gets pulled over by a cop. I've never been pulled over before, so I was pretty nervous, but I kept my cool. The cop didn't say much, just took my paperwork and wrote me up a ticket.

... Which is really freaking weird. While I've never been pulled over before, I've certainly been in the car plenty of times when it's been pulled over. Normally the cop talks to you a bit, you're given a chance to explain, or at least he explains to you in fair detail what you've done wrong, and tells you not to do it again. But he really only told me how fast I was going, and asked me for my paperwork. He also told me not to put my car in reverse while he was behind me, but he said that over a speaker thinger.

$154. For a speeding ticket. Is that higher than normal? I'd like to get it appealed, but I have school. I'll have to pay for this myself, but I don't want to dip into my savings account just because I slept in a bit on a weird Thursday.

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