Monday, June 30, 2008


Some buggers egged my car again.

Actually, I'm inclined to believe it was just one bugger, since it was just one egg splat. I didn't notice it until I had already driven halfway across town to buy some crayons. But it's just as well, my car badly needed a wash. It had turned from blue to yellow with all of the pollen that built up on it.

I went on a mini rampage trying to find crayons yesterday. I pulled apart three different rooms, hoping I could find my crayons. Obviously I didn't have any luck, because I bought some today.

AHIDLkjf looking over now I see a box of crayons in my closet. How did I miss that?!

But at least now I have a nice fresh box. That I've already ruined. It seems that in my frustration upon realizing the increased amount protein on my car, I dropped the bag with the crayons on the car seat, where the corner got crushed. Or maybe it was when I dropped the bag on my bed. Though, neither seems likely, since both things the box landed on would have been soft, and I didn't actually drop or throw anything.
Hmm... I'll bet my cashier dropped the box into the bag when she was bagging it. Yes, that seems likely. But it doesn't matter, I don't actually care all that much for my Awesome colored crayon.

So normally when I wash my car, I don't dress down. But today I was wearing long thick jeans and a nice warm black shirt. And it is sweltering outside. So I put my hair in a high ponytail, and put on a white shirt with a picture of a Crayola box on it. I never wear that shirt because it is unbelievably see through, but I love the idea of it so much I keep it in my closet. I just made sure I was wearing something underneath.
But my God. Normally, two to three cars pass by the front of my house within a couple hours. At least ten drove by during the first 15 minutes I was washing my car. It's like someone is camping outside my house, and sent a radio signal to everyone; "Breaker breaker, she's washing the car, over." "Copy that, I'll be there in two minutes, over." Everyone is out to get me. They want me to feel self-conscious about wearing that T-shirt.

Actually, normally I don't mind the neighbors driving by. They usually just speed on by and don't even see me. I just got weirded out because this one guy in a red truck drove by my house reeeeaaall slow. Creepy man.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am surrounded by words. I don't much mind, I suppose I'm a bit of a bibliophile. But literally, there are a bunch of words all around my computer area. Kind of like a collection. Written on sticky notes and pasted to the wall, down on the note papers I keep underneath my keyboard. Most of them have a meaning, some of them I've forgotten what they were doing there in the first place. Usually, it is from these random words that I make the titles for these posts.

Fun, huh?

Just because I feel like sharing, here's one of the note papers I keep under my keyboard. This one is what I'd consider "filled up" so I've moved it to a different place. This particular piece roams around my room. It was under my bed for a bit, then in a stack of books, behind a cardboard cutout, and now inside my scanner. I won't throw it out because it actually has one bit of information on it that I still use every so often. Also, I've just noticed it is from 2006 - 2007.

I'd explore exactly what I've been doing to this piece of paper some more, but it's actually kinda boring to me. But I do want to tell you that it's on the back of a poem analysis for school that printed out incorrectly. Most of these notes are on failed print outs or scrap papers that still have plenty of room to write on.

Oh! And also, I've gone ahead and blacked out some sensitive information on there. Mostly just phone numbers and names. These people don't need your attention.

Now I just wish I could find an image host that'd let me upload giant pictures.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oh wow it's like I never even woke up today.

There was a power outage today. It was a little bit interesting. First, there was that quick flicker characteristic of a coming outage, then a deep and resounding boom--As if the actual power plant had some mightily massive switch that actually switched off. I was in the middle of a game on the internet, so you can imagine my extreme reaction. I got up and read a book by the window.
Take that electricity!
But I had to read it downstairs, since the window in my room is too tiny to light my room properly.

The power came back on about 30 minutes later.

So I had this dream last night. And I actually refuse to put it online. This one's been haunting me all day. It's a rare thing, you see, for a dream to actually have an effect me, especially a negative one. I have a lot of weird dreams--horrific and bloody dreams--but I always shrug them off in the morning. After all, they're just dreams, right? They may hurt, but they can't do any real damage. But this one has tipped the scales. It was just too much. In it, this one song played; an actual song by a real band. I had forgotten about it until it started playing on my computer during the daily shuffle. And for a moment there, I was frozen, lost in that dream again. I suppose you could say I had a taste of what it's like to have a war flashback, because I really thought it was all happening again.

The weird thing is, it wasn't even a scary dream. Quite the opposite, really.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


My cat is an extortionist. She did an incredibly cute thing, so I gave her a couple cats treats. She ate them wicked fast. My mother watched her eat the last one. When my cat finished, she looked up, and meowed in a demanding way. So my mother gave her probably twelve of those treat things. I think she called me a stupid girl. That cat did.

But now who's the stupid one?! She's the one stuck in my room with me because she is afraid of the treadmill! Ha ha!

Oh man, my English is so broken today.

Have I mentioned that I've started keeping a dream journal? I figured, why not? I have nothing better to do wake I wake up in the morning. I have one made of paper that I much prefer, and then I have one online that I copy the dreams down into. I like the internet one because it'll tell me things like how long I've slept, or help me keep track of the people that appear in my dreams. But I also like the paper one because I just fucking love paper journals. The reason I bring this up is because my dreams mostly consist of horrific things. I never realized how very different they were until my friends and I brought up the topic of dreams one day. But since I've started writing these dreams down, I've had only one bad dream, and one that was kinda uncomfortable. I wonder, do you think keeping a dream journal will cure me of my nightmares?

In a way, I hope not. 'Cuz I love horror movies, and it's like a treat getting to watch one every night.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I look like Ann of Green Gables.

(I am wearing pigtails)

I've been keeping myself busy. I showered, and nearly fainted in the shower because it was way too hot and I was in there for far too long. Then I tested out some paints. Then I painted my sketchbook. It's red and black, with sharp lines, curvy lines, and sharply curvy lines. Then I made a robot. Out of clay.

Oh man. The story of this robot. I am an absolute failure when it comes to making things out of clay. But I really wanted to paint a 3D object, so I decided I would make a robot and paint it. But I didn't have enough clay, so it's very flat and flimsy. And then some of the joints kept falling off, so I realized I needed water to bind them. I happened to be drinking a lemonade I had found in my car, so I was using that instead of water. A little here and there at first, but eventually I was dipping my brush into it and using it like no tomorrow. Splish splash, this robot's mad because he's delicious, but can't eat himself because suicide is wrong. Also, he is very flat.

I made a Mario Mushroom with the leftover clay.

Later I took two giant gulps of my lemonade. And then read the package the clay came in and found it to be toxic. Whaddya know.

I also marked a bunch of connecting cables in my room so I could tell them apart more easily, learned a new piano song that's actually a horror song, did a chore outside that involves getting covered in creepy-crawly bugs and throwing planks of wood around, and went to the store and bought milk. I also played most of a text adventure game, but it's a double-whammy escape-the-room text adventure, so I couldn't beat it. I also took some photography, and solved some Layton puzzles, but that's beside the point.

The point is that I think I'd actually make a great housewife, since I have trouble doing nothing anymore.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Titanium Oxide

Paper journals are delicious and fun.

There is a pimple above my right eye. Underneath my eyebrow. I didn't even think I had pores there, but I've managed to make a pimple. I don't want to pop it, because it is one of those pimples that probably won't even pop all the way, and then turn red and ugly and scar. It has driven me to go out and buy a pimple spot cream. I've never actually owned a tube of anything like this before. Well, other than some prescription stuff the doctor would give me, but I've never had a spot cream. So it's applied. And it's a very sunny day. So I think I might not go outside to read today, lest my eye catches fire.

At least this pimple is perfectly hidden by my bangs. It's probably been there for a few days, but I just never noticed it because of my hair.

I cleaned my room yesterday in a furious manner. I got into a groove where I'd find something on the floor, decided it would need to be on the opposite side of the room, and then throw it. So things were flying everywhere, because nothing was where it should be. And now, my cat and I have room to wrestle on my floor.

Which we did. We wrestled for a little bit. It was fun at first, but then Sparky caught on and started biting and scratching. Then she started having all the fun, and I started swelling up. Blasted cat.

It's pollening outside. I glanced out my window today and went "Ah! What a sunny day!" and then what looked like a smoke cloud started drifting by my window. "Oh, is the neighbor's house on fire?" It was a cloud of pollen, so thick you could hardly see through it. It's a slightly gusty day, so every time the wind comes by about fifty-thousand trees release their pollen. My car, which is usually that blue color significant to bugs, is now green.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I am actually not okay with this new milk jug.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vinyl Shine

Very few things actually upset me. I'm usually a level person and I generally try to take neutral views on things. Which is why I'm terrible person to come crying to, because I'm absolutely no comfort; I'll just stand there and try to figure out why something happens, as opposed to tell you everything is all right. Or I'll just stand there and be silent--This is a story for another entry. But there is one thing that consistently upsets me, and that's the school system I'm currently enrolled in.

It's not that I hate school. Well, okay, yeah, I don't really like going to school, it's a teenager thing. But it's that I hate the way us students are taught and dealt with. I first noticed something was amiss when I was in ninth grade. Because of overcrowding, freshman still attended junior high, so it was my third and last year in the building before I moved on to and actual high school. I've always been in advanced classes, so to attend my first period class I had to get on a bus from the junior high and be transported to a different school, because my school didn't offer the level of class I was taking. About 20 kids took this bus every morning.

Every morning, I would hurry my mother out the door and make her rush me to school, because I was so afraid of missing this bus. I would get to school, and stand inside the building waiting for them to open this gate that blocked the hallways. I'd get to school at 7:05, when the gate was supposed to open, but it wouldn't actually be opened until 7:15. (School started at 7:25, by the way) I'd squeeze through the gate before it was completely lifted, along with the 20 other kids that took that bus every morning, and I would run to my locker. Every. Damn. Morning. Then I'd run as fast as I could to the front of the school, and I often hopped onto this bus just as it started moving. It didn't help they assigned my damn locker to the far side of the school. The bus, by the way, was supposed to leave at 7:15, when the gate was opening.

If you missed the bus, they'd treat you like some delinquent kid skipping class on purpose and would give you detention and be as rude as possible. I remember they sent me to the library instead of letting me call someone to ask for a ride to class, and I ended up crying in the corner because I didn't want to go home and tell my parents I had gotten two detentions.

I looked at it as getting detention for trying to be prepared for class. The only reason I went to my locker was to grab the book and binder I needed for that first class. I couldn't take the books home with me because my backpack and arms were already full of textbooks for homework in other classes.

I should mention that I'm a very quiet kid in class, and I never make an sort of trouble... In class. Yet, before I ever saw these detentions, I had earned myself an In School Suspension. I remember being freaked ans scared because the other kids in suspension with me were there for things like beating another kid with their books.

I've also gotten into trouble for grabbing onto a friend to get their attention, being in the hallway with a pass, standing next to someone who was being too loud, having a digital camera in school, missing my stop on the bus, and for drinking flavored water. This is all in the same year.

... Oh, woops. I meant to make this post a rant about the websites my high school blocks and the lack of sex education, not a rant about how a good kid like me was getting into constant trouble in junior high. Heh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The parents are gone for the weekend, and dad handed me some money to buy enough food to last me until fall. I actually made a list of the foods I wanted to buy, but there was a lot of it I couldn't find at the local supermarket. What kind of a store doesn't sell curry? But at least I got some brownie mix. Tonight, I make brownies.

After I finish digesting dinner. Man, I don't even cook, yet I am in the habit of cooking for four.


I picked up Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life again today. I'll always play that game in spurts--It's too tedious to play all at once. But I really badly want to see the son grow up and everyone get old. It's so cool to watch the town slut get wrinkly. While playing I also found a cheat that gives you 99 of every item, whether you have it or not. So I shut off the game and restarted at the last save, because the last thing I need is 99 watering cans.

I've been frustrated for probably over a year now because I can never find any hair ties. So I went to the store and bought about 50 of them. Then, just to prove I actually need those things, I braided my hair. I used just one tie--And now I don't know what to do with the rest of them. But I'm too stubborn to admit I don't need so many. So all day, in my head I've been scheming up a hairstyle that requires 50 ties in it.
I'm such a fool.

Whenever someone mentions how unbearably skinny I am, I like to make weird comments back.
"Oh, you're so skinny!"
"When I run, it whistles."

Friday, June 20, 2008


The death toll for this school year is two and a half. A kid got into a car accident just the other day, and I'm pretty sure he is still alive, but there is always that chance he won't make it. His name is also really familiar to me, and I'm sure I know him, but I don't want to look him up in the yearbook. Because if I do know him, and then he does die, it'll be another person I knew dying on me. I'm too young to have so many dead people as friends.

So I couldn't help myself, and I did just look him up. I know him, and I know him pretty well. I just never really knew what his last name was. He sat right next to me in Art History.


So today was the last day of school. And it's great to know I don't have to worry about homework again for a couple months. And I'm really excited, because I leave for Maine in less than two weeks. After school today I went and hung out at the waterfront, which is the usual tradition. Hardly anybody showed up, though, it was kinda weird. But I found a lot of old friends from junior high. It's interesting to see how these kids never really grew out of delinquency. We celebrated really fast that this one kid that I do not know so well is finally 18, so his juvenile record is gone. Talked about how this other kid could get emancipated if she could just hold down a job for four months. This one kid was gonna go and say something stupid to this group of six cops hanging around--I wonder if he got himself arrested. Then an old guy in a wheelchair got stuck and couldn't move, so we helped him out.

I'm not such a wild child anymore.
And really, I'm fine with that. I really enjoy being solitary in my room nowadays.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deliciously Dilapidated

My cat is sleeping on my robe, which I arranged nicely on the floor a couple days ago hoping she would sleep on it. She looks so comfy and warm, but I bet she could be even comfier and even warmer. I also made sure her cat bed was set up nice and comfy, but she doesn't much like to sleep in it. I think it is too small for her. But sometimes she'll go and lie in it to make me happy. Isn't she sweet?

I stole a piece of artwork from the art room yesterday. It was going to get thrown out anyways, so I decided I would keep it. I would like to put it on my wall. I wish the artist had signed it, it really is very lovely. I also took a couple pieces a friend of mine painted. I doubt that I'll ever see him again. But the pieces are high quality, and they're too religious for my tastes, so I might hunt him down and give them back to him. If I can't find him, maybe I'll donate them. I'm sure somebody would love to have them.

Today, Sensei had his birthday. Sean says that he's turned 40, but Sensei looks closer to 35 at the most. We celebrated and he bought us chocolate ice cream, and we watched Toy Story (In Japanese, of course). For some reason, the entire event depresses me. Hm.

While driving to school today, I drove past the usual construction site. I loved the site, because for three years it had one of those signs that told you what the lot was going to become. But the part of it that told you what it would be fell off and was stolen, so it was destined to become nothing. A month or so ago, a truck drove in one day. The next day, about an acre of forest and brush had been cleared and leveled out. I'm amazed at how quickly they cleared that lot. It's now undergoing the usual daily construction activities. Thankfully, nothing too big and obtrusive has driven in there yet, but none of the truck signal when they turn into there every morning, and I'm always afraid I'll rear-end them.
Today I drove by, and there was a woman with a clipboard standing outside the gate. She had a large smile, and was wearing a large sign that said "Neutral Gate Observer" or something along those lines. She really smiled at my car, and I was a little bit frightened. Rounding the corner, I saw a small group of people with picket signs. The print on the signs were too small to read clearly without driving into someone, but 'STRIKE' was written clearly and boldly, and I think I caught the word 'Construction.' So I'm guessing the construction workers for that lot are on strike. And I do hope it resolves soon, because I wanted them to get any parts that might involve blocking the roads out of the way during the summer when I don't drive by every day.

Today, my friend danced like a hippie. She eventually got nervous, though, and her buzz got harshed, so she stopped and the show was over.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rejected Compromise

I was hoping for heat today but instead it was windy and cold.
But at least I look gloriously fantastic in these clothes. I could be a model.
I'm just. Really cold.

Should have worn socks.

A little while ago, the house smelled like corned beef. Now, the house smells like burning. But oh my God, my dad is making corned beef. I love corned beef. It is the food of gods and also perhaps my family.
And, just now, I sit down with a plate of corned beef in my lap. The best dish I've had all year. I'm such a picky eater. So that's a high compliment. I plan to eat it until it is gone.

Today I celebrate with griffin our five months together. I have no idea what he is doing, but I'm celebrating by eating this corned beef and perhaps maybe playing a little Animal Crossing. But I will not eat this salad because it is covered in these frightening red splotches. Either it is moldy or I have gained the ability to see more colors.
I have just now decided that to celebrate this anniversary, in 16 days I will come in contact with Griffin for the first time. Perhaps I will honk his nose, or slam his shoulder. It will be exciting, rude, and maybe a little aggressive.

In my English class, I had decided to sit in the corner with all of the people I can easily hold a conversation with. Then all of these people dropped out of the class, and now nobody sits within a 10ft radius of me, not even in the class next door. It is hilarious to me. I am literally all alone in a corner. I'm really loving it. I also love how all of the desks in my corner are always messed up in a swirling destructive way, while all the other desks in the classroom are in perfectly straight lines. It's like I ate everyone around me in a vulgar manner.

This kid has started flirting with me in class and I do not know his name. I don't have the slightest clue. I know I should tell him about Griffin, but the things he says are interesting and I would like him to keep talking so that I have more material to remember and maybe use on a later date. That is so say, I am stealing his flirts like a comedian might steal jokes. Today I paid him no mind, though, as I came across MINIATURE PLAY-DOH CONTAINERS OF EVERY COLOR and was busy making things.

I made a ribbon bow, a snowman complete with hat and stack of snowballs, a cat whose head would not stay on, a rose, a spiraling shape, mickey mouse, a leech, a slug, and a snake.

I also realized that I am poor with Play-Doh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pon Pon

Today, Griffin square danced. Tomorrow, we celebrate.
(These things are mostly unrelated.)

Oh my God it has been so cold. There was frost on my car this morning, and it made me angry. There were also a lot of bees on the ground, all frozen. Not to death, I'm pretty sure they thawed. You know, since they're no longer littering the ground. Either that, or somebody swept them up and threw them away.

A few weeks ago I bought a couple beach towels to keep in my car. Today, we used them. The sun was shining bright and hot, despite it being so cold earlier today, so we laid out the towels on the grass and pumped up the music coming from my car. I set up a playlist on my iPod called Cloud Watching. It's calming music for just such an occasion. I am a God for being set for such a spontaneous event like that.

Tomorrow, we do it again if the weather permits. This time, I have lemonade chilling in the trunk of my car. I'm wearing my gypsie skirt with some sort of flowy top, since I got way overheated in a black shirt and jeans. It will be grand. (And I will look damn good.)

Also, my sunglasses are the same color as my car.

My Chemistry teacher has not been at school since the week before last. It's bothersome, since we need him to take our Chemistry finals this week. We've already taken two tests without him these past two weeks. Come to think of it, he's usually gone during a test. I wonder why this is? But today, we sat around and pretended like we had stuff to do. I read that book I picked up.

And I love this book I picked up. I realized that my favorite episode of one of my favorite cartoons was based on this book. Now I'm all excited for the first person to get killed. I really hope it isn't my favorite character, who I suddenly and without warning realized was far greater than all of the other characters. Even though he cannot tie a tie.
What kind of a person can't tie a tie? Seriously. Everybody needs to know how.

Today in Japanese we made curry. My favorite part was the potatoes. I love potatoes. That is all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad Day

I picked out the card I gave to my father today because it was fuzzy. Then I wrote in the card that I picked it out because it was fuzzy. He seemed to appreciate the lack of sentimentality. It meant he could go on with eating the chocolate truffles I gave him and reading his book. It also means he doesn't have to try hard for my birthday card this year.

Man am I thoughtful. C:

So on the latest episode of Doctor Who that aired over here in the states, Agatha Cristie played a big role. I realized I had never actually read any of her books, and went out to buy one.

... You know, simply because she is dead now, I wouldn't feel any remorse stealing her books. She can't make any money off me. And I do think she's really the only one entitled to the money those books bring in.

But anyways, I picked out And Then There Were None (Also known as Ten Little Indians). I blindly picked it out. I did no research about which books are good ones, I just ran to the store. And I really, desperately hope this one doesn't turn out to be a stinker that turns me away from the rest of her books. Because I want to read a few of her books and get a taste for how she writes.
And then sit my friends down and we can all play a game of Clue. I call Professor Plum!

I've decided against buying some sort of ebook Reader for the summer. Instead I'm going to start keeping track of the books I've read this year and see if it'll be worth the money to buy one, and then request one as a joint birthday and Christmas gift. I decided on the Sony Reader in the end. I don't need wireless, and I want to be able to read PDFs. So the Reader it is. Come December.

The last week of school is coming up tomorrow. I'm quite excited. Finals all week, as well as a ton of presentations, but then school's all over. I can't wait for my free time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Central Status

I have lived in this same house for about seven years. Before we moved in I was very much an outdoor person. I would hang around the neighborhood, messing with the dirt and the plants, drawing with chalk all over the street. I knew how to get around very well, and even knew which plants growing wild in my backyard were okay to eat. You know, in case I got lost outside and would need to fend for myself for the rest of my life.

But I don't know this neighborhood very well. I stopped being and outdoor person when we moved. I know how to cut into this old wagon trail across the street, and I know how to sneak into the cemetery without using the road at all. But I don't know the people that live here, and most frighteningly, I have never explored the left half of my backyard.

My own backyard, and I've never even looked into the left half. I've gone into the right half, and I discovered some weird little tree house thing. When I first found it I decided it was fine, and my friend and I took some time to clean it up. I went back on my own later, and some of the floorboards fell through. I haven't gone up since, and when I looked back a month or so ago most of the floor had fallen out and I think one of the supports had rotten most of the way. So it's a death trap now.

So I think this summer I'll tromp through the left half of my backyard. Maybe there's something else really cool in there that's rotting away. I should take pictures and document the whole thing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Meant for Their Ears

The Mario Kart Wii game is fun, but certain parts of it frustrate me to no end. I will forever have a vendetta against what used to be my favorite course. Rainbow Road, you've changed. My father one night drank an entire bottle of wine while we were out to dinner. Because we hadn't seen much of him the week before, and wouldn't be seeing much of him in the week to come, my mother suggested we play a family game of Mario Kart, just like old times. This means that my father was driving drunk in the videogame world. I do think that he was a menace to all the pixels on the screen. And using what must have been drunken ninja powers, he managed to get a hold of controller one. You don't know Mario Kart until you've played the same track four times in a row. (And lost every time! I am no good with Waluigi.)

VUI. Videogaming whilst Under the Influence. It's a crime.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Disorientedly Oriented

Oh goodness, am I tired. My cat once again managed to drag a small living animal into my room while I was sleeping. It wasn't as bad as normal--Usually it'll be about 1 in the morning and it'll take me a couple hours to catch the prey. But last night I had only been asleep for about 45 minutes, so getting back out of bed wasn't so much of a chore. The mouse ran underneath my mini rocking chair, which was bad news for me since there's a lot of stuff piled up under there. After about 30 minutes of jabbing at the stuff with my umbrella (That had a metal tip! I wanted this thing dead.) I decided to give up for a bit and go back to bed.

But the beastie started to chew on my junk.
Scrip scrip scrip scrip. Scrip scrip scrip scrip.

My cat is useless at hunting once she drags things inside, oh by the way. She actually got in the way a few times when I lunged at the mouse with a box.

But when Tommy (I named the mouse.) started chewing on what could very well have been a button on my favorite vest, I got back out of bed and started ripping away items hanging around under the small chair. I eventually found the mouse, but I couldn't catch it while it was under the chair. But for some reason, it had positioned it's head ever so perfectly under the foot of my rocking chair. So, of course, I grabbed the slammed it downwards, rocking over little Tommy's head.

Now, I wish I could tell you I killed the mouse, or knocked it out, or even stunned it. But I'm pretty sure the foot on the other side of the chair hit a pile of books, and little mousy pulled his head away in time. But eventually he crawled under a flimsy piece of plastic that was more or less box-shaped. So I slid cardboard underneath and carried him out onto the back porch.

I unceremoniously dropped him to the hard wood, and just as my cat spotted the mouse and was about to lunge for it, I used the cardboard to fling Tommy off the side of my porch. Fwush! Frightened little mouse.

I honestly don't know if he survived the fall. (I'd probably break an ankle if I jumped from that height.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Chainstore

So of course, after talking yesterday about school so much, I've stayed home today. But at least I've been productive; I'm getting these final projects done. I've now two complete Power Point presentations under my belt, and I'm feeling good.

I just... need to study for that math and Chemistry final. Ick. Math.

I've found myself getting all these new games, downloading distractions onto my computer, and even getting into eBooks quite a lot these past two weeks. I wonder, do you think I'm storing for the summer much like how a squirrel stores for the winter? I just know I'm going to end up lounging around the house, bored out of my pants.
I mean my mind. Bored out of my mind.
But still absolutely bored. So I think I might be hoarding different sources of entertainment, and getting ready to use them during the long months ahead.

Oh, but eBooks. Just delved into them today. PMOG toured me through some delightful sites were I can get ahold of some nice eBooks. But I'm really not looking forward to staring at my computer monitor all day to read text--I can already feel the blindness setting it. So, of course, the Amazon Kindle has caught my eye. It has no backlight, which I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. But it can hold so many books and requires so little energy--It just seems too good to be true. But I can't be so certain that I want to plop down $360 for one of those. But time is running out, in 23 days I'm leaving to spend a grand total of 24 hours on planes. It'd be so nice to have one eBook reader as opposed to the bag full of books I'd normally tote...
Heh, I just noticed that I'm starting a lot of sentences with the word 'but.' I think I'm breaking a rule somewhere.

Hm. But then, I could also get the Sony Reader for quite a bit cheaper... But then I think I have to pay for that monthly, as well...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Untouchably Soft

The end of the school year is approaching fast, and I have to admit that I am a little excited. But unfortunately, despite signing up for all easy and normal classes, the majority of my teachers have decided that they need to work us until the very last day of the year. I recently (meaning yesterday) pushed myself to start and complete a final project for my history class, thinking that it was due within a couple days. I realized not long after I had finished it that it was due next week--Not tomorrow. It's nice to have the project complete without worrying any more about it, but now I regret a little bit that I wrote such a snarky essay for the reflection. Hopefully it'll be just suited to the teacher's style of humor and he won't mark me down. Because, of course, I refuse to touch it and secure myself a worthwhile grade. That makes too much sense.

Really, I think he'll just be happy I actually did my work.

The end of the year and the seniors graduating has me thinking about my generation and how it is now. We're known for texting and computer literacy, right? Also drug abuse, alcoholism, and unprotected sex, but I'm sure that those are characteristics of any generation. But I consider kids my age to be more rounded than kids born after the internet was commonly househeld or kids out of highschool when the internet progressed. It could just be that I'd like to place myself in the better group, but really I think it's because we're old enough to have spent all day playing outside away from videogames and television, but young enough that we can aptly use and manipulate electronics. We're like the superbred kids that score a position as the quarterback and then go and create complex 3D animations. I'd be excited for the future my generation can bring, but then I sit in math class and see that nobody understands a thing. Or that in gym class everyone does the minimal amount of exercising needed to fly under the radar.

We're a breed of lazy kids with super-potential.

About 60-something percent of our senior class is graduating this year. Meaning there will be about 100 super-seniors next year. 82% of seniors in this state are expected to graduate this year, I've heard. And because of radical changes in graduation requirements that effect my class only, I'm pretty certain the numbers will be worse next year. It's a frightening thing to be a smart kid with potential and a will to excell, but know that it's very possible that I won't receive my diploma next year. I've known a few super seniors, and it freaks me out that some of them were actually smart kids that got A's on their tests, but got shafted at the last minute by sudden changes in graduation requirements. I see myself too much in them.

Hey, what do you think senior year would be like the second time around?