Saturday, June 21, 2008


The parents are gone for the weekend, and dad handed me some money to buy enough food to last me until fall. I actually made a list of the foods I wanted to buy, but there was a lot of it I couldn't find at the local supermarket. What kind of a store doesn't sell curry? But at least I got some brownie mix. Tonight, I make brownies.

After I finish digesting dinner. Man, I don't even cook, yet I am in the habit of cooking for four.


I picked up Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life again today. I'll always play that game in spurts--It's too tedious to play all at once. But I really badly want to see the son grow up and everyone get old. It's so cool to watch the town slut get wrinkly. While playing I also found a cheat that gives you 99 of every item, whether you have it or not. So I shut off the game and restarted at the last save, because the last thing I need is 99 watering cans.

I've been frustrated for probably over a year now because I can never find any hair ties. So I went to the store and bought about 50 of them. Then, just to prove I actually need those things, I braided my hair. I used just one tie--And now I don't know what to do with the rest of them. But I'm too stubborn to admit I don't need so many. So all day, in my head I've been scheming up a hairstyle that requires 50 ties in it.
I'm such a fool.

Whenever someone mentions how unbearably skinny I am, I like to make weird comments back.
"Oh, you're so skinny!"
"When I run, it whistles."

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