Monday, June 9, 2008

Untouchably Soft

The end of the school year is approaching fast, and I have to admit that I am a little excited. But unfortunately, despite signing up for all easy and normal classes, the majority of my teachers have decided that they need to work us until the very last day of the year. I recently (meaning yesterday) pushed myself to start and complete a final project for my history class, thinking that it was due within a couple days. I realized not long after I had finished it that it was due next week--Not tomorrow. It's nice to have the project complete without worrying any more about it, but now I regret a little bit that I wrote such a snarky essay for the reflection. Hopefully it'll be just suited to the teacher's style of humor and he won't mark me down. Because, of course, I refuse to touch it and secure myself a worthwhile grade. That makes too much sense.

Really, I think he'll just be happy I actually did my work.

The end of the year and the seniors graduating has me thinking about my generation and how it is now. We're known for texting and computer literacy, right? Also drug abuse, alcoholism, and unprotected sex, but I'm sure that those are characteristics of any generation. But I consider kids my age to be more rounded than kids born after the internet was commonly househeld or kids out of highschool when the internet progressed. It could just be that I'd like to place myself in the better group, but really I think it's because we're old enough to have spent all day playing outside away from videogames and television, but young enough that we can aptly use and manipulate electronics. We're like the superbred kids that score a position as the quarterback and then go and create complex 3D animations. I'd be excited for the future my generation can bring, but then I sit in math class and see that nobody understands a thing. Or that in gym class everyone does the minimal amount of exercising needed to fly under the radar.

We're a breed of lazy kids with super-potential.

About 60-something percent of our senior class is graduating this year. Meaning there will be about 100 super-seniors next year. 82% of seniors in this state are expected to graduate this year, I've heard. And because of radical changes in graduation requirements that effect my class only, I'm pretty certain the numbers will be worse next year. It's a frightening thing to be a smart kid with potential and a will to excell, but know that it's very possible that I won't receive my diploma next year. I've known a few super seniors, and it freaks me out that some of them were actually smart kids that got A's on their tests, but got shafted at the last minute by sudden changes in graduation requirements. I see myself too much in them.

Hey, what do you think senior year would be like the second time around?

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