Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post Examination

I jinxed it. Jimothy the sea monkey died. I just now noticed it, after getting home tonight. He was alive this morning, but I went to say goodnight to him and noticed he was on the bottom of the tank. His little legs weren't moving, and he didn't respond to a slight jiggling. What a sad day. He shall be missed.

Though, I did notice a new baby sea monkey swimming around in there when I was looking for Jimothy. I doubt the baby will survive while I'm gone, but I'll be sure to give him extra food for the break. I suppose I will see when I get back in January whether it is time to dump the tank, or if I should contemplate buying more food.

Oh well. Jimothy pretty much lasted me my entire first semester of college. That's pretty special.

Oh, a new development! There are now two babies swimming around in the tank, with a possibility of a third. I guess today is Sea Monkey Birthday, or something. The conditions in the tank recently must be just right for hatchlings. I can't wait to see how many are in the tank when I wake up tomorrow.

Enough about sea monkeys. I need to go to sleep, I have a ton of laundry to do and I also have an exam tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shooting Star

Entrepreneurial idea: An online store called "Task At Hand" that specializes in selling things to do while on the toilet. is already taken, unfortunately, but I could still get

It is finals week! I have one final tomorrow, and then one more on Thursday. I took my math final on Friday, and I'm pretty sure I did perfect. I have a lot of confidence for my Japanese final tomorrow, but I'm wavering on my Anthropology final. I guess we'll see what happens.

Friday morning I fly back home, and I am pretty excited. I already have plans to do a movie madness, and plans for a long overdue sleepover. I am going to eat so much food and get such a good night's rest that it will be insane. I'm pretty sure the best part about college is visiting home. I'm also excited to see the cats. I know for a fact that they miss me, because I'm 99% certain that they spend their entire day sitting around wishing I was there to play with them.

Speaking of pets, I am getting really attached to my sea monkey. Back when there were twenty of them I didn't care so much, but now that there's only one left I find myself worrying about him a lot. (I found out that he's a boy sea monkey for sure.) Is his water too cold? Is he getting enough sunlight? Does he have enough food? Is he lonely in there? For Christmas I drew a picture of him on half of an index card, and I'm keeping it on top of his tank. I'm not sure, but I don't think he likes his gift. Maybe it isn't flattering enough? I did draw his head kind of odd. Or maybe it's just that it's not something useful for him? Perhaps I should have splurged and bought him a sea monkey toy, or maybe even some more sea monkey friends? I want only the best for my little Jimothy.

Hopefully he'll survive while I am away during break. I can't ask anybody to take care of him while I'm away because what he needs is a warm room to stay in, and I don't know anybody with an apartment. He'll have enough food and water and stuff, all he needs is heat. Poor Jimothy... I wish him well during the harsh weeks that are soon coming.

Jimothy (At the top-right of the water line) and his Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was going to draw an entire comic, but then I drew myself like that and I thought it looked too good. And the person I drew next to myself was ambiguous, cartoony, and just not up to par, so I dropped it and kept just this. I also lost my drive to draw myself again with such detail. So yeah. That's how I look in the winter. I am not very happy about the winter. Or the minus twelve weather that is happening. Or the way my hair doesn't agree with my hat and coat combo (which I didn't draw, because it simply looks too odd).

In case you are wondering, she is not looking at the person next to her. She is deliberately not looking at them. She is that annoyed by the thing they said.

So I had this homework assignment, but I also really wanted to play this video game. The natural flow of things dictates that I must not play that game until my homework is done. So I get started on my homework when BAM I have an idea for a comic. And I realize that I am simply not allowed to do my homework until this comic is done. But because I cheaped out on drawing the comic, I have to write this Ubiquity entry before I can do my homework. And I should also probably eat dinner before I do my homework. And maybe I shouldn't do my homework at all tonight...

This is seriously my last homework assignment this year, you'd think the least I could do is do it, especially since doing it means I won't have to get a 95% on the exam to pass the class. Auuugh, I hate getting poor grades.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carry On

So I'll be on the internet, right? And I'll be surfing along, doin' my thing, when all of a sudden I realize that there is something insanely important and really interesting on the internet that I should do right now, and the first step to doing it is clicking a button at the top of my browser. Now the real problem is that I have no idea what this thing is, and I usually click the home button, or my e-mail button. This keeps happening, and it has left me in a state of limbo. There is something interesting to do, I just don't know what it is.

Wait! Fuckdamnit. This is unrelated, but I forgot that I wanted today's entry to be a letter to poets. I was going to complain about how poets today suck mostly, and offer some constructive criticism that would greatly improve things. I guess I'll just do it tomorrow, then, if I can remember to turn on my computer before I go to sleep.

Ick, this is a horrible cup of tea. Why do I keep making bad tea?

Next week is finals week, and I am actually pretty jazzed about it. I'm taking one of my finals early this week, on Friday. I will ace that exam. That means I only have two tests next week, and I'm super confident about one of them. The other one I am actually a little nervous about, and I plan to attend the study session in an attempt to get a grade higher than a C. But even though that difficult exam is on the last day before I fly back home, I will probably spend a lot of next week playing video games and not studying. I suppose I am a bit of an idiot like that.

Wish me luck on my grades! I'm actually fairly certain that I've failed one class, will be getting an A in two others, and will get a D or a C on the last one. My grades are so inconsistent. Let's see how this plays out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Only one week of classes left! That's five days of classes! That's twelve classes total! And then it's just one week of exams! And only two days of that week have exams! And I only have three exams! And then I get to fly home! And then it's only one week at home before I go to Maine! Oh my gosh! This is a good season. I can see why people enjoy this season.

It does not feel like Christmas time at all right now. And I think it might be because of the lack of decorations. So I was thinking I'd get Christmas lights for my dorm. I know it's super cliche to have Christmas lights in a dorm, but dammit I want some. If I gotta live in this Hell-Hole, then I might as well enjoy it.

I really can't wait for my classes to be over. I'm pretty sick of these classes. Even math class in high school wasn't as tedious as some of these classes I have to attend. So hopefully next semester things will be better. And next semester I'll have a car, so I can do things like not have to take the bus, and go places whenever I want despite when the buses are running. It'll be kind of a pain to take care of my car in all this snow, especially in these jam-packed parking lots. But I can't beat the convenience of being able to make a food run to WalMart at 1 am.

Amber and I have already started looking for apartments to live in when she comes to MSU in the fall. We found one that we have decided is our dream apartment. I doubt we'll be able to get it
Oh, would you look at that, I just wasted an hour looking at more apartments. I think I find shopping for apartments to be fun. I just... Anyhting would be better to live in than here. I'm not at all picky.

We want one or two bedrooms, and the option to have Amber's cat. And then the basics--A kitchen, a bathroom, a livingroom, and laundry. These things are all pretty easy to find, so I guess the deciding factors will be location and cost. Amber and I have discussed getting one bedroom and then bunkbeds, but I think I might start pushing for two bedrooms. I kinda miss having privacy before and after my showers. Or we could still consider both sleeping in the same room, but put our desks in the second room/make a craft and recreation room/ give her cat a room of its own.

Anyways, it's much too soon to be looking for a place to live, but I'm starting to get a feel for what I should look for. I'm excited to move in to someplace new this fall.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So my neighbor just picked up her phone and went "Hello?" and I answered back, because I seriously thought she was talking to me through the wall.

Today was a lazy day. And tomorrow will be another lazy day, because it will be Thursday. I love lazy days. But, actually, I should probably do some homework tomorrow, because I did not do any at all today. It was really nice to spend a day in my room, though, playing video games and vegging out. These past couple days I've had so little time to myself that when I leave for my first class in the morning, I make sure to take my extra-heavy coat in case I end up walking in the snow at three am, and I don't have time to come back and get it. And it's not like I'm doing college specific things, either. Yesterday I went and played black light mini golf, and the day before that I played Guitar Hero. These are things kids of all ages are doing, everywhere, all the time. Except for the black light mini golf part, that is kind of unique to this area, but the thought still stands.

So I can't believe that all of my twenty-something seamonkeys have died, except for one. I have named him Jimothy. I wrote a song about him, kind of. It's to the tune of Song of Storms from Zelda. Or maybe it's to the tune of that one song from Willie Wonka. They're both so similar. Anyways, I'm worried that little Jimothy will die soon because it is getting so cold here, and for some reason we keep our room very cold. (Holy shit it is -3˚ right now outside that is ungodly.) So I was thinking I should start keeping him on top of my laptop during the night, so that he'll have something underneath him generating a bit of heat. Seamonkeys like it a bit warm. I already did my part and moved him away from the window where it gets so unbearably cold even the radiator can't help to cut it, but I don't think it was enough.

Hah... Poor little Jimothy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Why do I keep staying up so laaaate... This is really unhealthy for me. It's 11:15, but I'm pretty much in the mindset that it's much too early to be going to sleep. Also, there are some really noisy girls out in the hallway for some reason, so it's not like I could sleep if I wanted to.

Hey, I'm really hungry right now. Imagine that.

I can't wait until all of these classes are over for a bit and I can go home. I want to be someplace where the food is replenished at a reasonable rate, the beds are warm and soft, and the bathrooms are private. And I also don't want to stress about schoolwork anymore. It will be really nice to fly home in a couple weeks after this semester has ended.

... Ugh, I think I'm feeling homesick because I was just at home last week. Not even a week ago, just a few days ago. These last few days have been really long. I should really go out and get some sleep. Er, not out, off. I should go off to bed. Yeah. Sleep. Also: Food.

Ughh what is it about night that makes people yell so loud.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was struck by sudden inspiration to write a song today. I call it "My Noisy Neighbor." It's not done yet--I still need to write all the lyrics and maybe put a tune to them, but I have the chords. They are pretty melancholy for such a stupid song.

Let me show you what I have so far:

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
Living in the room next to me
Always up so bright and early
Why you gotta wake up early?

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
I have such a disdain for you
Making crashes playing music
How I wish these walls were padded

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
I am still in bed and sleeping
You've just had a fight with someone
You are crying before the sun's up

Noisy neighbor noisy neighbor
You talk real loud into your cell phone
Is yelling even necessary?
Please consider a different service

And um... Yeah. The song pretty much goes on in a similar fashion, until I get to the bridge, where I speed everything up and get really stressed because my neighbor is so noisy. And the ending is me apologizing to my neighbor and asking if I can borrow some stuff. Because I guess I'm kind of a jerk like that. And I guess I'm also not passive aggressive enough, because I am writing this song at 11 at night.

So Craig lent me the PS3 game Infamous. I like it so far. I've been playing for hours, but it seems like I've hardly put a notch in the storyline. I guess games nowadays are really long, or something. Or maybe I'm still just really slow. Either way, it's been a good game for keeping my mind off the gnawing hunger. I haven't had anything (decent) to eat since Friday. I've been surviving off tea and hot cocoa, because that is the only food I have, and I don't have the energy to walk all the way off campus to someplace that will serve me food. I got lightheaded just walking down the stairs. Tomorrow morning food service will serve real food, and I can eat and be full and have energy.

Okay, now I'm going to continue writing this song until I fall asleep, or until I pass out. Whichever comes first.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hang Up

NaNoWriMo word count, nooooo! Look at how far behind I am! I tried to write 10k words this weekend, but really only hit 4k. That wasn't even enough to fill my goal for one day! I'm starting to think I might not hit 50k words by the end of November.

So anime club had a big movie viewing night last night. There was a raffle, and I entered and won eight times. It's the luck of the Irish. I won five times in the first raffle, and got a Haruhi wall scoll. I then won three times in the second raffle, and got a Zatch Bell clock. Winning multiple times didn't make any difference, because you can really only win once per raffle. But I won the first time both times, and got to take the better of the prizes offered.

... I don't like Zatch Bell, but I really wanted to take the clock apart. I took it apart today, and put it back together again. It still works. I'm not that proud, actually.

This Wednesday I fly home for Thanksgivng, and I'm excited. I haven't been eating well lately. I don't know why, but food service has been putting out only really crappy food lately, and they haven't been putting out much of it. So my meals have been really poor, and I can only think about what food I'm going to eat when I get home.

In the movies last night, they always had people sitting around eating things. I pretty much started drooling at the screen. I really really badly need a good meal.

I fly back to Montana on Saturday, and I'm not excited for that. I don't know why dad decided I only get to stay a few days, but that's how it is. I just have to squeeze in all of my friend and family visitng into two days, is all.

Okay, now I'm gonna go try to write another 1k in my novel before I go to bed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I now have a movie-going buddy, who is also lacking in a car but is willing to wait for the bus with me. It's exciting. We went to go see Men Who Stare At Goats yesterday, but there was a problem with the film and it didn't play. To make up for it, they gave us each two free movie tickets, and then let us go ahead and sneak into any other movies that were playing. So we saw Paranormal activity. It was a pretty good movie, but it wasn't very scary. Just as a different friend told me would happen, we ended up laughing a lot. Still worthwhile.

Anyways, we're planning to take our four free movie tickets and get a group of four people together to go and see Twilight. We're planning to just ruin it for everybody. Maybe dress up as Harry Potter, or go in Guy Fawk's masks. But mostly stand up and yell a lot of things. It should be good fun. And if we get kicked out it doesn't matter, because we didn't pay for anything.

I sign up for my classes tomorrow morning. I'm fairly excited. I'm trying to sign up for this Biology class, which will have an actual lab. I like labs... A lot. So I think it will be good for me. And I'm now fulfilling all of the requirements to major in Anthropology. As much as I like science, I think I may go the Anth way, if only because I won't have to take an extra year of college just to complete my major. Not knowing what I want to do with my life is pretty sucky, but at least I have options.

So I have been really foul-mouthed lately. I'm not sure why, it might be the people I'm hanging out with. I just felt like mentioning that.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Intramural Ball Fields

Oh, 'sup Ubiquity?
Me? Oh, you know, insanely busy. Which is why I haven't been updating.

Actually, I haven't been updating because I keep getting back to my dorm after my roommate has gone to sleep. And instead of flicking on all the lights and clacking away at the computer for hours on end, I've just been getting dressed in the dark and going to sleep as well. I suppose it's a bit healthier to get more than two hours of sleep each night, but I really miss updating. So maybe I'll change my update schedule to first thing in the morning, after eating something. And then we can have all of these posts with ridiculous spelling and grammar mistakes that wouldn't make any sense even after a spell check. And they'd all end with "Oh! Gotta run, I have class."

I am about to have a food baby. I don't know why, but I decided to drink half a gallon of chocolate milk in about an hour, as well as eat a cup o' noodles. I'm at this odd stage of full, where I know for a fact that there is no more room in my stomach because I filled it with liquids, but I'm not completely uncomfortable. I just really don't want to do anything that might squish my stomach a little bit, is all. Just in case.

So there was a black light dance in the basement last night. I went with a big group of my friend's old friends from her small hometown, so I was pretty much the outcast from the big city. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up for the dance, because I have been craving a rave ever since I went swing dancing for the umpteenth time. I figured, you know, there'll be techno music, and people dancing a bit awkwardly, some glow sticks, and black lights. The bare minimum. But, there were no glow sticks, and there was no techno. It was all that odd hip hop type of music. You know, that stuff that you crunk to with idiot beats? So I danced awkwardly. They started a techno song, but stopped it halfway through because I guess it was too appropriate.

Anyways, I am sore from dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Hey, if I can solo dance to swing music, I can dance to anything.

So I have to start getting to bed at a decent hour more often. I keep staying up until like two or three in the morning with one person, and then heading back home to sleep, only to run into some other person in the hall or bathroom and staying up until six or seven with them. Some nights I don't sleep at all, because I'll be heading back home after going out for the third time in one night, and then I'll get invited to breakfast and a consequencial all-day hangfest. It's odd, though, because I'm not in a clique or a specific group of friends. It's like I'm back in the early days of junior high, where I have all of these great friends, but they've yet to meet and form a group. Except instead of a bunch of singular friends, I have a bunch of friend groups. Which is a bit awkward, because I often end up waiting around for somebody to invite me to something, as opposed to just knowing that I can go hang out with someone as per the usual.

I don't do anything during the day, though. Like, at all. I'm pretty sure 95% of my friends have never seen me in the daylight.

Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom now. I'll be back in time for class tomorrow.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smart Heart

I'm just going to set the record straight really quick.

N64 > PS1
PS2 > GC
Ukulele > XBox

That's a jumble of jargon to live by.

I feel like pointing this out, too:

Piano > Ukulele
Yarn > Ukulele
Piano > Yarn

Which I guess means that I like yarn more than I like the XBox. I don't know how I feel about the XBox 360, though, since I've never really played one.

Okay, I've spent way too long on this entry already. I think I'll just go ahead and stop now.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Candy

Rorschach's Journal, August 15th: Night Owl is so dreamy, but he doesn't care about me. He says mean things and he wouldn't even recognize me on the street. Oh diary, preventing nuclear war is basically the worst.

: (

(Real men keep diaries.)

So happy nineteenth birthday to me! It was a fairly happy one. First I played video games with a friend at midnight and hung out until about five in the morning, slept for a bit, and then hung out with different friends until about seven at night. We went on a hike, which did not work out so well for me and my asthma (it was rather embarassing; it wasn't a difficult hike). And then they drove me out to a special bakery with huge cinnamon buns, and bought me a cinnamon bun. And then we played video games.

So I've got a PS3 now, with Little Big Planet. That's a good game for me. I can play it by myself whenever I want to, but it's got a great multiplayer mode. So whenever I'm hanging with someone and we're bored, we can just play a game. That's all I really have to say about that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Parking Kiosk

I saw Where the Wild Things Are finally! A friend took me to see it today in celebration of my birthday. I was pretty excited. And yes, I enjoyed the movie. I just wish I had a car, or something, so I didn't have to awkwardly sit around waiting for the bus all the time.

There is so much leftover popcorn, hooray!

I didn't get back until about 8pm, so I didn't write any words for NaNoWriMo today. I am a bit disappointed at myself. To make up for this, I decided I would write twice as many words tomorrow... Despite the fact that I actually have some homework that needs doing. I figure that if I can stay focused inbetween classes, and maybe even jot down some notes of things to write during class, I'll be fine. Tomorrow morning is laundry day anyways, so I'll have plenty of free time.

Man, I really want to play some video games right now. Anything would be fine, so long as it isn't a sports game. Or a DS game. Okay, I think what I'm tyring to say is that I really want to play a consol game that is probably a classic. One that will take up hours of my time, and leave me feeling satisfied when I'm done. (And have me itching to play when I'm not.) Yes, I need a video game about like that right now.

I would also like to paint my fingernails, but that's not going to happen. I should just give up on these silly pipedreams of mine.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Find Bind Drag

Achoo! Eugh. I just huffed a feather accidentally. It was actually kind of painful.

So I had a good Halloween. I went on a scavenger hunt with the anime club. My team won three packs of Magic the Gathering starter packs each. I honestly don't know what I'll do with them now, since I don't really play. But at least now I know other people with Magic cards, in case I do feel like playing. And it was the weekend, so I ended up staying out until about four in the morning. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I got the first 1667 words of NaNoWriMo written today. I'm excited, but I found out that I can get distracted really easily if a bad song starts to play. Skip skip skip, and then I browse the internet, and I end up writing almost nothing in a very long space of time. Also, I kind of really hate how my NaNovel is starting out. But I guess I'll continue on, because I can always rewrite it after the month is over.

So my birthday is next week! I am excited. Though, I don't know how I feel about turning Nineteen. Nineteen is the jerkwad age, where everyone starts to act like a major dick. I really hope that doesn't happen to me, because I would like to be able to stay friends with all of the people I love.
Mostly, though, I'm excited for the giant poster that Tia is going to make for me. I hope a lot of people sign it. If they don't, I'll probably sign it a bunch myself, because I really love me. And then my poster will probably stay up for a long time, and I'll be able to gloat about it. Or something.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Followed Home

Oh, hey Ubiquity. Sorry I haven't spoken to you in a while, guess I've been busy, or something. I think it might be midterms, since I've got all of these exams and homework assignments. Which reminds me that I have an assignment that I should definitely complete before I got to bed.

I am so excited for NaNoWriMo to start that I can't even put it into words. So I won't.

I spent $50 at the craft store today, and I can't decide if I should feel guilty or not. I plan to use everything I bought, and I even made sure to buy mostly things I will use again in the future. Like a hundred little black buttons that I can use for eyes on my dolls. (It was only 99¢!) I went in with a list, and I pretty much stuck to it. Eh, whatever, I've now got enough supplies to start this really big project I've been planning. So it's all good.

OH HEY, just now I finished making a Jirachi doll for a friend. Like, right just now. Here, let me show you a picture of it.
That doll is pretty much Frankenstein. Seriously, I stitched pretty much all of it together. I'm not even sure I crocheted any of it, I just pulled out a needle and started stitching into things until it came about. I also love how crap-tastic the semi-circle on its belly is. Also: He wanted red instead of blue. Makes it more special, or something.

In unrelated news, it snowed about four inches today. The snow really started to pick up just as I was making my way back from the craft store. It was not very fun to get whipped in the face with snow when I was wearing only a flimsy sweater. I swear, it wasn't even starting to snow when I left.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh my gosh I am so hungry right now. I am always hungry when I can't go get food. This is madness, I am telling you, this is a hunger that can't be satiated by mere water alone. I need a vending machine, or something.

That's really all I have to say, because I'm tired right now. 'Night!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've been wanting to do NaNoWriMo for years now, but whenever November rolls around I completely forget about it. This year, though, I had a friendly reminder. And now I'm all gung-ho and ready to go. Especially since I've got all of that pent-up creativity trying to burst from the seams, like I mentioned in my last post. I think I'm going to finally write Lucid Dreaming. I will probably hate myself for squeazing it out so fast and not putting the time into it that it deserves, but I'll finally have it down and done. I can always edit it later.

I did some quick math, and found that I'll need to write about 1,666 words a day if I'm going to hit the 50k mark. To get a feel for it, I Lorem Ipsum'd it, and it turned out to be about three and a half pages of solid text. That's kind of a lot to write in one day. So I looked up that short story I wrote for my English class last year. It's 3,679 words long. I wrote about half of that slowly over time, and the rest quickly in one night. Writing this story is going to be quite the challenge for me, especially since I'll be doing some traveling during Thanksgiving. I'll need to have most (if not all) of the novel written before the 24th if I want to relax during my holiday.

But even if I don't hit 50,000 words, I'll still have a lot done if I work dilligently. That'll be rewarding enough

Alright, I'm off to go make an outline. Otherwise I will, for certain, get lost.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Soul Squeaky

I went swing dancing today. Except I didn't dance, because I don't know how to swing dance. But I knew somebody in the band, so I went to support him. That is the story of my Monday.

Wait, there is so much more, but it's all about this guy I keep seeing that reminds me of TKTWTSTE. He doesn't wear the same thing every day, but he does dress sloppily. And today I found out he is an amazing swing dancer. Wait, yeah, no, I guess that's all there is to say, because nobody can replace the original TKTWTSTE.

I am in the mood to make comics. I have no idea why, but I'm back to thinking in comic strips. It is such a terrible habit, because I'll get stuck trying to think up a punchline to ordinary everyday things. It's worse than zoning out. But I want to make these comics, and I want to make them fast. And I want to make that comic book type dealie I've got planned. And I want to play the piano again. I want to do something creative, and be really good at it. Mannnn, I just want to make things.

I also want my roommate to stop sleeping all the time. I have nothing against her needing her sleep, but I hate tip-toeing around my own room at two in the afternoon. Today I walked in, saw nobody was there, and started talking to myself in my usual frantic manner, (Whispering, actually. Shut up about it.) only to find that she was actually lying in bed the entire time. I did not know what to do, so I gathered up my books and left. And then I waited in the lobby until it was time to leave for class, because it was raining today. It was just a plethora of awkward happenings, all because she is sleeping so much.

Maybe she is sick again? Ugh, I hate it when people are sick all the time like this.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Man, the titles of these posts are getting kind of dumbed down.

I had a good weekend. Friday we stayed up until four in the morning coloring plastic spoons. Saturday night we had a wild adventure walking down college street past all of the parties. It started out with this guy that I was pretty sure was a zombie walking right towards us, and it freaked me out pretty bad. It turns out he was not a zombie, but it is still a mystery as to why he was walking like that. At one point we found a cell phone on the ground. I was all like "THAT. I WANT THAT." Even though it had been run over a few times and the battery was missing. I plan to take it apart. Inside there was a microSD card, and I stuck it inside my phone to see what was on it. There were some pretty amazing videos, as well as some odd pictures. One video had a legit fight, and you couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy that got the snot beat out of him. Another video had some guy going down the street on rocket skates, and you couldn't help but feel wonder and awe at the sight of it.

While I was farting around with the phone, some guy on a bike comes up and practically runs us over. He was shouting at us first in French, and then in Spanish, then back to French. So the one chick in our group that had taken French started shouting back at him "Ham. I want ham every fucking day," until the guy finally went away. It was pretty wacky. I'm pretty sure we've told the story about fifty times today. And then, to end the story, today we all ate brunch and watched one movie too many in our attempt to procrastinate at homework.

Anyways, yeah. I have a headache right now. But it's not from the severe lack of sleep this weekend, it's because I just now ate a chocolate bar. I think I will go sleep it off.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Treats You Like

Yes! I got the character design for the most complicated character done and I am pretty satisfied with the result. Now I need to figure out the other character, and put a bit of effort into making a side character friend, and design a rope... Yep. And then I will have three characters and a rope finished.

Teaser! This was the hardest thing to figure out, because I am no good at designing things like kimonos.

Wow, all the flashy vibrancy is gone as soon as I take a digital photo. Either way, I'm pretty sure the next time I draw this kimono in full color it will be done on the computer. Actually, I really hate this kimono now. Fuck my life, I think I might start over.

So I did that thing for the film major girl where she took video of me brushing my hair. It was really... different. I brushed one side of my head for like, twenty minutes. And then I used a blow drier on it. She did a lot of trippy things, like having someone else hold a blow drier underneath to make my hair fly all over the place. Or angling the camera and having me tilt my head back to make it look like my hair was growing. I just... Man. I can only see this video becoming psychedelic.

I had a weird dream last night. Let me tell you about it. It started with me and a group of people exploring a house, looking for some creeper dude. While we were ogling a door, trying to figure out how to get past it, creeper dude grabbed me and dragged me underneath a bed. He held my mouth shut, and told me not to scream or he'd break my hips in half. To prove it, he grabbed both my hips and bent it slightly, and motherfucker did it hurt. So I nodded. I think he made me ask what time it was, or something. I did, and then I elbowed him, crawled out from underneath the bed, and dragged him out by his hair. A chubby police dude in my group beat the crap out of him, and then the house burned down. I don't understand why. And then I wrote a song on my ukulele. And then played a really huge guitar.

When I woke up, I decided to try playing the song I wrote, but it didn't work out well. In my defense, I had a hard time playing the song in my dream as well.

Today has been a very creative day.

EDIT: Haha, I'm editing my own post. Right at midnight.

Anyways, I made this because I was so upset with that poor photo:

My wrist is so cramped right now it's not even funny.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mother Nature

So while I was taking a shower, my roommate decided to leave and lock the door, effectively locking me out of my room. Our RA was not in her room, so I had to walk all the way down to the front desk and request a spare key. In a towel. It was not a fun experience. So I'm not much of a happy camper right now.

I really want to draw a manga. I woke up this morning, and decided I wanted to make a manga. Which is odd, because usually I wake up wanting to make comic strips in an american style. But whatever. I've got an interesting concept in my head, and I think I'll start dragging my sketchbook around with me so I can flesh out the character designs a bit. Maybe then I can get working on some plot, and maybe muster up the motivation it takes to draw an actual comic book type deal. I'm not very good at planning out pages. Usually I draw everything free floating on a page of paper, and then paste it all together in Photoshop. Sometimes I even use actual scissors and glue. But I don't think I'll ever master the ability to neatly place objects within a panel.

I'm excited, though. I'll get to break out the colored pencils when figuring out the characters for this one. And I'll finally have an excuse to get my scanner working with my computer. Even though all of my attempts at that before have just completely failed, I'll bet once I've got a page done I'll have some serious motivation to get it working.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Next Part

Man, Ubiq--Is it alright if I call you Ubiq? I'ma call you Ubiq.

Man, Ubiq. The weirdest thing happened to me today during math class. Some girl outta nowhere comes up to me and starts rattling off about how she's a film major and she has to do this film project. I'm all like, yeah so? Right? But she keeps talking and I keep nodding my head. Eventually she gets around to the fact that I have hair exactly like her sister's. Uhhh, what? Is what I'm thinking. But she wants me to like, be in a film she has to make for class. It's about her early childhood memories, or something. She wants me to sit in a seventies-looking outfit and brush my hair, facing away from her. It's awkward, but I totally agreed to do it. It took some serious guts to ask a perfect stranger to do a thing like that. And I figure, why not, hey? Help a girl out, why doncha.

Anyways, if I were in a sorority, that's probably what all of my entries would sound like.

I'm hungry, but I don't want to go down to the convenience store because the lady working there is starting to get to know me. It makes me feel a little pathetic, going down to buy food all the time. I'm thinking I should keep a calendar where I keep track of how often I do these mundane things. How often I go to the convenience store, how often I ride the bus, how often I sit at the duck pond. For some reason I am absolutely terrified at establishing myself as a regular at any of these places. It's an irrational fear, and there are places I can't avoid going to routinely. But I suppose if I ever end up with a bounty hunter after me it'll be harder to track me down this way.

Where The Wild Things Are comes out this weekend and I need to go see it. I missed 9, and I'll forever regret that. But I refuse to go see a movie by myself. So I either need to find somebody that has a car and some spending money, or somebody that'll be fun to hang at the mall with for an hour or so because we took the bus. I've got two people in mind right now... Annd, fuck. They're both sick. I need to go see this movie if it kills me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wash Jones

Man, it is so nifty that the US president is winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, that guy is the role model. He not only became president despite people's prejudices against race (that actually isn't much of a problem anymore), he's winning the award that means you're a fantastic and nice person. Next, I'm pretty sure Obama is going to go into outer space, probably cure cancer, become a doctor, and turn into a rock star over night. And then mothers will be saying things like "If you drink your milk, Timmy, you'll become strong like the president!" and Timmy will gulp down his milk because the president is fucking awesome.

Okay, I should point out that none of that was sarcasm. I'm actually really happy to have a president that earns great things for doing great things. Especially since for most of my life we've had presidents that people absolutely hate for some reason or another; it's nice to have a guy running the place that we can look up to.

Alright, who the fuck is blaring Christmas music? That is inexcusable, especially since I'm pretty sure it is coming from the floor below me and the floor is really thick. Halloween hasn't happened yet, and I haven't even started planning for Thanksgiving. Blare some Monster Mash or something, will ya?

Ugh. I am so tired of the snow and the cold. I want it to be at least a tiny bit warm. Brisk, or chilly at the least. The kind of weather where all I need is a sweater to go outside. My face keeps going numb on the walk to my class. It's like, a five minute walk, and it is so painful for me. And some days I just can't bring myself to bundle up for the short walk to class, and all I pull on is a thick sweater. And it is on those days that I practically run to class, because after only one minute my ears start getting frostbitten. I swear to God the weather reports aren't telling the truth, and are saying it's about twenty degrees warmer than it really is.

Oh, remember how I was trying to do my laundry yesterday? I never fucking finished. Some girl kept ninjaing her way into the laundry room, taking up the only washing machine so I couldn't get another load done. I started at like, eleven in the morning, and finally gave up and hauled my dirty clothes out of the laundry room at about 5pm. Seriously, there is a bag of dirty clothes on top of the washer. That means that there is someone doing their clothes in there. It does not mean sneak in there, use their soap, and clean your own clothes. Motherfucker, I show some courtesy to someone and I get screwed over.

All of my clothes smell like wet dog.

Excuse me for a moment, I need to go kill my neighbor. They won't stop kicking the wall while coughing in a digusting manner. Maybe once she's dead I can get some sleep. At least then nobody would be hitting an oil drum with a crowbar, or whatever. Or, that's what it sounds like, at least.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cat Carde

Do you ever read a book of poetry, and then feel like writing a bunch of poetry yourself? And then you do, and realize it's awful, but you show your friends anyways to get their opinion of it and they all tell you it's great, so you think maybe you just don't get your own poetry or you're more humble than you thought, so you write a bunch more poetry and your friends are always telling you how much they look forward to your next poem, and eventually you decide to get yourself published but the publishers all just laugh in your face and tell you what you write is horrible crap, and you realize that your friends never actually liked your poetry but were just trying to be nice and encourage you to do what you loved, but you can't help but feel like they're all dicks for not giving you their actual opinion of your poetry in the first place, and you feel like you could have avoided a lot of embarrassment if your friends were just more honest people? Yeah, that happens to me like, all the time.

Oh my gosh, I have been waiting forever for this girl to finish up her two loads of laundry so I can do my five. I let her go ahead and do a load after I had finished only two, because I was being polite and I thought what we'd do was trade off using the washer so that we could both get things done in the most efficient manner. But instead she does her two loads one right after another, and then uses all of the dryers and leaves her clothes in the washer. It's been over an hour since all of the machines finished, and it's time for her to get her ass back in there and put her clothes where they belong. And it really pisses me off, because I have no pants to wear, they're all waiting in the laundry room to be cleaned. So I've just been wearing a really long shirt and really tall socks and hoping nobody will notice. I was absolutely positive I'd be wearing pants by now. Also, I don't think this girl lives on our floor, so she shouldn't be using the washer anyways.

I am bitchy today because I had all of these plans to hang with friends, but they all came down with the flu. So instead I've been doing cleaning chores in my chilly room. What I'd love to do is make chicken soup for all of them, but I'd probably catch the flu and I don't know where everyone lives to deliver it. Also, that'd be a ton of chicken soup to make, and I just don't have the things I need to do it. I also tried to scratch together enough change to buy some candy from the vending machine, but all I have is Canadian coins. Which is really odd. Who the fuck gave me change in Canadian money?

I ran out of things to clean so I scrubbed down the lightswitch, thermostat, and doorknob. There was a frightening amount of grime on all of it, probably decades worth of grime. Then I disinfected pretty much everything in the room. I doubt I'll be getting the flu now, but my neighbor keeps making these grizly coughing sounds, and I swear to god it sounds like she's trying to cough through the wall at me and make me sick. Just listening to her makes me want to wash my hands. Man, when did I turn into such a germophobe?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Upon You

Man, I am so sick of rap and country. Those are the only two types of music I don't actually enjoy, and those are the only two types of music that play on the radio in the bathroom. Every so often I'll change it to something else--ANYthing else--and within the hour someone will have put it back to rap or country and turned the volume way up. It's ridiculous. It's upsetting. And I can understand why someone stole the power cord to the first radio within the first week. They gave it back... After someone stole a radio from a hotel to replace the first one.

I also can't stand rap songs that steal the beat from another well-established song. I was just listening to a rap to the beat from Inspector Gadget. It wasn't even about the Inspector; it was just another generic rap. This happens way too often to songs I love. I can't understand it. I mean, good artists copy and great artists steal, but these guys are just screwing with perfection. It's like displaying page from a coloring book in an art museum. It's not their art, even though they put something over it.

Also, it won't stop snowing. It hate it when it snows. When it's all done snowing and it's just snow on the ground it's fine, but snow falling through the air is really annoying. It whips in your face and sticks to your hair and flies up your nose. It makes to hard to even see when it's all blowing right at you.

Bah, I'm just angry at the world right now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I didn't put very much effort into this, but that is okay. By the way, room 424 is my room.

Anyways, I am back in Bozeman. I didn't really enjoy returning. But I do love that I have my ukulele. Playing it shall be my escape from all things I dislike about college, or something. Or, maybe I'll play relevant songs the next time my neighbor is being noisy. I'm looking forward to what I'll play next time she has noisy sex. She is being really noisy right now (fake crying) and there is a guy in her room, so I think my time will come soon.

It is snowing right now. It started snowing pretty much the moment I exited the airport. I'm really glad that mum bought me a bunch of winter clothes Saturday. Now I can look stylish while I keep warm. What I've been doing is wearing Christmas gifts I've crocheted for other people. They don't always match together well. I hope nobody minds that I've worn their gift. Hey, I still made it especially for them, so they should be appreciative.

Okay, I can't stop looking at that comic. I love the third panel. Her face is all like "Wtf is that baby doing on the sidewalk?"

Friday, October 2, 2009


I don't think I want to fly back to Bozeman on Sunday. I think I want to stay here at home, with the few friends that are left. It's just so much more comfortable here.

So I tried putting Bootcamp on my Mac again today. It took six separate install disks, two of which were Vista. I finally got XP on here, and it was not easy at all. I'm still having problems, though. I don't think it installed fully, and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to open the Mac OSX disk while in Windows. So a lot of my hardware isn't really working when I'm a PC. And I haven't figured out how to connect it to the internet, so I really just have a useless lump of computer that's probably only good for running programs that don't need right-clicking. I'm going to keep working on it, though. The only problem is that I can't restart the process anymore, since I don't have a Windows install disk that I can use. Ugh. I hate this Mac so much right now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Again

I am at home! Oh my gosh, I am home! It is really nice to be at home, and not at a dorm. Here are some things I love about home:

- The fridge doesn't move when I open the door
- Cats
- No shower shoes
- Soft toilet paper
- Private room
- I know which room and which floor the spot cleaner is on
- There is no roommate around to accidentally steal my spot cleaner
- I have a car
- Lifelong friends live here
- I know where buildings are

I am about to go lie down in a bed that is not above or below anyone or anything. Tomorrow I am going to wake up and not shuffle around quietly trying not to wake my roommate. I will probably take a shower, and I will step out of the shower stall before donning a towel. I will then eat breakfast that I prepared only moments earlier. Being home is glorious.

I am also trying to put Bootcamp on my Mac. I am so sick of this Mac that it is getting ridiculous. Every day is a new disappointment with this computer. Today's disappointment was that I couldn't install Bootcamp with our Windows XP install disks, because they are something pack 1 and not something pack 2. There is no versatility. Yesterday's disappointment was that I could not run Lemmings on my computer. The day before that, the track pad decided not to work for a bit. The day before that was a reoccurance of an ongoing problem; I can not refresh by pressing F5. This last problem can be remedied, but it is more of an annoying workaround that needs to be constantly performed than it is a fix.

Fuck I hate Macs. But I really love being home.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Those Who Expect

So I think tomorrow I will take the bus to the mall again. The month is nearly over, and I need more yarn (It's like I have some sort of addiction) and I really want to buy a videogame. But at the same time, I am going home this weekend. I'll be more than able to last another week without some yarn, and I can buy that same videogame at home. But it'll be more convenient at home, because I can drive myself there and not have to wait an hour for the bus to come back. It would be really nice to have the game for the plane trips I will be taking... But then, this is also why I bought that Sony Reader (which I use daily)... I guess I'll decide after my math class tomorrow. I might end up wanting to curl up in my room for a bit, or I might make plans with someone. We'll see.

Ugh. Ubiquity. I don't feel like talking to you tonight. So I think I'll just stop hereOH MY GOD I just realized I left my Pokemon game at home. That's a shame; I really wanted to play that tonight before bed. I guess I'll just have to read, or something, instead.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stand So

I don't know if you remember, but a few posts back I wondered if there'd be anyone interested in turning Ubiquity into a book. Well! No such thing has happened, but I noticed this Blogger Buzz post. So of course I looked into it, mostly to see how much it would cost me to print Ubiquity (it would certainly be a fun novelty).

$85.65 for a soft cover, $95.65 for a hardcover. This is much more than the usual $20. I can also get it in digital format for $7.95, but what's the point in that? It seems there would also be 19 pages of Table of Contents, which I think it pretty bad-ass. I don't think I'll actually turn Ubiquity into a printed book... But maybe I'll consider printing one book for every year sometime in the future.

Oh, and it seems it won't print any images associated with my posts, which upsets me a bit.

Ahh, yes... Only $52.25 for a hardcover of all of 2008... Yeah, no, that's still a lot of money. Maybe if I get a job, or something, I'll reconsider. (Thank God I've at least spell-checked every post.)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Parity Addition

So grandma is doing alright after her surgery. Dad sent me a quick text about it, and then his phone died, so I don't know much about it. This first night is going to be the worst for her... And then hopefully things will start getting better. I'm hoping the best for her.

There must have been some sort of culture presentation today, because some Native Americans erected a tepee and started dancing on a stage on the main drag on campus. It was pretty cool; I've always liked the way they dress and dance. Their songs are a bit too harsh for me, but I can't argue with a strong beat. At the end, the guy with the most awesome outfit started rapping about Jesus and goodwill. It actually made me a little sad... I've never much appreciated colonialization.

Umm... Some other things happened, but it's all school related stuff and I don't care so much about it anymore. This seems to be a pretty shitty Friday. Everyone I know is having problems of some sort today. I guess I should be happy that it's over now, and it is Saturday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imagination Determination

So dad came and bought me lots of food, hooray. He then gave me and Kyla a nice dinner, and it turned out to be a pretty nice evening. He only stayed for an hour or two, and then he went back to Great Falls to be with grandma.

Oh, and he also bought me a TV. So I guess it doesn't matter whether or not a PS3 will connect to my roomie's TV. And I guess it is nice to have a TV with a screen that is bigger than my laptop. I was wondering how I'd play multiplayer games on it. But what I'm really excited about is the fact that we have the remote for this TV, so I can do things like easily change channels or manipulate the volume. I can also buy this magic wand, now. And I think I will. I even reserved one, just in case.

And I'm living in a college town, so I should be able to find plenty of odd jobs I can do until I have the money to buy one. (I really want that magic wand.)

Man, I am five seconds away from doing my hair like Hermione, putting on wizard robes, and tapping the TV with a stick until it turns on. I mean, how cool would that be? And then maybe double-tap to put it into video mode. Oh my God, all of the possible scenarios are playing in my head right now. It would be so cool. I could just twirl it and the volume would go up! Jab at it to mute! Oh my God, I could get a remote for my PS2, and then program the wand to work with it as well. Tap the TV, it turns on. Double tap, video mode. Swish, and the PS2 turns on! It's like magic!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When While What

Dad is coming to visit tomorrow. He is bringing me and whoever I want to take with me to dinner, and then he will be taking me shopping for food. I am excited... I do miss my dad. Sadly, he is here for some more serious business. Grandma has breast cancer, and she is going through surgery for it on Friday. It was supposed to be sooner, but they pushed it back a few days. Dad is here because she is his mother, and his last living parent. Grandma is 86 and isn't very strong, so we can only hope for the best this Friday.

Unfortunately, this also means that I am at a higher risk for breast cancer, which really sucks.

I need some rubber bands. I can't find any at the book store, which is ridiculous. I've got all these things flying around willy nilly because there aren't any rubber bands on campus. I can't very well staple 46 index cards together, and it's not like tying them together with yarn is effective. I never thought I'd get so frustrated over something as simple as rubber bands. If I can't fix this problem soon, I may have to stage a protest. Bring us rubber bands at the student store, or I swear to God I am picketing out front of it.

Some kid cut his finger and called an ambulance for it. One ambulance, two police cars, and a fire truck ended up outside the dorms, making a hideous noise. The kid doesn't even live here. It was possibly the most annoying thing to have happened this month. I'll bet everybody hates that guy now. I certainly do.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Independent Bottlers

I can't tell if writing Ubiquity like this every day to almost no readers is really pretentious, down to earth, or just plain stupid. I might as well be writing in a private paper journal, or be saving all the entries in my hard drive. There is pretty much no reason to put this online. And yet I do. And I know that anybody at all could come along and read it. And sometimes I write things that I don't really want other people to see, but with absolute knowledge that all the world has access to it. I have never gone back and deleted an entry that I was ashamed of, and I have never failed to post an entry I've written. Did you know that there are over 200 posts? And at the rate I update, I'll probably reach 300 before the end of the year. And I'll probably still be writing entries this time next year.

Just felt like sayin'.

I really can't wait until I go home in a couple weeks. If only because there are a few key things I really want to bring back with me. The two most important things are my ukulele and my PS2. Along with all of the PS2 games that are in the house. And some clothes. I pretty much plan to stuff my duffel bag to the brim with clothes and video games. It's gonna be fantastic.

Mum mentioned that she might get me a PS3 for my birthday. We talked about how the price went down (she brought it up, I was amazed), so it seems like a good time to buy one. She then talked about how useful it would be in college, since it can play DVDs as well. But it was only just now that I thought to look for an HDMI input thinger on the TV in here. It does not have one. I feel a little sad now.

I should probably call mum and tell her about this. For all I know, she's already ordered me one. She works fast like that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Master Chef

So last night I went to a dance the all-boys dorm was holding. A lot of people showed up, and they had it outside so it wouldn't get too hot. It was pretty fun overall, but I can't swing dance. Every time they played a country song I either got stuck awkwardly raving solo by the bushes, or stomping on some poor guy's toes after he refused to believe I had no idea what was going on. At least they played some techno, and even a little bit of disco. I can dance to that. And I was able to fake my way through the hip hop.

I got to see a guy in a cowboy hat teach a guy with a backwards cap how to hoedown. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why I came to Montana.

I'm meeting people and it is lovely. I got to meet a buncha people at Anime Friday. After the anime, eight of us went to go play sardines. It took us one hour to play only one round, apparently our hidng spot was really good. This one girl stood five feet away, looked right at us for a few minutes, and then left. She seriously could not see us. Maybe somebody casted an ivisibility spell?

I also met a few people at the dance. Or, more accurately, I hung with Kayla who hung with a group of people that were going to the dance, all of which I met. Afterwards we went to the park to go star tripping. I had never heard of it before, but it is pretty fun. What you do is go out at night, look up into a starry sky, pick one star to look at, and then spin around a bunch looking at that same star. Then, once you've gotten a bit dizzy, somebody flashes a flashlight in your eyes. You then have no choice but to fall down. It's so disorienting, and I haven't figured out why the flashlight makes you fall down. But it's also fun to watch people spin around like idiots, and then just crumple.

A lighting storm started when we were in the park. At first you could only kinda see the lighting, but not hear it. Then, maybe an hour later, the thunder came at almost exactly the same time as the lighting. We were running for our lives through the rain. Then, all today, it has been extremely windy and a little chilly. It's a nice change from the obscene heat we've been getting. Almost feels like it might be September, and not July.

All in all I had a pretty good weekend. I decided to spend all of this Sunday just chilling in my room, though. I always need a day to recover after I go out dancing. I didn't get any of my homework done, but I did catch up on my television shows. Priorities.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Things I Said

Alright! I rode the bus! Woo, what an experience. It was actually unbearably hot today, though, so it wasn't that good of an experience. But I did get to go to the craft store, and I picked up enough yarn to keep me occupied until the end of the month. And then I had an orange julius, and it was nice to have something to drink that wasn't really crappy water.

Speaking of water, the water here is so terrible. It's really harsh on my skin--Not only am I breaking out all over the place, but this spot on my forehead looks like it's so irritated it might break out into a rash. I've been doing what I can to sooth it these past couple weeks, but lack of access to a drug store means all I can do is think good thoughts.

Speaking of drug stores, I really need to go to one. I have maybe one shower left of body wash, and then I'm all out. There are also a few other toiletry type things I need to get, and I need to find a pharmacy. I guess that will be my task for this Saturday.

Speaking of tasks, I need to call a taxi service and schedule a ride to the airport. From the 1st to the 4th I will be at home. But in order to get there, I need to take a plane. And to get to the plane, I need to take a taxi. (And to get to the taxi I'll need a front door, and to get to the front door I'll need to pull the blankets off my legs.) So I will call the only taxi service in the Bozeman that goes to the airport area and get a ride. I can't wait to go home. I've already told a bunch of my friends, and I'm planning to meet up with the few that still live there. It will be so nice to have the bathroom all to myself.

Speaking of... Wait, no, there's nothing. But anime club meets up tomorrow, and I'm a little excited. Japan club met yesterday, but that failed miserably, so I'm hoping anime club will pull through. And then our floor is having a meeting about where we are going to duct tape our RA. I had a dream last night about it, but it was a lot more nightmarey and a lot less dreamy. I hope we come up with something awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Follow Instructions

So I'm kinda sick of being stuck on campus. Even though I have a bike, I have no honest clue about bike laws for this area, so I'd prefer to leave it behind when I go places. But digging around in my backpack today, I noticed I had a bus schedule.


The buses here are really funky looking but you don't have to pay to ride them. They all stop at the bookstore on campus, and most of them head to the mall. There is a craft store at the mall. I will be riding the bus to the craft store all the time now. Right now, though, my problem is that I've never taken the bus by myself before. It seems pretty simple, though, and I'll probably get it figured out before long.

My last class tomorrow is at two, so I think I will try out the buses not long after that.

So my roommate is sick. She caught it from her friend. She thinks it might be strep throat. Today I come in, not long after washing my sheets, to find the both of them sleeping on my bed. Now I'm worried that I'll wake up and be all sick, too. The rest of the day really only went downhill from there. I think I'll go shower and wash off the disappointment that turned out to be today (and also wash off the emo-ness that went into making that sentence).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Assistance Distance

So every time I go to shave my legs, I notice this white scar on my knee. It isn't really noticeable or anything; it practically disappears when I stand up. I only really notice it when my knee is completely bent and my skin color is evened out from the hot shower water. A thin white scar, maybe two centimeters long, and for years I couldn't remember where the Hell it came from.

Seriously, it was a huge mystery. Because of it's size and intensity I always thought it was recent, maybe in the past five years or so. It's shaped liked all the other thin scars on my body, just maybe a little fatter, like a plumped worm. So its shape gave no clue as to where it came from. It looks like a cut, and it's kinda on the side, so there's no way it's one of the many scrapes I've had on my knee.

Then earlier today I remembered exactly where it came from. I can't believe I never connected my scar to that incident before. It's like the scar didn't show up for fifteen years or something.

See, my family was hanging out with Craig's family, and I was too young to be literate. This was during the time period that I decided that I wanted to live in my brother's room (while my brother was still there... I got bottom bunk). We were all at the beach. It was obviously a NorthWest beach, because of all the logs and because of the conifer trees. There was one log that we for some reason decided was a slide. Billy slid down it, Christina slid down it, Craig slid down it, and everyone had a great time with no trouble at all. I wanted to slide down it, too, even though I was "too little."

I couldn't get going like everyone else did. I'd scootch a little bit, but I wouldn't slide. I scootched a little more, and suddenly started screaming and crying and bleeding all over the place because there was this huge splinter sticking out of my knee. Mum and dad scooped me up, everyone got packed into the car, and our beach day was over. I remember taking a bath that night with Billy (because Billy was also too young to be literate), and mum pointed out that the splinter would need to come out soon as she shampoo'd my hair (I was also too young to wash myself). I looked down at my knee, which I was carefully keeping out of the water. It was dark blue and light green, and angry red where the peice of wood stuck out. It was a really big splinter. I said "No, it'll be fine."

Later that night, I was sitting on the bottom bunk of my brother's bed, and my dad had a pair of tweezers. He was going to pull splintzilla out of my knee. He gave it one tug, and I screamed as loud as I possibly could, crying all the way. Every time he'd give a little tug, I'd shreik. I don't remember it actually hurting, though, I just really didn't want to deal with it being pulled out of my knee. He got it out, and said that there might still be little splinters left in there. I cried and begged him not to do anythign about it, and he obliged. He put disinfectant on the wound, applied a bandage, and held me for a bit while I sniffled and sobbed. Then I went to bed.

Mystery of the scar: Solved.

I got hurt a lot in that time period of my life. That summer was particularly brutal. I think it was just because I was old enough to walk and talk, but not yet the master of my motor skills. But I also think there may have been something wrong with me, because I have very vivid memories of getting hurt and not feeling any pain. I essentially ripped all the skin off the front of my leg (with no scars, I might add) and I remember thinking, very clearly "It doesn't hurt, and I can't let anyone know about it." I tried to hide while my leg bled all over the place. What gave me the way was this uncontrollable urge to cry. I even tried not to cry, but it was a losing struggle. That same summer I sliced my thumb open with a metal knife. I didn't actually know I cut myself, but I had a feeling that I did. So I told myself that I was okay, took a deep breath, and looked at my hand. I remember the way the blood spiderwebbed across my hand made it hard for me to figure out where I had cut myself. I also had to taste the red stuff, because I thought it might have been ketchup. I didn't start crying until I confirmed I was actually hurt, and dad cleaned me up, put a bandage on it, and held me while I sniffled and sobbed. Then I ate dinner.

Nothing from back then left scars the way that splinter had, so it's really no wonder I had trouble connecting the scar to the splinter. But now I'm wondering if my pain receptors developed incorrectly, as it is a well-known fact that I have a high tolerance for pain.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Conditions

Man, I am always smelling burning hair around me. Do I smell like burning hair, or is that just the way college smells? I don't think it's me, because right now I smell like oranges, but I still smell burning hair. Why, of all things, does it have to be burning hair?

The wall between mine and my neighbor's room is really thin. I can hear everything she says as if there was only a curtain between us. Apparently most rooms don't have a wall as thin as this. It's bothersome when she plays her music or watches TV. But when I can hear her talking it's like a soap opera. Earlier today she had a fight with her mom over the phone. Last week she had a fight with her boyfriend over the phone, cried for a few hours, then he came over and they fought and cried a lot. A few hours ago she threatened suicide, and right now she is having a jolly conversation on the phone. It's really very interesting, and I hope she can manage to keep this level of energy for the rest of the semester.

Um, what else was I going to say... There was a fire drill today in the dorms. I was eating dinner, so I didn't go outside and assemble. But it was funny; you could tell it was going to happen even though they are supposed to be a surprise. There were signs suddenly posted all over about what to do and where to evacuate to, and the dorm next to ours had a fire drill about an hour before we did. Which I guess was our biggest warning.

Alright then. I am going to finish off this bag of chips and read books. Goodnight, Ubiquity.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Look at what I made. Look look look.

Have you looked yet? Go take a look. Because it took me all day to make it, and it wasn't nearly as easy as to should have been. I had everything sketched out in Devilshop Elements

Woah, major distraction. Out of nowhere I stood up to go buy icecream. And I did.

Anyways, I drew it in Devilshop, only to realize that it had no pen tool. How am I supposed to make comics with no pen tool? It's not like I can use a real pen. That would ruin my screen. So I downloaded Gimp, because I used it once and hated it, but it has some really devoted followers. I hated it this second time, but at least it had a pen tool. And once I figured out some of its quirks (The tool tray is a seperate window? Really?) I was able to at least ink everything. But then I realized I wasn't able to select and move parts of an image around, and I started throwing things. I shattered a really good pen against the brick wall, but thankfully I cleaned it up before the ink started leaking everywhere. I moved the image back into Devilshop, and got everything finished without too much problem after that. But I'm still angry about it.

Fucking... Gimp. Motherfucker. That's all I can say to describe my experience with it.

I wish I could say I did more with my day, but I didn't. There was even a big football game, but I didn't go for some reason. I avoided my homework pretty nicely, though. That'll come back to bite me in the butt during my first exam. Which will be on... MONDAY FUCK. I haven't started two of the books yet!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Being a college student, I have to read a lot. Being an avid reader, I read a lot anyways. Add to this the fact that I love working with yarn, and you end up with me spending a lot of time being very quiet. Today I decided to couple these activities, reading and knitting, in an attempt to multitask two things that take up huge amounts of time.

Knitting with my Sony Reader is quite possibly one of the best experiences out there. I prop the Reader up on my laptop, using the grooves between keys to hold it open and the screen to prop it up (best thing this Mac has ever done). I just press a button to turn the pages, and there is pretty minimal fuss.

But knitting while reading a real book is an entirely different matter. And is also a problem I need to solve soon, because all of my school books are real books. I have to use weights of some sort to hold the book open, and even then the new books constantly resist the weights. Then I either have to hunch over and strain my back to read, or prop the book against something. Propping the book causes all of the weights to fall off, so it's not a feasible idea.

I have designed a little metal device that will likely hold my books open without too much problem, but I need some thick wire to do it. I think an old coat hanger would work best, but I'll settle for anything so long as it can resist being bent by the book. Even a really really long paperclip or the spiral from a spiral notebook would be good enough. And once I have this made, I have some cardboard I can cut up to fashion a little thing to prop up my books. Turning pages will still be an issue, but I'll be willing to overlook it so long as I can actually read the book in the first place.

I'm motherfucking MacGyver over here! All in the name of reading while knitting.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reading Dough

I just ate an icecream and it put me in a great mood. Just letting you know.

... Somebody should make iceream bars that are just pure vanilla on a stick.

Okay! So there is a serious problem with having the school book store so close to where I live. It is not only a book store, but it sells textbooks (that I want but don't need), and it is a stationary store. Stationary is possibly my biggest weakness. I love pens and pencils. And erasers. And scissors. And paper. Oh my God I love paper. Lined paper, blank paper, thick paper, thin paper. Paper with spirals down the side or along the top, perforated or pre-cut. I love it when highlighters come with two colors, or this one nifty highlighter I have that is also a pen and a little tab-note dispenser thinger. Most of my impulse buys happen when I am in the stationary section of a store, and I usually make a point to avoid it.

But I needed to go to the store and buy a folder. I told myself, "Just one folder. Just the one that is required." When I got close I was all "Maybe two folders. Because that one class has a lot of loose papers." I got there and found a rack with a big sign that said "FOLDERS" and I picked out an ugly red one and an ugly blue one. I was telling myself that I did good, that I just needed to go check out now, but then I turned around.


I spent like 20 minutes not doing anything except looking through them all. They sold my favorite type of pen (which is actually kinda rare), as well as many of my favorite types of pencils. They also sold the best seleciton of pencil lead I have ever seen. I thought I was gonna piss myself when I got to the aisle full of erasers. I bought a black eraser just because I've always wanted one. And then I bought a matching white one because I needed the set. I nearly bought out all of the erasers just because I had never seen such a great selection before, but I held off. There was also a lot of paper. I was actually overwhelmed. It wasn't as pretty as the paper being sold at Kinokuniya's, but the selection was still very vast. I bought a spiral notebook with the spiral on the top because it reminded me of RaeLynn.

Look at me, talking about stationary. This is such a boring topic (that I find completely fascinating). I'll just end this by saying that the damage today was minimal, and I can mostly justify everything I bought. But I may be broke by the end of the schoolyear because I bought all of their colored staples, or because I needed one of every type of lead they sold, including pencils that can hold them.

EDIT: Oh God I just looked through all of my pens and pencils and decided that I need more pens. That I don't have a fine enough selection of pens. I need blue pens, and more red pens, and some different types of black pens, apparently. And while I'm at it I could probably use more pencils. And I need a really really good pencil sharpener, because I lost my lovely metal one last year. Oh God it's a slippery slope...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Apparently Wednesday is laundry day for everybody! But I did mine first thing in the morning (before I eve ate) so I got it all done before the rush. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the cause of the rush, since I was using all three working machines. But that is only a minor problem.

Today, in my Anthropology class, the girl sitting next to me had a seizure. According to Amber, it should have been more traumatizing to me, since she was seizing all over me, but I pretty much just didn't care and ate lunch afterward. What happened was she slumped onto my shoulder, and I thought she was sleeping. When she didn't respond to me, the girl sitting in front of us turned around and said that she was having a seizure (it turns out the girl in front was a nursing major). It was about then that I noticed that her eyes were open and darting around, and she was quivering a bit. She continues seizing for a minute or two. Teacher ran over to attend to things, and eventually announced that class might as well be over for today. I took off right away, because I was hungry for lunch. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed to find out if she was okay and whatnot.

I feel like I did something else of interest today, but now it's starting to seem like I didn't. I think I just holed up in my room and missed dinner... No wait!

Freshman Convocation was today. I didn't go, because the guest speaker was Lopez whatshisface who wrote the book The Soloist. I read that book over the summer (a few days before I moved) and I hated it. I hated the writer. If I had gone to convocation I'd have certainly stood up and started shouting things. There's nothing I hate more than a piss poor book, except maybe the person that wrote it in the first place. I especially hate it when these god awful books get turned into movies.

Oh my God I am about to go on a twelve hour rant about horrible books and how I hate them. I think I should just go lie down and read good books and not think about terrible things like this. I just get so steamed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I keep missing update times because I keep being away from my computer during update times. I might change the Ubiquity update schedule to be in the mornings after I wake up, instead of at night before I sleep. But then I might end up making a buncha posts about how tired I am, or about my dreams. That would be boring.

Or, at least, more boring than recounting the actions of my days.

Oh my Gosh, it is Tuesday! That means that tomorrow is (dun dun dunnn) laundry day! I don't have classes in the morning on Wednesday, so I do my laundry when everyone else is out. It is nice to have that time to myself. Even if it is really hot and uncomfortable in the laundry room.

So I'm getting into the habit of doing my homework way ahead of time. Which is great, because then it's all out of the way, but then I get a lot of "I can't hang out right now, I have all this work to do" in the evenings when I'm bored. Oh Well. At least I'm completely free for when somebody else wants to hang out. And at least I don't have to worry so much about my grades going down the tubes. Unless I'm doing all of my work wrong, which is another story entirely.

Argh, I should probably go take a shower. I get so anxious about showering. If I get an apartment, it won't be for the internet, it'll be for the private shower. It just freaks me out so bad because sometimes guys (usually drunk or high) will walk into our bathroom to use the urinals (why do we have urinals in a ladies room?), and then there is no way to hide because the urinals afford a direct view into the showers. Also, it is that time of the month for me, and that is embarassing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Precedented Disturbance

So I've been making friends and getting to know people. Life is a lot better knowing I can at least ask someone if they want to eat dinner with me. As opposed to just shamefully walking to the cafeteria all shy-like. Bingo night led to me getting into the anime/geek clique, which is exactly what I wanted. Movie night just meant that I had another reason to stay out until 2 AM. It's all good.

My roommate didn't come home Friday or Saturday night. It was kinda odd to wake up and realize I was still alone. She showed up in the afternoons, though, to change clothes and take showers and stuff. But she was pretty much gone all the time. Talking with a few other people, I've realized how strange my relationship with my roomie is. We aren't friends, and we barely even talk. We've never had a meal together, but it's not like she's here often enough to ask. But it's not like we don't get along; we have no qualms living in the same little space. My RA was in this situation once. She said it was really surreal. She was really happy when partway through the year her roomie left, and she got to live with someone she could actually get to know.

Roomie decided to go camping, and won't be back until tomorrow. So I guess I'm alone again tonight, as per the usual.

I've got nothing planned for tonight, so I think I'll just stay in and watch TV while I knit. I desperately need things to do while I knit. I keep sucking up all of my internet allowance streaming videos. And the project I'm working on is actually knitting, and not crocheting; I'm really slow when it comes to knitting. And then I think I'll clean tomorrow. It's ungodly just how much dust has accumulated this week. Even my computer mouse is dusty.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I finally got the chance to use Skype in my dorm. Mum called, and we did a video chat for a while. It really ate up my internet usage, but nothing I can't handle if I just avoid watching videos that day. We didn't just voice for very long, so I don't know how much internet that takes up. We pretty much went into video right away. It was nice seeing the cats, and watching them freak out when I called their names. Dad and Bill showed up, too, and we had a lovely family chat. Everyone was in a good mood.

I'm feeling not so lonely today, but it might be because I've been able to actually talk to people. Friends have been signing online, there have been good free discussion moments in class, and my roomie and I even had a good chat earlier. I still don;t have anything to do, though.

I had a bit of homework leftover from my math class today. We were looking at cryptography, and we broke up into our groups to break some codes. It was really neat, and I actually love code breaking. We never finished the last really tough one in class, so I worked on it here. I got all but two letters decoded, so...

So I just had an epiphany and solved the last 2% of the code. Man, I feel really awesome. I don't know if I should e-mail the rest of my group, or if I should just wait until I see them again Tuesday. I guess it doesn't really matter, since we have to turn them all in at the same time. I finally really looked at the syllabus for this class, and I'm pretty excited now. Not only do we watch a ton of moves (Flatland, Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land, Code Breakers, and more), but we're looking at a lot of mathy type topics that I'm really interested in. Maybe I'm a mathematician at heart. A mathematician that hates equations.

I just remembered that Monday is labor day, and I'll have no classes. It'll be a three-day weekend, and I'll have nothing to do. FML, I usually love three-day weekends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, the votes are in and I've realized that I am feeling incredibly homesick. The only other time that I've been homesick was at summer camp, and even then I was comforted by the knowledge that it'd all be over by the end of the week and I could go home. That isn't the case so much this time. It could just be that I'm feeling depressed over the fact that I'm having trouble making friends. But then, who's to say that I'm actually having trouble? I've been here a week, and there have only been three days of classes so far. Barely enough time to introduce myself to a few people.

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm eating all of my meals alone that's getting to me. I never minded eating alone at home, but then at home there was always the option to include someone if I wanted to. Maybe it's the stress of sharing a public bathroom. Taking a squat on the pot has become a group activity, and I don't like how open and public the showers are. Or maybe I'm just jealous that my roommate is always out and about with her friends, and there is nothing for me to do outside this room. Sure, it's nice to be mostly alone when I'm in my room, but when we're both in here it's deathly quiet. We get along just fine (No problems living together at all so far), we just don't seem to be able to hold a conversation.

I wish my classes would get under way so that I'd have something to do. I wish I could find a friend in at least one of my classes that I could hang with. My last class tomorrow gets out at two, and I probably won't have homework. I'll likely just go back to my dorm, maybe get something to eat, and then wait around until the next day. And then Friday I'll just go to class, eat alone, and wait in my dorm until Monday comes around. Maybe Saturday I'll go spend a day at the museum, or something.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm doing my laundry right now. I didn't think about it until I remembered that I'm wearing my last shirt today. I've decided to do just one load, so that I won't be up all night waiting for the dryer to finish drying my jeans, or something. So just one load of colored shirts. And I'm all paranoid that someone will go in there and take my clothes out, because my shirt with the giant metal buttons on it is making a loud clacking noise as it makes its tumbles. I can hear it from all the way down the hall.

... Oh God I'm so worried I'll get into trouble over this. I should have washed my clothes earlier in the day, when it is less likely people will be sleeping. At least most people have their doors shut right now.


I keep finding dead and roasted bugs on my desk. They will fly into my desk lamp and burn themselves alive, and not fall out until later in the day. It's really gross, and kinda disturbing. But at the same time, I can imagine that I have an effective bug killing device in my room. Which is good, I guess, but isn't all that necessary because of the screen in my window.

So I'm pretty sure my math class is being taught by James May. Which only makes more sense when I start thinking about it. It's also taught by some other old professor chick, and they are like a comedy duo. I'm actually excited for my next math class. It's also the first class where I've had a good chance to talk to other people. I suppose this is because the teachers sorted us into groups based on our musical ability (as well as our ability to breath and pump blood), and my group and I were given a good chance to chat. (We talked about infinity hotels. How great is that?)

It might also be because the kids in all of my other classes are pricks.

Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been watching the weather like nobody's business (mostly because there is nothing else to do) and all week it has been saying that there is going to be a storm. It's all like "Storm today! Storm storm storm! Lighting and rain and other freaky shit like that!"

But then the actual weather is cloudless, sunny, and really hot. Who the hell is predicting the weather around here? They suck at it. I mean, you can see the weather coming at you until the end of Montana. How can you possibly get this wrong?

Have I told you, Ubiquity, that I have been keeping sea monkeys? Because I have. I am so paranoid that they'll catch two deadly diseases, one of which can only be cured by expensive surgery. Like my goldfish. I was worried at first, because it took them a few days to hatch. Then, about four days ago, I noticed one little bugger swimming around in there. An hour later, there were four of them. Now there are so many sperm-shaped things swimming around in there it's like a small city. It's exciting.

I gave them the collective name Charley, and I expect them to hivemind.

Today was my first day of classes. Things went well enough, and I even went and did all of my Japanese homework for the entire week. I bought my textbooks, but I'm pretty sure all of the ones I bought for my Anthropology class are the wrong ones. Such a waste of money, since I bought four different books. They were all under the ANTH 101 section of the bookstore, but the syllabus shows a ton of different books, and the course materials on the website differs from that as well. What fucking books do I use?

I thought my Biotech class would be smallish, but it's actually pretty sizeable. It took place in an auditorium. And the professor is Swedish/German/French, or something. But he seems to really like his job, so he talks loud. Tomorrow I have the first of that math class that I'm pretty sure is going to be amazing. I couldn't find what book I needed for it. I think that class will gain a thousand cool points if it turns out not to need a textbook.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I managed to set my class schedule back to that one that is absolutely ideal for me. Now instead of having long, solid chunks of classes, there is an hour between each. My earliest class starts at 11am, my latest class ends at 4pm. And I looked and found all of my classes on a map, so I shouldn't get too lost. Here's hoping for the best.

It is nosebleed central over here. The dry air is just killing me. I'm losing so much blood over this, too--I was so weak today I just stayed in the dorm and watched internet TV. I don't want to go out for fear of random nosebleeds during a social situation. This problem is seriously taking over my life. If I keep on gushing blood like this, I'll probably end up in the ER.

My dad has similar problems with the dry air, so we think it is genetic. I asked him how he dealt with it, since he was born and raised in Montana. He recommended nasal spray before bed, and steamy showers in the morning. He also said that the problem usually cleared up for him in just a few days. I hope the same will be true for me, otherwise I'll end up with another unusual health problem.

I should also point out that I still can't smell anything.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I spent most of today resting. Mostly playing Professor Layton (Over 12 hours logged into that game), but I also started to crochet something and watched a bit of TV online.

I registered for my classes today. My feelings on that are along the lines of Humbug. I had the perfect schedule planned--There was at least one hour between all of the classes, so I wouldn't have to worry about being late. And they were spread out through the day, so I would have plenty to do. But the Japanese class I wanted was full, and that just screwed everything up, as I had to pick another class at a different time, which got in the way of so many things... As it is right now, I have a three hour chunk of classes every Monday and Friday. As well as two classes all the other days.

Classes I've registered for:
Anthropology 101
Biotech (Microbiology 110)
Japanese 101
Math 149

That US class was completely full everywhere, so I deicded on a math class instead. This one is called Secrets of the Infinite, and I'm pretty sure the course description was "Fucking amazing" with a prerequesite of "Be awesome." Anyways, tomorrow (or maybe right now) I'm going to see if there are any openings in that Japanese class I wanted, and put my schedule back to how it should be. If I can.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ring Again

Yesterday I moved into my dorm and spent a lot of time running in between these meetings I had to attend and my dorm room to set it up. It was tiring. Then today mum and dad went to Yellow Stone, and I was left alone to run in between my dorm and all around campus to find these meetings I needed to go to. I actually managed to miss the most important meeting today, because I couldn't figure out where it was. I made up for it later, but it was distressing. Thank God I already had my schedule planned out. Tomorrow I register for classes, and then mum and dad will swing by one last time to see if there is anything else that I need. And then I will have nothing to do at all until classes start.

I'm really tired. I don't know if I can relay to you just how much walking around in the hot sun I've had to do today. And all of it by myself--I don't know anybody at all here.

This weekend is going to be pretty boring unless I can find someone to hang around with. I'd hang with my roomie, but she already has her own posse. She's out all the time doing whatever with people, and I don't want to spare tire my way into that. I've tried randomly chatting with a few people, but the conversations all go the same way:

[Introductions go here]
Me: So what're you majoring in?
Them: University Studies. But I'm thinking about nursing.
Me: Neat.
Them: What're you majoring in?
Me: Also University Studies. But I'm thinking about Anthropology or Biotechnology.
Them: *stunned look* Woah.
[Awkward silence as we realize we have nothing in common]

A lot of the girls in the Freshman class look pretty stupid... That is to say, they look like they spent a lot of time being confused in highschool. Same with the boys. I hope a few smart ones will crop up in my classes, otherwise I'm going to be making friends with only upperclassmen. Or I'll be having some really shallow conversations these next few years.

Also, I thought I saw TKTWTSTE bumming around campus, but it was just some creepy old dude. I nearly had a heart attack.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Clacketty Clock Clock

Alright. Okay. I'm in Montana. But I'm not in my dorm--yet. There is still some time left before that.

I drove about a quarter of the way to Montana. And it was scary, because dad purposefully had me drive a ridiculous pass full of twists, turns, steep cliffs, broken-down cars, and construction. We stopped to have lunch at this little restaurant that mum and dad like. But for some reason, it took them about an hour to get our food to us. It was a buncha little things, and I think the ultimate ending is that we might never go there again. When you're racing against time to get somewhere before, say, midnight, an hour-and-a-half for a meal is a huge setback.

Today we visited Grandma. We went out to the park and fed ducks, drove around the town for a bit, and bought her new clothes at the mall. We're celebrating her 88th birthday. She is so old! And she still has quite a bit of life left in her. She's supremely proud of me for going to MSU--She couldn't stop smiling when we told her our trip out was to drop me off at college.

We also went to a toy store. I freakin' love that toy store. I want to go back and buy everything and play with it all forever. It's not a stupid toystore like Toys R Us, it is a real toystore that puts out the toys so you can play with them. And they are novel toys, that are interesting and nifty and keen in all the ways a plastic stroller with Hannah Montana on it is not. I bought some sea monkies, because I am desperate to have a pet in my dorm. Hopefully I can take care of these guys, because fish and plants don't always work so well with me. Dad and I were looking for the librarian action figure (with amazing sushing action!) but they were sold out. Seriously, sold out. Because this is a thing people buy. We nearly bought the revenging unicorn instead, but it was impaling people instead of fluffy animals.

Professor Layton 2 was supposed to come out today. Game Stop, WalMart, and Target did not have it in. And it confused everybody that knew what they were doing because the release date was today. But the guy at Game Stop told me to check back tomorrow after 1pm, because they will almost certainly have it then. I trust him more than the guy at WalMart, so I will be returning there tomorrow. I am determined to buy this game at the soonest possible moment in an effort to show Japan that yes, people want to play this game series.

Also: My Reader was a godsend during the long car ride.