Sunday, October 18, 2009


Man, the titles of these posts are getting kind of dumbed down.

I had a good weekend. Friday we stayed up until four in the morning coloring plastic spoons. Saturday night we had a wild adventure walking down college street past all of the parties. It started out with this guy that I was pretty sure was a zombie walking right towards us, and it freaked me out pretty bad. It turns out he was not a zombie, but it is still a mystery as to why he was walking like that. At one point we found a cell phone on the ground. I was all like "THAT. I WANT THAT." Even though it had been run over a few times and the battery was missing. I plan to take it apart. Inside there was a microSD card, and I stuck it inside my phone to see what was on it. There were some pretty amazing videos, as well as some odd pictures. One video had a legit fight, and you couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy that got the snot beat out of him. Another video had some guy going down the street on rocket skates, and you couldn't help but feel wonder and awe at the sight of it.

While I was farting around with the phone, some guy on a bike comes up and practically runs us over. He was shouting at us first in French, and then in Spanish, then back to French. So the one chick in our group that had taken French started shouting back at him "Ham. I want ham every fucking day," until the guy finally went away. It was pretty wacky. I'm pretty sure we've told the story about fifty times today. And then, to end the story, today we all ate brunch and watched one movie too many in our attempt to procrastinate at homework.

Anyways, yeah. I have a headache right now. But it's not from the severe lack of sleep this weekend, it's because I just now ate a chocolate bar. I think I will go sleep it off.

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