Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post Examination

I jinxed it. Jimothy the sea monkey died. I just now noticed it, after getting home tonight. He was alive this morning, but I went to say goodnight to him and noticed he was on the bottom of the tank. His little legs weren't moving, and he didn't respond to a slight jiggling. What a sad day. He shall be missed.

Though, I did notice a new baby sea monkey swimming around in there when I was looking for Jimothy. I doubt the baby will survive while I'm gone, but I'll be sure to give him extra food for the break. I suppose I will see when I get back in January whether it is time to dump the tank, or if I should contemplate buying more food.

Oh well. Jimothy pretty much lasted me my entire first semester of college. That's pretty special.

Oh, a new development! There are now two babies swimming around in the tank, with a possibility of a third. I guess today is Sea Monkey Birthday, or something. The conditions in the tank recently must be just right for hatchlings. I can't wait to see how many are in the tank when I wake up tomorrow.

Enough about sea monkeys. I need to go to sleep, I have a ton of laundry to do and I also have an exam tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shooting Star

Entrepreneurial idea: An online store called "Task At Hand" that specializes in selling things to do while on the toilet. is already taken, unfortunately, but I could still get

It is finals week! I have one final tomorrow, and then one more on Thursday. I took my math final on Friday, and I'm pretty sure I did perfect. I have a lot of confidence for my Japanese final tomorrow, but I'm wavering on my Anthropology final. I guess we'll see what happens.

Friday morning I fly back home, and I am pretty excited. I already have plans to do a movie madness, and plans for a long overdue sleepover. I am going to eat so much food and get such a good night's rest that it will be insane. I'm pretty sure the best part about college is visiting home. I'm also excited to see the cats. I know for a fact that they miss me, because I'm 99% certain that they spend their entire day sitting around wishing I was there to play with them.

Speaking of pets, I am getting really attached to my sea monkey. Back when there were twenty of them I didn't care so much, but now that there's only one left I find myself worrying about him a lot. (I found out that he's a boy sea monkey for sure.) Is his water too cold? Is he getting enough sunlight? Does he have enough food? Is he lonely in there? For Christmas I drew a picture of him on half of an index card, and I'm keeping it on top of his tank. I'm not sure, but I don't think he likes his gift. Maybe it isn't flattering enough? I did draw his head kind of odd. Or maybe it's just that it's not something useful for him? Perhaps I should have splurged and bought him a sea monkey toy, or maybe even some more sea monkey friends? I want only the best for my little Jimothy.

Hopefully he'll survive while I am away during break. I can't ask anybody to take care of him while I'm away because what he needs is a warm room to stay in, and I don't know anybody with an apartment. He'll have enough food and water and stuff, all he needs is heat. Poor Jimothy... I wish him well during the harsh weeks that are soon coming.

Jimothy (At the top-right of the water line) and his Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was going to draw an entire comic, but then I drew myself like that and I thought it looked too good. And the person I drew next to myself was ambiguous, cartoony, and just not up to par, so I dropped it and kept just this. I also lost my drive to draw myself again with such detail. So yeah. That's how I look in the winter. I am not very happy about the winter. Or the minus twelve weather that is happening. Or the way my hair doesn't agree with my hat and coat combo (which I didn't draw, because it simply looks too odd).

In case you are wondering, she is not looking at the person next to her. She is deliberately not looking at them. She is that annoyed by the thing they said.

So I had this homework assignment, but I also really wanted to play this video game. The natural flow of things dictates that I must not play that game until my homework is done. So I get started on my homework when BAM I have an idea for a comic. And I realize that I am simply not allowed to do my homework until this comic is done. But because I cheaped out on drawing the comic, I have to write this Ubiquity entry before I can do my homework. And I should also probably eat dinner before I do my homework. And maybe I shouldn't do my homework at all tonight...

This is seriously my last homework assignment this year, you'd think the least I could do is do it, especially since doing it means I won't have to get a 95% on the exam to pass the class. Auuugh, I hate getting poor grades.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carry On

So I'll be on the internet, right? And I'll be surfing along, doin' my thing, when all of a sudden I realize that there is something insanely important and really interesting on the internet that I should do right now, and the first step to doing it is clicking a button at the top of my browser. Now the real problem is that I have no idea what this thing is, and I usually click the home button, or my e-mail button. This keeps happening, and it has left me in a state of limbo. There is something interesting to do, I just don't know what it is.

Wait! Fuckdamnit. This is unrelated, but I forgot that I wanted today's entry to be a letter to poets. I was going to complain about how poets today suck mostly, and offer some constructive criticism that would greatly improve things. I guess I'll just do it tomorrow, then, if I can remember to turn on my computer before I go to sleep.

Ick, this is a horrible cup of tea. Why do I keep making bad tea?

Next week is finals week, and I am actually pretty jazzed about it. I'm taking one of my finals early this week, on Friday. I will ace that exam. That means I only have two tests next week, and I'm super confident about one of them. The other one I am actually a little nervous about, and I plan to attend the study session in an attempt to get a grade higher than a C. But even though that difficult exam is on the last day before I fly back home, I will probably spend a lot of next week playing video games and not studying. I suppose I am a bit of an idiot like that.

Wish me luck on my grades! I'm actually fairly certain that I've failed one class, will be getting an A in two others, and will get a D or a C on the last one. My grades are so inconsistent. Let's see how this plays out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Only one week of classes left! That's five days of classes! That's twelve classes total! And then it's just one week of exams! And only two days of that week have exams! And I only have three exams! And then I get to fly home! And then it's only one week at home before I go to Maine! Oh my gosh! This is a good season. I can see why people enjoy this season.

It does not feel like Christmas time at all right now. And I think it might be because of the lack of decorations. So I was thinking I'd get Christmas lights for my dorm. I know it's super cliche to have Christmas lights in a dorm, but dammit I want some. If I gotta live in this Hell-Hole, then I might as well enjoy it.

I really can't wait for my classes to be over. I'm pretty sick of these classes. Even math class in high school wasn't as tedious as some of these classes I have to attend. So hopefully next semester things will be better. And next semester I'll have a car, so I can do things like not have to take the bus, and go places whenever I want despite when the buses are running. It'll be kind of a pain to take care of my car in all this snow, especially in these jam-packed parking lots. But I can't beat the convenience of being able to make a food run to WalMart at 1 am.

Amber and I have already started looking for apartments to live in when she comes to MSU in the fall. We found one that we have decided is our dream apartment. I doubt we'll be able to get it
Oh, would you look at that, I just wasted an hour looking at more apartments. I think I find shopping for apartments to be fun. I just... Anyhting would be better to live in than here. I'm not at all picky.

We want one or two bedrooms, and the option to have Amber's cat. And then the basics--A kitchen, a bathroom, a livingroom, and laundry. These things are all pretty easy to find, so I guess the deciding factors will be location and cost. Amber and I have discussed getting one bedroom and then bunkbeds, but I think I might start pushing for two bedrooms. I kinda miss having privacy before and after my showers. Or we could still consider both sleeping in the same room, but put our desks in the second room/make a craft and recreation room/ give her cat a room of its own.

Anyways, it's much too soon to be looking for a place to live, but I'm starting to get a feel for what I should look for. I'm excited to move in to someplace new this fall.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So my neighbor just picked up her phone and went "Hello?" and I answered back, because I seriously thought she was talking to me through the wall.

Today was a lazy day. And tomorrow will be another lazy day, because it will be Thursday. I love lazy days. But, actually, I should probably do some homework tomorrow, because I did not do any at all today. It was really nice to spend a day in my room, though, playing video games and vegging out. These past couple days I've had so little time to myself that when I leave for my first class in the morning, I make sure to take my extra-heavy coat in case I end up walking in the snow at three am, and I don't have time to come back and get it. And it's not like I'm doing college specific things, either. Yesterday I went and played black light mini golf, and the day before that I played Guitar Hero. These are things kids of all ages are doing, everywhere, all the time. Except for the black light mini golf part, that is kind of unique to this area, but the thought still stands.

So I can't believe that all of my twenty-something seamonkeys have died, except for one. I have named him Jimothy. I wrote a song about him, kind of. It's to the tune of Song of Storms from Zelda. Or maybe it's to the tune of that one song from Willie Wonka. They're both so similar. Anyways, I'm worried that little Jimothy will die soon because it is getting so cold here, and for some reason we keep our room very cold. (Holy shit it is -3˚ right now outside that is ungodly.) So I was thinking I should start keeping him on top of my laptop during the night, so that he'll have something underneath him generating a bit of heat. Seamonkeys like it a bit warm. I already did my part and moved him away from the window where it gets so unbearably cold even the radiator can't help to cut it, but I don't think it was enough.

Hah... Poor little Jimothy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Why do I keep staying up so laaaate... This is really unhealthy for me. It's 11:15, but I'm pretty much in the mindset that it's much too early to be going to sleep. Also, there are some really noisy girls out in the hallway for some reason, so it's not like I could sleep if I wanted to.

Hey, I'm really hungry right now. Imagine that.

I can't wait until all of these classes are over for a bit and I can go home. I want to be someplace where the food is replenished at a reasonable rate, the beds are warm and soft, and the bathrooms are private. And I also don't want to stress about schoolwork anymore. It will be really nice to fly home in a couple weeks after this semester has ended.

... Ugh, I think I'm feeling homesick because I was just at home last week. Not even a week ago, just a few days ago. These last few days have been really long. I should really go out and get some sleep. Er, not out, off. I should go off to bed. Yeah. Sleep. Also: Food.

Ughh what is it about night that makes people yell so loud.