Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So back to that billowy cape and minions thing, Jessie and I are teaming up to join the Evil League of Evil, it seems. She will be Crisis, and I am Chaos. I've already got my evil outfit all picked out and ready to go, now we're just waiting on her. How fun and exciting.

... Pretend I just said all of that with zero inflection. I am tired.

So I did not get a part in the play, but I decided last night that if I got a part I'd yell at Mr. Clough. To be honest, looking at the cast for the play has me all excited, because they are all spectacularly awesome singer, actors, and people. Casting me would have pushed out somebody much more deserving. Like Jessie, for example--She totally got apart. I'm so excited for her, but I really hope she finds other things to talk about than her part in the play. She tends to have a one track mind.

Why am I talking about Jessie so much?
Prolly because I hang with her the most now, since we share a class, lunch period, and I drive her to school every morning. Sigh. I miss Amber and Rae.

So this one college keeps sending me admission applications. I'm having some trouble understanding why; my GPA is substandard, I'm only in the top 75% of my class, and my transcript is the opposite of stellar. So my only guesses in why they love me so much is either A) They don't love me, they love my legacy or B) My SAT and ACT scores are actually a knock-out and I never realized. (I'm fond of the numbers that came back. 1610 and 26. They both have 6's in them and the digits add up to 8. Neat!) Hopefully when I finally send in an application, they don't get scared off. I'd really like to go to college next year.

At least I have a backup plan if university fails.

Also, their rival school has started sending me stuff. What the heck? How did they get my information? Unlike MSU, I don't talk to UM. Also: I'm staring to wonder how I'll pay for these colleges. I'm out of state, so I'll end up paying about $11,000 more than their normal student. I know that we have a college fund set up for me, but I'm guessing it's closer to $7,000, and not $23,000. I guess I should start looking for scholarships now, too. That guest we had in Social Studies the other day said that there's about a billion dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year. If I can apply to all those, I'll be wealthy enough to not need to go to college.

See how well-rounded my logic is? It goes full-circle.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day by Day

What is this, am I masochistic? I'm all like "Oooh--chocolate mousse. Om nom nom! Chocolate milk! Drink! What's that? A bag of M&M's? Devour!" I shouldn't eat chocolate like that. Now I kinda want to curl up and die.

Or drink plain milk. God, I miss milk that's not fat free.

And now it sounds like I'm on a diet. A diet of conquest. I feel an urge to become great in some way. Like a billowy cape, evil laugh, minions sort of great. I think that little Star Wars production we are putting on is getting to my head. I play Chancellor Palpatine, and there's this scene where I'm all "Yess, my pet, submit to me. Let me use you to my will." And my pet even gets all down on his knees and begs. I could get used to that. But I kind of fail as a dominatrix--I don't like that black leather look. And I'm not into bondange. So it's like, I want the power, but I don't want the style. Sigh. What's a girl to do?

Everything smells like cat pee. I'll sit and watch TV downstairs, and WHAM! I smell cat pee. But when I go and look for a pee stain, none exist. I even get down and dirty with a blacklight, but I find nothing. So then, at school in Photography, I sit in this easy chair and BAM! Everything smells like cat pee. What the fuck? Is it the chair? I don't know. Maybe it's that kid next to me. So I go and stand in a well-ventilated area and WHOOF! Nothing at all smells like cat pee. And it's nice, and I can relax. Until I get home and sit on that couch that smells like cat pee! I'm starting to wonder if it might be me. Do I smell like cat pee? Maybe my nose is working incorrectly, and it's thinking everything is cat pee.

The world is made of cat pee.

Call backs for the play were today. We sat around and sang. I have zero problem making an absolute fool of myself in front of people, but as it turns out I can't sing for an audience. So I tanked today, since I couldn't get my voice under control. I sang like a chicken, and I thought it was hilarious. So tomorrow I see if I made it into the play or not, and I'm kind of excited. I pretty much doubt I got a part, but I'm really curious to see how Jessie did. She has a glorious voice, but is afraid to use it, and she can act really well. It's like, she has so much potential for this play, but is the director willing to work to make her shine? Anyhow, I might volunteer my time to work behind scenes, and I'm definately auditioning for the next play.

DollHouse is the next play. We read it in Dramatic Literature this year. I hope it's good.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Augggh, blarrg. Why do I do this to myself? I am allergic to chocolate, so I ate some, and now I feel like crap. I took some aspirin and I chugged some water, and soon I will lay down and sleep it off. I swear, eating chocolate gives me a hangover. I can't help but to eat it, though; when you wrap it around cookie dough I can't resist.

Oh, cookie dough. If I were to get fat, it would be your fault, and I would be okay with it.
(Just don't sit in an oven or anything)

So a couple weeks ago I was digging around in a really old jewelry box of mine, and found this nice little ring. I put it on my finger, and was pleased that it fit so well. Rings don't usually fit me, my knuckles are oddly knobby, so rings will either slide around a lot or not come off. In fact, this ring I tried on a couple weeks ago will not come off. Actually, it will, I took it off once. And then put it back on, thinking I'd be able to do it again. But no, it's still there, on the ring finger of my right hand. Sigh.
Isn't that where promise rings go?
Every finger has significance when it comes to rings, but the only one well known by our society is the ring finger of the left hand. I'm not even sure what the other fingers mean, but it doesn't matter. I just find it interesting what we choose to collectively forget and simplify. We'll remember things that identify ourselves (birth stones, horoscopes), but we forget things that signify others. Humans are so selfish.

So I just saw Ghost Town. It was a delightful movie, I'm glad I saw it. About this guy to suddenly finds himself with the ability to see ghosts, and he is the only one who can. So all of the ghosts want his help, since they have unfinished business. A true romantic comedy, I thought. By the way, he falls in love with some woman. Whatever.

Whee, tomorrow I check out about volunteering for the haunted house. The theme this year is time traveling. I so badly want to join in on the fun.

Oh, blech, the aspirin is kicking in. I'd better sleep.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am a little bit excited because I do not have school tomorrow. I plan to sleep, and then wake up, and then eat. I want to knit. I want to sync up my iPod. I want to read a comic book. I want to watch a bit of daytime television. I want to watch StarWars episode three.

Oh my God, I dislike StarWars. I pretty much hate it. Why is such a boring movie series so popular? In Dramatic Literature, we have to write and perform a short play. I decided to team up with Jessie, what with her being my closest friend in that class. She waved over a couple of her friends, and they were all "You thinking what I'm thinking? StarWars Episode Three as a Greek tragedy."

(When she turned around and said to me "The end of episode three," I assumed she meant Dr. Horrible. If I had known what she really meant, I wouldn't have smiled and nodded so enthusiastically. I'd have sighed, grunted, and maybe thrown up a little in my mouth.)

At least she gave me a part I can have fun with. I'm that evil guy in the black cloak that brings Anakin to the dark side. I get to laugh evilly, and Brent (Brad? Bret? Benny?) holds a lightsaber up to my throat. And I get to coach Benny (Brian? Brit? Bartholomew?) on how to scream like he's on fire while yelling the words "I HATE YOU." I am good at loud dramatic voices.

I wish to turn this play into a Satyr, instead of a tragedy. I want Anakin to be all gay for.. uh... My character, whatever his name is. I want Uh... Mark's character to actually swordfight Anakin on stage, climb some steps, and be all "I have a plus four height advantage!" And when Jessie's character dies, I want her to say "I'm dead," and have Mr. B-Name shout "No! You can't be! That's impossible!" as a sort of foreshadowing for what his son will say to him.

Oh my God I still really hate StarWars. The only characters I remember are Luke, Yoda, Vader, and Anakin. And two of those people are the same. (I'm lucky I even know that.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So the tryouts today went pretty smoothly, I thought. The stage manager this year is smart, organized, and adorable, which will be such a pleasant change from previous years. Perhaps she'll actually listen to and do the things the director says, and remember everything he forgets. That will be so wonderful. It's amazing how just the personality of one person can make something as nerve-wracking as auditioning for a play so graceful.

So anyways, I sang Freeze Ray from Dr. Horrible. I didn't do so well in the singing portion; my nerves caused my voice to crack, warble, and completely hit the wrong note. But I did well reading and acting, I think, so there is still a good chance I will get a part. It was a lot of fun doing the acting, though I couldn't hear the girl reading my lines so I ended up prancing about like an idiot trying to pantomime what she was saying. (He'd have someone read a story aloud while two others acted out the scene) But I redeemed myself during the improv--I do well at making people laugh.

At the used car lot not too far from my house, there is a police car for sale. I fucking want to buy that car. I could speed where ever I want, picking my friends up at their homes would be a larf, and just imagine how much fun it would be to tail someone in that thing. Of course, imagine how much shit I'd get from a police officer. As soon as they see a teenager driving a police car, they would hunt me down for grand theft auto. "I swear, I bought this car legally!" Hah hah, yeah, right. Get out of the motherfucking vehicle.

All cops say motherfucker at every possible opportunity.
(I learned this from Dexter)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is my (second) 77th post. How lucky I am that I get to celebrate twice. How unfortunate that I still have nothing prepared. But whatever.

The tryouts for the school play are tomorrow and Thursday. I am quite excited, though I'm a bit nervous to sing. I love to sing, but like most people, I'm very shy about it. So I wonder if I have a good voice that he'll approve of. Also, I wonder if I can even sing loud enough. Jessie and I are planning to sing songs from Dr. Horrible. I've yet to decide if that makes us lame for doing the same thing, or awesome for doing Dr. Horrible.

Command decision: We are awesome.

So I need a new computer mouse. It's been freaking out on me fairly frequently. I'll try to do something like push it upwards, and the cursor jumps all over the screen. There is hair and gunk in places I can not get to to clean, and it's starting to gross me out. My keyboard is even more disgusting. But I refuse to replace either of them while they still mostly work. If only because I can't find any computer components in the right color. Why is everything black nowadays? I want that off-white color that was dominant about ten years ago. That's where it's at. Off-white. Not black.

Maybe I'll take a weekend off to dismantle my mouse and keyboard, and clean them well.

Auuurgh, I have a song stuck in my head.
And it's a large chunk. So it's like I'm tricking myself into thinking it's the complete thing, and then it repeats. Repeat repeat repeat. But I've found a random cure for when a song gets stuck in your head. It can either help get it off your mind, or get it stuck further, so... yeah. Writing down the lyrics to the song (or all that you can remember) seems to help you move on to other things. But on the other hand, writing down the lyrics may just help you remember them more accurately and for a longer period of time. Who knows.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bon Bon Bon

So I ran off yesterday to go see Batman in Imax. After missing the ferry (which was pretty obvious we wouldn't make in the first place), we waited around in the rain at the ferry terminal for the next one to arrive. After being soaked to the bone, we ate icecream because we obviously weren't cold enough.

We walked the hours or so in the rain to the theater, only to have them sell out of tickets just as we get there. It was upsetting. After finally getting back to our home town a couple hours later, we decided we still very much wanted to see a movie, and drove around for another few hours trying to find a theater playing Ghost Town. Of course, it has not come to a theater near us.

I am getting a craving to go see the Seattle Science Center. It's been a long time since I've gone there during the day just for the exhibits. The last few times I've gone, it was for an overnight stay for Girl Scouts. They close some of the exhibits during an event like that, and I want to go and see everything. I want to sit at the giant table, watch the balls drop, play virtual reality basketball, walk amongst butterflies, and pet the starfish. I wonder if they still have that little space shuttle thing? I wanna sit inside there again, too. MAN, I WANT TO GO TO THE SCIENCE CENTER.

Boy, am I hungry. I wonder if I would get in trouble for sneaking downstairs for a snack?

Friday, September 19, 2008


This is my 77th post! That is very exciting. I wish I had prepared something to do for this post that would be interesting, but I have not. Perhaps I should start thinking now about what I want to do for my 100th post. Maybe I'll go on a trip, and document it here complete with photos. That would make for a nifty 100th post. But I mostly do not want to go anywhere, unless it is to Maine.

So being in a long-distance relationship leaves you as hollow as much as it fills you with love. It's great to have somebody to love and support you emotionally, but there's nobody there physically. It's really no wonder that I've seen so many long-distance relationships just flat out fail within their first couple months. A cheating girlfriend, an impatient boyfriend, a couple that's not willing to commit unless it's convenient. Perhaps their only way of communicating is through cell phones, and she has her phone taken away as punishment. That kills a relationship dead.

But it's not like it's difficult to maintain something with distance. Not cheating on your love is about the easiest thing you can do; I do it every day. And having different modes of communication keeps you from getting cut-off. Internet, phones, snail mail. If all of these options dried up, I'd send a singing telegram to Griffin's door. Actually, now that I've thought of it, I might do that anyways, just for his reaction. And you can't have a true relationship of any sort, be it for love or friendship, if it is based on convenience. You might talk to the same person every day just because they sit next to you in class, but as soon as the school year ends you're no longer friends. You have to be willing to at least try to talk to them outside of when it is most convenient for it to really stick.

I suppose it takes a certain kind of personality. And seeing how long we've been together (and how much much longer we're going to last), I'd say we have just the right personality.

Also, I made pancakes for dinner. And I ate waay too much. Four pancakes doesn't seem like that much, but I guess I have a really tiny stomach.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I thought Griffin might like to read a second Ubiquity post from today, and I figured, why not? Maybe it'll make him feel better. (Chicken soup, and a boosted vitamin C and Zinc intake would help even more.)

So remember that red bump that developed on my eye lid? Well, that particular bump is gone, but a new one has formed on my lower lid this time. It's like... Wry? Well, I think it won't get any worse than last time, so I am not worried. But Jeezuz, these things hurt. Every time I blink it's like someone is poking my eye lid with a needle.

Last week I had Amber come over and we sorted through the manga and anime Craig has left in my care. I don't want to keep very much of it at all, so it'll be donated to the Japan club. This meant that we needed to sort through it and make sure everything was school appropriate. Sorting through manga is really easy since they are always rated and you can flip through them, but anime is really difficult. They won't always have a rating, especially one that conforms to American standards, and to find out if there's anything bad you have to actually sit and watch it. So I took out two series that I knew for a fact weren't any good, and one that looked like it might be clean, but judging by the advertisement inserts probably wouldn't be. In total, seventeen volumes of manga and about eight disks of anime. All taken out because of strong sexual themes and/or nudity. Violence is one thing, but I won't allow teens to see that sex is a natural part of adult life!

Also, that manga where the girl gets raped like, three times in one volume was just too much.

(What will I do with all this porn?)

My friends were talking about this question and answer service called Chacha. You text a question to Chacha, or 242242, and a real person on the other end answers it. They asked it "What is a Fleshlight?" and got a definite answer. It was cute. I wanted to try it for myself, but the message wouldn't send. But you can sign up to be that person on the other end, and I am interested. You get paid for every question that you answer. They give you like a PayPal account type thing, I guess. Really, I just think it'd be really fun to do, like being on Yahoo questions or whatever. Except I'd get paid.

I think I shall next ask how much they get paid.

I am excited to sleep in this weekend. Last weekend I was busy waking up early for tests and not sleeping because of cats punching me in the face. But this weekend, the alarm is off, and the cats locked out. Ahhh!~ I get to sleep.


Man, I am sleepy today and nothing that exciting has happened. But I was told to make a blog post, so here I go making a blog post.

Whee, look at me go. Making a blog post.

Hah hah, how fun. Whoo.

This has reminded me that I need to type up an essay for my History class.

I was reading a classmate's essay in History. Trying to revise it for them so that they do not fail. I did my best, but her essay is so incoherent. There was nothing I could do. Expect move on to some other chick's essay. Who also didn't seem to know how to write. I am a little bit frightened by this fact. How many other kids in that class are near illiterate? WASL scores these previous years have been going up. I think that this year, they will drop drastically.

But also, this means I don't have to try so hard on my essay. By comparison, I am Shakespeare. A++, here I come!

I want to buy a button maker. Like those pins kids wear. "Vote for Kelly, '08" That sort of thing. I went all over town, looking in the deepest corners of every craft store, with no luck. Not even a cheap $20 one hanging around Toys 'R Us. So with a gloomy sigh (and a moment of sheer panic when a giant truck carrying scrap metal nearly backed over my car), I went home and looked online. And looked some more. And then a little more. What the fuck, really?! $300 for a button press?! And it only makes one size. I want to make three sizes. Big, little, and normal. But I eventually decided this guy suited my needs best. It actually makes all three sizes, but it's still really pricey. I don't know if I want custom buttons bad enough. I wonder if there's any way I could buy them without the circle cutters? I am quite handy at scissors, and I bet it would knock about $150 off the price.

Though, I suppose I could ask for it for my birthday. But Then I'd probably have to pay half... and I want my money so's I can buy Animal Crossing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Binbo means Poor

My life is filled with joy at the number of television shows airing next week! Finally, something will be on. In fact, so many things will be on that I won't be able to watch them all. How sad.

Life will get even better the week after, though. Dexter and Pushing Daisies premier in the same week. Just the thought of it...!

Today, I gave a couple friends a ride home. One friend stole my backpack, which included my wallet and gas money. Blah blah blah, I'm angry and I'm not, whatever. I'm over it. Now I'm just upset that my afternoon was thrown off. I was planning to buy things.

So I want to buy leashes and harnesses for my cats. They're indoor only, and that's breaking my heart. So I think they'd enjoy it if I wrapped them up and yanked them around outside. It would really be very cute just to see their reactions. But I'm a little bit afraid that they would get sick, what with being sheltered from outdoors germs and whatnot.

Whatever, they're young and strong. They can heal.

Man, I am so sleepy. Goodnight.

Monday, September 15, 2008



Bless you!


Bless you!


Two is the limit!

Today was a nice and interesting day. My interest was kept, which is wholly important. A friend of mine handed me some sheet music she wanted me to play. She said she wasn't sure if it was difficult or not, since she doesn't play the piano. Really, I was just impressed that it was authentic I-Payed-For-This sheet music, and not something printed off the internet. Playing it, I noticed right away that it was a very simple song (I've got he first two pages memorized, after only ten minutes). I also noticed that the song was gorgeous, despite it's simplicity. Even though it is incredibly repetitive at the start, it's still very dreamlike and wonderful. I can't wait to get the other eight pages down.

But first, I need to photocopy it. Because I'm pretty sure she stole it or something, and I want her to give it back.

So I ate leftovers for dinner. They were delicious. And now, my sinuses are freaking out in a very distinctive way, and I am drinking water hoping it will help. I am mostly certain that my sinuses are acting up because the food I ate was bad. I don't know what it is, but certain foods will make my sinuses freak out. For example, tempura carrots. I find them unbelievably delicious, but when I eat them I get really sick. And now the same thing is happening to me, but I'm not sure why. It's like some sort of delayed reaction, normally it happens as I am chewing the food. And not to mention, I'm feeling a bit nauseous right now.

I hope to God it's not food poisoning.

OHOH. Remember that thing on my eye that I hated? It's petty much gone now. I thought it would get really big and look like a pimple, but it stayed really unrecognizable the entire time. I think I felt it's last moments in life, as it died a very painful death. Because suddenly out of nowhere, that spot got so so so itchy. And then--No more! Hooray. If I get another one somebody will die.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I took the ACT yesterday. Are you supposed to not have enough time to finish the test? I kept finding myself filling in the last bubble as the timer went off. Also, I sneezed during the math portion. And somebody actually said "Bless you."

I sneeze in class a lot. Not enough for kids to notice and comment on it, but definitely more than... Well, everyone but Ellie. And every time I sneeze, it's like some sort of social experiment. Who's going to bless me this time? How many kids will open their mouths? Will somebody make a joke of it and say "Bless you, my child" this time? I noticed more kids bless me during a test than during a lecture. More kids bless me during an English class than during a Math class, unless there is a semester final going on.

Some kids will hand me hand sanitizer after I sneeze. I never know if I should be offended or not, but really I'm just interested in the fact that somebody caught me sneezing into my hand, and not my sleeve. Now I carry around hand sanitizer for myself. Because I only recently realized how disgusting the school is.

Oh man, I just sneezed just now.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Oh, how successfully obnoxious. I woke up this morning because I was rubbing my eye in my sleep. It felt like there was a bruise growing on my eye lid. After looking in the mirror, I see what I think to be a little bit of swelling going on. It's super sensitive to the touch, and even blinking makes it hurt. I decided it wasn't a big deal, and was hardly noticeable. So I went on with my day, feeling a bit like I got stung by a bee in Animal Crossing.

The pain persisted, and after dinner today I checked it out on WebMD. It's the first time I've ever used WebMD in my life, and it's so much more convenient than just Googling my symptoms. But really, I'm just surprised this eye lid pain is an actual thing that people get. I mean, I'm always contracting weird, small, angrily painful spots on my body. Some chronic, some that go away after a day or two. But even WebMD says those pains don't exist.

So anyways, it's a thing that happens sometimes, and there was only one symptom with one diagnosis. I'm impressed. And now I know that there is a motherfucking stye growing in my eye lid, and it will start to leak after it keeps growing over the next couple days. I want to punch somebody. It's like a pimple growing on the edge of my eye lid, but more painful, obnoxious, and it's acting like kind of a dick. Seriously, it's caused by oil blockage in my eyelash follicle. That's what causes acne. Oil blockage.

Really I'm just mad because I'm worried it will scar. My eyes are so pretty. And this stupid thing is growing growing right next to an adorable freckle on my eye lid. Somebody is going to die if it leaves a mark.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh man I can be so impatient why don't I just think things through?

I'm all "Dad, I am starving."
Dad goes "Okay, I will go out and get food."
As soon as dad leaves I go "Okay, I will make myself a peanut butter sandwich."

I'm not even done with the sandwich and he is back with food. Speedy much?

But this story ends with me eating way too much and now I am uncomfortable.

I went to school and Sensei told us that Japanese is being moved to 6th period now, and we must go to the counselor's office en mass. After spending a good 30 minutes in there, half of the kids in the class just drop the subject, and the other half change their schedules around slightly. Of course, I rearrange most of my schedule, since I have weird classes. It took a long time to put the puzzle that is my schedule together.
The entire time I was meeting with my counselor, I could hear RaeLynn's angry voice going "Man, Kelly, better be taking Psychology 4th period or I'm gonna be pissed." What with everyone taking Psychology for 4th now, she was thinking we'd all still at least be able to be in the same class. But I was never, ever planning to take psychology, and my 6th period class was badly needed. So I needed to move 6th to 4th, and whatnot. I have to wonder were she got the idea I would be able to join her in any other classes. Especially since I've never mentioned such a thing.

That was my stress for today. My stress for tomorrow is that I suddenly have PE this semester, and I need to go now and scrounge together a PE uniform.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pavlov's Volvo

So today was actually kind of interesting.

I woke up at the same time as usual (I actually kept waking up before my alarm went off, under the belief that I had slept through it), but allowed myself some time for breakfast and to wake up. Leaving an hour later than normal? Fantastic. I drove to go pick up my friend and drive her to school. I've never been to her place before, and I had never been to that side of town before. So off I went on my wild adventure, armed with only directions I picked out myself on a map. I missed one of the crucial turns the first time, and it took me ten minutes to get back. The second time I got that turned I missed last time, but completely passed by another. The third time I finally took all the right turns, but totally turned into the wrong driveway. Whatever. I was worried she'd be mad that I was so early, but instead found that she was worried I was so late.

We got to school way too early, actually.

Then during lunch, this kid jumped off the roof of the school. He accidentally kicked his hacky-sack up there, so up he climbed to go fetch it. Once up there, he couldn't figure out how to get back down. So he decided to jump onto this aluminum overhang, probably thinking he'd be able to hang off it and only drop a couple feet. Instead, he jumped, and went right through it. He put this perfect little hole in it. He then totally stood up like nothing happened. He is now suspended for a semester.

Then there was a chick-fight in the hallway after school. Like, right after the bell rang. I usually just walk right through the middle of the fights (It's like they only start up right next to me), but this one happened right in the main hallway itnersection. I couldn't push through the crowd, and those bitches were blocking the way to my locker. It's hilarious though, because we made fun of the girl who started it in class all the time. The teacher would even get into it--Oooh, don't smack talk her! She'll two stomp you.

... Oh God, I made it sound like we created some angry little white girl by picking on her. Nah, she's this black chick that likes to act street. She knew everything we said was all in good fun.

I just had icecream and I am feeling content.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So today just wasn't that great of a day. I came home terribly upset and angry at a friend of mine that I had trouble communicating with. After stomping around the house a bunch, I decided to watch a bit of TV while waiting for the internet to wake up. After just one episode, I found myself feeling quite depressed, and went back up to my room to sulk.

Of course, as soon as I see that Griffin is online I'm overjoyed.

Because dad's away, my mother wanted to go out to eat tonight. After driving around for a while and pestering me with questions about where I wanted to go (She always pesters me when I'm upset), we finally went to a restaurant that was just too noisy. I ordered their root beer, which they brew right there in the building, only to find it has a terribly disgusting mildew aftertaste. The food I ordered was also quite unpleasant, and I really only ate a couple bites. After complaining about my drink, they replaced my root beer with a ginger ale. It wasn't very long before I remembered ginger ale is disgusting. Our waitress left us waiting for twenty minutes when we wanted to pay the check. It created an awkward situation when she caught us up at the front trying to pay... I really hope we don't go there again any time soon.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I turned in my form for a late arrival, but I don't know if it's all the paperwork that I need. But tomorrow, I skip first period. And if I get a detention, I guess that will mean I missed some form somewhere.

I feel like there's something else really big going on in my life that I'm forgetting about. I hope it'll come to me soon.

EDIT: Sudden update. I had two voicemails, wtf? One I was told was there, but the other is hilariously creepy. But I can't identity their voice. Definitely a male (Judging by the Ju-On croaking noises, heavy breathing, and taste in humor), and they whispered something at the end. But it's totally incomprehensible. My best guess is that my friend's brother got ahold of her cell phone, since it says the only person to call me today was her. It's a shame that Kelly = Terrible at recognizing voices on the phone.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My goldfish died. A moment of silence for poor Nadroj. He's hangin' with Niffirg now, in the septic system that's actually not too far from my room.

I've been searching for about nine months now for a composition notebook with graph paper. I've been badly wanting one, stopping in at every office supply store I see. I finally found one, but it's in that annoying blue color. I was hoping for black. Or green. Maybe even a dark red--But not blue. Blue composition notebooks are stupid. Looking at it makes me angry. But I'll deal. I need to get started with it soon, anyhow. I've got nine months of work to catch up on.

I noticed that I can balance some of my nail polish bottles on top of each other. This reminded me of how balancing rocks is a legitimate sport/hobby. I wonder if I'd be able to turn this into a serious thing?
"She's fifty bottles high, folks, and that tower is looking mighty sturdy!"
"You're right, Bob, I think we'll be able to witness a new world record today."

Oh man, I just went from a little giddy to kinda depressed. Those crazy feminine emotions of mine sure are swingin'.

I am supposed to write an essay on my life for my history class. I am planning to switch out of that class before I ever have the chance to turn it in. So what I think I'll do is type up the final draft and post it on Ubiquity. Kinda like some End-Of-The-Season special, or something. Who knows.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Griffin said that he would like a Ubiquity post that is all about him.

Friday, September 5, 2008


School school school school school. I am so sick of school. I love to learn, but I hate school. It isn't the people I hate--I'm not emo like that--It's the monotony. I do the same thing every day for most of a year. Things get shaken up a bit every so often, but it's always shaken up the same way. Even the fun things aren't fun anymore. They're just predictable.

Not to mention my classes just suck. Why do they suck so bad? What did I do to deserve this?

I am going to die of sheer boredom in my Practical Writing and Composition class. I took it because it gives me an occupational credit as well as an English credit. Those are what I need more of. Twice a week, this English class goes into the computer lab. I guess you learn basic computer skills in this portion of class, because today, we learned how to make new folders, make a Word Document, and save that document in a folder. If I had known it would be this simple, I would have brought homework to do during class. Now I'm worried the classroom portion of this class will be just as simple. If so, I'll have to talk to my counselor about switching out. Even if it means I lose a class with friends, and That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday will need to find somebody else to give him evil glares.

I have a piece of yellow paper, and I need my parents to sign it. When they do, it means I am allowed to arrive late to school every day, skipping my first period. When this happens, school will start around 9am again, just like in elementary school. Except, I can drive myself, so I don't have to wake up at five every morning. I can instead wake up at say, eight. Or still get up at six, and make myself breakfast, stop by the store to buy lunch, maybe even take a shower. It will be grand.

There is this weird thing going on with my lunch schedule and my Japanese class. You see, Sensei teaches his fourth and fifth year students in the same period. The class is 4th period, and is during second lunch. But Sensei wants his fifth year students to get more personalized attention, to prepare us for the AP exam. So he has us fifth year students come in during first lunch, and eat during second lunch. I originally had first lunch, so for a day I got to eat sooner. Then for the past two days, I eat a little later. Today, Sensei told us that apparently, it is illegal for him to teach during his lunch break. So he has to go back to teaching both classes at the same time. So he wants to switch my class to sixth period, which is supposed to be his planning period. If he does this, I will have to take History during some other period in the day, and my schedule gets thrown around, along with my lunch time.

A quick talk with my counselor told me that I am able to switch my classes around to accommodate a sixth period Japanese class. So I have no worries.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Distilled Tanning Lotion

So yesterday was the first day of school. I don't care much for school. This year, my locker is in an inconvenient place (despite what I requested), I managed to get the lunch that does not have all of my friends, and most of my teachers ramble on instead of assign activities. I'm very bored already. But there are a few positive things! I got a few teachers this year that simply don't assign that much homework. I have friends in two of my classes this year (If you don't count Japanese, I haven't had a friend in one of my classes since 8th grade), and I'm automatically the coolest kid in my 6th period because I can drive.

In my third period, there is this kid that makes me angry. He doesn't know me, and I'm too lazy to listen to attendance to find out his name. I simply know him as That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday. I used to walk by him in the hallway everyday (our hallways run like clockwork, I swear), and he'd always wear the same damn thing. So I'm giving him a grace period of two weeks to get to changing his outfit daily before I start giving him death glares every day in class.

I am so serious on this. Death glares.

So today, while I was driving home from school, I realized how badly I needed to go to the bathroom. Really really badly. So naturally, I hit every traffic light, two people jumped out in front of my car, an ambulance drove by, a couple crazy drivers cut me off, and I got stuck behind a school bus. I also got stuck behind this guy trying to drive while his girlfriend tried her hardest to make-out with him (Scary as Hell, he was all over the road). On a normal day, not even one of those things will happen. So I'd say the ride home was pretty eventful. AND SO STRESSFUL OH MY GOD.

My new birth control pills are giving me PMS every day. I'm gonna go cry about it and then eat a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


School starts tomorrow. I am terribly depressed about this. But, hopefully things will look up again soon.

I have for you the transcript of a dream I had. I think this dream embodies everything about my entire life. Without even skipping a beat. And then, I will bare my soul about this dream.
(Jum is a faceless friend, nobody of real importance.)

Jum stands at the head of Kelly's desk.
Kelly, you know a lot about walruses. Will you draw me one?

Kelly: Sure.
Kelly bows her head down and makes circling motions with her pencil as she draws.
Jum places a finger at the top of the paper once Kelly has finished drawing.
Jum: Kelly...
Both look up, and for the intensity and duration of a heartbeat, their gazes lock.
Jum: This is not a walrus. This is a blowdryer.
Kelly: You're right.
Both are unfazed.

I don't even know where to begin with this dream. It seems as though every little thing that happens
has some dear meaning to me. So let's start at the beginning. That's logical.

Walrus: I will admit that for a good chunk of my life, I have been depressed. During the last half of seventh grade, it got pretty severe. So everyday for about six months, I would come home and lock myself in my room, researching walruses until about 3 in the morning. I did not enjoy doing this at all, and felt very stressed about it. I decided I was done with my research when I made a poster presentation and threw it in the trash.

Draw me one: I draw in class a lot. So I tend to get requests for artwork. This ties into

This is not a walrus: I never actually draw anything for anyone. On rare occaisions I'll do a request, but most of the time I just end up avoiding the person until they change schools.

Bows her head: Totally symbolizes an aspect of my relationship with my father. When he tells me to do something, I can not put it off for even a minute. It needs to be done as soon as he asks. Because of this, I'm timely, and blindly submissive.

Circling motions: Even before I could spell, I've wanted to be a cartoonist of some sort. Comics, animations, you name it I attempted it. In cartoons, you often see that when a character writes, the top of their pencil makes little circles. In reality, the motion of the pencil depends on the letter being drawn. I always compare the motions I see in reality to motions I see in cartoons. Sometimes, the only thing I'll notice about a person is that they blink like a Simpson.

Gazes lock: This happens to me so often. Somebody, usually a boy, will be standing in front of me as we work together on some school thing, or as I draw a picture. They will point to what I have just done, and look up to see my reaction as they make a statement about it. I look up to figure out the emotion they are trying to convey (Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it a question?). They always stop talking for a split second when I look up before they finish what they were saying. Looking back on this now, I realize how awkward this must be for the other party. Hmm.

You're right: I say so little all the time. I once had somebody on the internet ask me if I was a chatbot. Probably because all I did was either prompt them for more statements (Oh? Is that so? Do tell. Really?), or ask them about their recent statement (How faw away do they live? Is that hard to do?).

Unfazed: Tying in with Gazes Lock. While they are obviously stunned by my ultimate beauty or lost in my captivating gaze, I have no idea that anything is happening. Kelly is all business as usual. So I tend to be ultimately unfazed by any suddenly romantic moments. Also, I tend to be unfazed by any moments of any sort, and thus have a tendency to be unfazed by life.

As I read that dream over again and again, I find more and more little things that have meaning. But I'm too tired, and too lazy, to keep talking about myself.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Like Candy

I don't care what they say,
Goodbyes are sugar-sweet.
They rot your gut
And foul your breath.
And even when they're all gone
They're still not done.
They round out your belly
Or hollow your cheeks.
They leave you down and alone.
So the next time I say hello,
I'm never gonna let you go.
So you and me?
We're sugar-free.

Man I am so tired right now. I think I'll just go to bed.