Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So back to that billowy cape and minions thing, Jessie and I are teaming up to join the Evil League of Evil, it seems. She will be Crisis, and I am Chaos. I've already got my evil outfit all picked out and ready to go, now we're just waiting on her. How fun and exciting.

... Pretend I just said all of that with zero inflection. I am tired.

So I did not get a part in the play, but I decided last night that if I got a part I'd yell at Mr. Clough. To be honest, looking at the cast for the play has me all excited, because they are all spectacularly awesome singer, actors, and people. Casting me would have pushed out somebody much more deserving. Like Jessie, for example--She totally got apart. I'm so excited for her, but I really hope she finds other things to talk about than her part in the play. She tends to have a one track mind.

Why am I talking about Jessie so much?
Prolly because I hang with her the most now, since we share a class, lunch period, and I drive her to school every morning. Sigh. I miss Amber and Rae.

So this one college keeps sending me admission applications. I'm having some trouble understanding why; my GPA is substandard, I'm only in the top 75% of my class, and my transcript is the opposite of stellar. So my only guesses in why they love me so much is either A) They don't love me, they love my legacy or B) My SAT and ACT scores are actually a knock-out and I never realized. (I'm fond of the numbers that came back. 1610 and 26. They both have 6's in them and the digits add up to 8. Neat!) Hopefully when I finally send in an application, they don't get scared off. I'd really like to go to college next year.

At least I have a backup plan if university fails.

Also, their rival school has started sending me stuff. What the heck? How did they get my information? Unlike MSU, I don't talk to UM. Also: I'm staring to wonder how I'll pay for these colleges. I'm out of state, so I'll end up paying about $11,000 more than their normal student. I know that we have a college fund set up for me, but I'm guessing it's closer to $7,000, and not $23,000. I guess I should start looking for scholarships now, too. That guest we had in Social Studies the other day said that there's about a billion dollars in unclaimed scholarships each year. If I can apply to all those, I'll be wealthy enough to not need to go to college.

See how well-rounded my logic is? It goes full-circle.

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