Friday, September 19, 2008


This is my 77th post! That is very exciting. I wish I had prepared something to do for this post that would be interesting, but I have not. Perhaps I should start thinking now about what I want to do for my 100th post. Maybe I'll go on a trip, and document it here complete with photos. That would make for a nifty 100th post. But I mostly do not want to go anywhere, unless it is to Maine.

So being in a long-distance relationship leaves you as hollow as much as it fills you with love. It's great to have somebody to love and support you emotionally, but there's nobody there physically. It's really no wonder that I've seen so many long-distance relationships just flat out fail within their first couple months. A cheating girlfriend, an impatient boyfriend, a couple that's not willing to commit unless it's convenient. Perhaps their only way of communicating is through cell phones, and she has her phone taken away as punishment. That kills a relationship dead.

But it's not like it's difficult to maintain something with distance. Not cheating on your love is about the easiest thing you can do; I do it every day. And having different modes of communication keeps you from getting cut-off. Internet, phones, snail mail. If all of these options dried up, I'd send a singing telegram to Griffin's door. Actually, now that I've thought of it, I might do that anyways, just for his reaction. And you can't have a true relationship of any sort, be it for love or friendship, if it is based on convenience. You might talk to the same person every day just because they sit next to you in class, but as soon as the school year ends you're no longer friends. You have to be willing to at least try to talk to them outside of when it is most convenient for it to really stick.

I suppose it takes a certain kind of personality. And seeing how long we've been together (and how much much longer we're going to last), I'd say we have just the right personality.

Also, I made pancakes for dinner. And I ate waay too much. Four pancakes doesn't seem like that much, but I guess I have a really tiny stomach.

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