Sunday, September 7, 2008


My goldfish died. A moment of silence for poor Nadroj. He's hangin' with Niffirg now, in the septic system that's actually not too far from my room.

I've been searching for about nine months now for a composition notebook with graph paper. I've been badly wanting one, stopping in at every office supply store I see. I finally found one, but it's in that annoying blue color. I was hoping for black. Or green. Maybe even a dark red--But not blue. Blue composition notebooks are stupid. Looking at it makes me angry. But I'll deal. I need to get started with it soon, anyhow. I've got nine months of work to catch up on.

I noticed that I can balance some of my nail polish bottles on top of each other. This reminded me of how balancing rocks is a legitimate sport/hobby. I wonder if I'd be able to turn this into a serious thing?
"She's fifty bottles high, folks, and that tower is looking mighty sturdy!"
"You're right, Bob, I think we'll be able to witness a new world record today."

Oh man, I just went from a little giddy to kinda depressed. Those crazy feminine emotions of mine sure are swingin'.

I am supposed to write an essay on my life for my history class. I am planning to switch out of that class before I ever have the chance to turn it in. So what I think I'll do is type up the final draft and post it on Ubiquity. Kinda like some End-Of-The-Season special, or something. Who knows.

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