Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pavlov's Volvo

So today was actually kind of interesting.

I woke up at the same time as usual (I actually kept waking up before my alarm went off, under the belief that I had slept through it), but allowed myself some time for breakfast and to wake up. Leaving an hour later than normal? Fantastic. I drove to go pick up my friend and drive her to school. I've never been to her place before, and I had never been to that side of town before. So off I went on my wild adventure, armed with only directions I picked out myself on a map. I missed one of the crucial turns the first time, and it took me ten minutes to get back. The second time I got that turned I missed last time, but completely passed by another. The third time I finally took all the right turns, but totally turned into the wrong driveway. Whatever. I was worried she'd be mad that I was so early, but instead found that she was worried I was so late.

We got to school way too early, actually.

Then during lunch, this kid jumped off the roof of the school. He accidentally kicked his hacky-sack up there, so up he climbed to go fetch it. Once up there, he couldn't figure out how to get back down. So he decided to jump onto this aluminum overhang, probably thinking he'd be able to hang off it and only drop a couple feet. Instead, he jumped, and went right through it. He put this perfect little hole in it. He then totally stood up like nothing happened. He is now suspended for a semester.

Then there was a chick-fight in the hallway after school. Like, right after the bell rang. I usually just walk right through the middle of the fights (It's like they only start up right next to me), but this one happened right in the main hallway itnersection. I couldn't push through the crowd, and those bitches were blocking the way to my locker. It's hilarious though, because we made fun of the girl who started it in class all the time. The teacher would even get into it--Oooh, don't smack talk her! She'll two stomp you.

... Oh God, I made it sound like we created some angry little white girl by picking on her. Nah, she's this black chick that likes to act street. She knew everything we said was all in good fun.

I just had icecream and I am feeling content.

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