Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have that one song stuck in my head.
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so close to me!
I am considering adopting it as my new theme song. My other one seems to have worn itself out, and I do believe this one gives off just the right message.

So! Even though it is past Christmas, I am still receiving gifts. I've managed to gain: Yotsuba doll + manga, manicure kit, slippers, bracelet charms, and a replacement pocket watch for the one I have that broke.

I am so happy to have this pocket watch, you really have no idea. I've really missed winding my watch every morning, listening to that frantic way it ticks double-time... It's like having a part of me back. Though, I still have not found somebody locally who can fix my old watch. Which is sad, because even though the two watches are very similar, their faces are opposite color, and I think the older one is prettier. Black and gold is nicer than white and gold, I think.

I went and saw that movie Spirit with a friend tonight. It was unplanned, but fun nonetheless. That movie, though. I expected so much more out of it. Like maybe a plot that was thicker than tissue. And not the kind you sneeze into, but the kind you wrap things in. It seemed like everything they said was useless. You could condense every important line down to a short paragraph. But the visuals were good, once they got done with the opening credits.

I wish to kill the opening credits' animations!

After you get used to the fact that yes, the entire movie will look like that, the visuals become more stunning and less tedious. Which is backwards. It also would have been nice if they explained certain really important bits more. Like what that shiny thing at the end was that saved the entire movie. I had to ask somebody--It was the golden fleece. An ancient Greek myth.

... Or maybe they did tell us about that fleece, but it was during all of the fluff I tuned out because nothing was happening visually or to the story.

Usually I'm done rambling right about now, but I wish to share my experience at the orthodontist today. I've had bad visits in the past, but they all had their reasons for being painful. This time, they were just being completely incompetent. I told her I had a loose band, and she made a big deal out of it. All I could think was yeah, yeah, just fix it already. She had so much trouble trying to get the already loosened band off my tooth that it started to bleed. She then proceeded to cover my entire tooth in glue. The entire thing. The. Entire. Motherfucking. Tooth. I took my fingernail and chipped off a huge piece later, but there is still a lot of glue. She was then told to take a wire and pigtail one of my teeth. Last time I went, my entire upper row was pigtailed, it was really nothing out of the ordinary for me. It's nothing painful, just a bit of wire used to anchor the main wire to the braces.

But she found a way to make it painful.

She takes this thin, razor-sharp wire, and maneuvers it around my braces, get it in place, then spreads the two ends apart and proceeds to scrape around my mouth with it. I almost smacked her! What was she thinking, running a wire that thin along the sides of my mouth like that?! Once more around, and she'd have taken enough off that it would have been considered surgery. She must have been having difficulty with whatever she was doing (it is simple, I could have done it for her with one hand.) because she took one wire and pulled it down as far as she could so that it was badly cutting into my lower lip, and took the other wire and pulled it sideways, so that it was cutting into the side of my mouth. And wiggled it around a bit.

"Why are you fighting me so much?"

Because if you keep doing what you're doing, I'll look halfway like Batman's major villain. I don't know why I didn't just push her hands away from my mouth. That was seriously so painful, and for no good reason. It made sense when I flinched when that other lady forced all of her weight onto a sore tooth, and it was perfectly fine that I squirmed when the orthodontist dug her sharp metal tools between my gums and my tooth. But when I'm flinching, squirming, squealing, and clenching my eyes tight at what should be an absolutely painless and completely normal thing, it means you're doing your job wrong.

Needless to say, there is a sore in the corner of my mouth.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Watching Adam Savage obsess over building a dodo skeleton and making the Maltese Falcon reminded me of some old career/job choices I used to have.

Y'know. The answers to what I want to be when I grow up.
They go like this:

  • I first wanted to work at McDonald's for a living (And I have the toys to back this up)
  • I then wanted to be an archaeologist (Again, the toys...)
  • A journalist, after meeting one
  • An architect
  • A pet store owner
  • A prop maker, like for movies
  • A teacher
  • A veterinarian
  • A computer technician
  • A web programmer
  • A fashion designer
  • A forensics scientist
  • A novelist
  • A photographic journalist
  • A surgeon
  • A lawyer
And I'm certain I've had passing fancies of other jobs, like trophy wife, stuntman, race car driver, and comic artist.

But gosh, it's really no wonder I had a hard time choosing a college, because I still have interests in all of these things. I even think of doing a lot of these things on the side, just for fun.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Suuuup, Ubiquity?

Merry Christmas. Even if you're not religious, I do wish you a good Christmas day.

I received some very lovely things for Christmas. Including this shiny new Mac Book that is sitting on my lap right now. Mircrosoft Office (another gift) is currently installing, and I am anxious for it to finish. I feel the need to type out a lot in order to get used to this new keyboard. The fact that is is so very flat is causing me to miss keys, as my long fingernails hit the areas around them.

God, why is this keyboard so flat? Who thought this would be a good idea?!

Here, let me list the other things I received for you:

  • MSU sweater and T-Shirt (They are lovely.)
  • Cockeyed.com Calendar, complete with nail
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac
  • $60 iTunes giftcards
  • Tangerine
  • Wireless mouse for Mac
  • Hello Kitty soaps
  • Pajamas
  • $100 from Grandma
  • Steampunk locket-rings
There might have been something else, but I really can not think of it right now.

Let me tell you, those steampunk rings I got are really incredible. They are clockwork inset to the front of a locket. One is attatched to an intricately-designed band, the other attatched to just a solid band. They are both of a golden color. I'll have pictures of them up for you as soon as possible.

To celebrate Christmas, we went over to a family friends' house. There we sat around chatting for a long while, then eating dinner for a bit, and finally playing The Great Dalmuti. It is like tradition with us to play that game for long hours. The game divides you into classes depending on how well you play; Greater Dalmuti plays the ebest, then going down to the Lesser Dalmuti, Merchants (of which there can be any number), the Lesser Peon, and the Greater Peon. I usually am the Greater Peon, as I seem to always deal myself horrible hands (Greater Peon is in charge of dealing, collecting cards, and doing other's bidding). Never had I been the Great Dalmuti, and tonight I decided it was my turn.

I should mention: The Great Dalmuti wears an obscenely large and ridiculous hat. The Greater Peon also wears a ridiculous hat, but it is a jester's hat and it nowhere near as large.

So I played a mean game! I was slowly wokring my way up through the ranks, and I had made it all the way to the lesser Dalmuti. I then lost my seat and ended up a merchant, and finally the Greater Peon again. But only for a couple rounds--I then miraculously won and became the Great Dalmuti.


Only problem: We did not have the usual hat tonight. So I wore a large purple pimp/Mad Hatter hat.

... I'll win again. And I shall wear that hat.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Face

Two posts in one day! Boy, am I talkative today.

So that was the most haphazard photo shoot I've ever done for myself. My glasses were smudged, my tie was crooked, and my hair was going every which way. I hadn't even bothered to iron my tie, despite it being prone to wrinkles and in a pile for the past year or so.

Though! I had completely forgotten how adorable I am in that dress. Or, rather, how adorable that dress is on me. It was also a nice chance to retake those photos that combine that dress as well as my black overcoat (Or is it a pea coat? It is very much inbetween). All the others I had taken very very blurry, and I've always been a little sad by that.

Now! Drumroll! The one picture out of 35 that I have chosen to be my new face on the internet!

I look like Mikami, wtf. How did I not notice that?

As you might see, the image is fairly similar to the old one. But, there's more hair, the addition of glasses, and a slightly different pose.

... Eh, I'm bored of this now. I'm gonna go read comic books.



What? No. What? Stop saying these things.
Since when do I have an accent? Your ears must be off.
I was born in that hospital down the road. I've lived here ever since. Go away.

All my life. Why do people keep asking me these stupid things? I don't have an accent. Ask anyone from Europe. Kelly speaks like an American. So why do people assume I'm English?

And then I must type funny, too, because my apparant accent is leaking into the internet. Do I type like I'm British? I don't even know the difference between Britain and England. But I've managed to confuse more than one person into thinking I'm not quite American.

Is it because I say 'quite?' Is it?
Maybe it's because I say 'rather.' And 'bother.' And the occasional 'humbug.'

But I couldn't even tell you the difference between a pound and a pence. Agh.
(Perhaps it's because I was raised watching British comedies and reading English authors. And drinking tea. And eating crumpets. Hm.)

Also: I've spend most of my day today in a long battle with my computer. When it woke up today, it had decided it would clear away my desktop theme. A restart didn't fix the problem. A re-download of the theme did not fix the problem. So many different troubleshoots and so many different restarts. Finally downloading this one application fixed the problem. But then when I decided to open up the Desktop Properties window, it decided to glitch out and open a couple hundred Firefox windows, all leading to a Microsoft website telling me I could pay to install more desktop themes. Restart my computer two more times, and things are all quiet and set as they should be. For now.

Do you think my computer is rebelling because I wish to replace it with a laptop next week?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Recently, when I have been clicking on things, my computer doesn't register that I clicked, but the internet browser does. So the button shows selection, or changes color, or whatever it is the button does, but nothing loads. I find myself clicking on something, then waiting a few minutes for it to load before realizing that nothing has happened. I decided to try double clicking on everything, but that just caused more problems.

What the fuck is wrong with my computer?

I don't know why I said I would bake cookies today. I was planning to start them around 2pm, so I cleaned the kitchen up. But I found I did not have what I needed for the recipe, and sent my father out in his massive snow-fighting truck to pick up a couple things for me. That was at about 1pm. About five or six dad comes home, and then we go out to dinner. Meaning I waited for many hours just so I'd have something to do. I thought he'd be back in one or two hours. Gah.

So the cookies got started at 8:40, and need three hours to chill. I was making this recipe specifically for my dad, so I hope he doesn't mind that there will be no cookies until tomorrow evening, since I refuse to bake at midnight or before lunch.

Also, I sucked at making the cookie dough. But I succeeded in making cookie crumbs, somehow, despite my use of the oven. It will be interesting to see how my cookie crumbs cook.

I am in a reading mood. I spent so long on the couch reading that my knees hurt from being curled up. I plan to finish this book before Sunday is over, then move on to another, and then I have three more lined up I will probably have done before New Year's. Which is all well and good, because there is an ice storm with 90mph winds headed our way. The power is expected to be out for a couple days or more. Though the generator is all cranked and ready to go, the TV will not be hooked up to it, so I'll be stuck with books.

Wait. I realized why I have this sudden enthusiasm to read. It's because I can see clearly now with my glasses. With the words in focus, I'm actually focusing on the story, and not getting distracted and daydreaming while I skim along. It makes so much sense!

Off I go, to read.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It snowed all last night and all today. School was canceled for today, and they just called to tell me that it is canceled for tomorrow as well. This is reason to CELEBRATE, as I don't have to make these snow days up at the end of the year. The perks of being a senior.

Do you remember how forever ago (a little over two weeks, actually) I was talking about a story I wanted to write? I decided to plow right on ahead with it, donning a sort of screw-the-world air as I decided not to bother talking to anyone about it first. And I've made a bit of progress; I have given the main characters names. Though, I must say, two of the three main characters got completely shafted when it comes to their names. Who the fuck names their son Liam? I must re-roll the dice on that one.

And I am having trouble when it comes to designing the looks for the main female character. I keep wanting her to look like me, because I am The Prettiest. But I want her to be in no way connected to myself, otherwise I'll just be inserting some dumb Suzy into this thing. But she'd just look right with long blond hair. With curls. And a thin figure. And elegantly long fingers. And luscious red lips, captivating blue eyes, beautiful legs that go on for miles...

Damn, I'm pretty.

(I need a break to look in the mirror.)

On second thought. Maybe I will base her looks off me. And tell people she's really based off some cover girl.

RaeLynn got me these adorable socks for Christmas. They are black with neon hearts in cute little rows all over it, with Hello Kitty at the top. They are so me. I plan to wear them later. Jessie said something about making cookies. But without school tomorrow, I'll see no such things until maybe after New Year's.

Oh, hey! That's true! I don't have any more school for the rest of the year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hooray, I have my glasses. I am planning a quick photo shoot before the end of the week, since I believe that picture in the top left corner could use some updating. And I do believe the addition of lenses would make the picture more attractive.

It did not snow here today. It snowed everywhere except here. I am not even kidding--The newspaper showed little pictures of clouds dropping snow completely surrounding my area, but no little pictures over my home. It is supposed to snow within the next couple hours, but I do wonder if that will happen.

It is currently 33 degrees outside, cloudy, and an 83% humidity.

Now if you'll excuse me, there is a cat posing and styling next to me that would like my attention. She either wants to play or wants head scritchies. Either way, I am willing to help.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Snow snow snow snow snow some more please. I hate the cold, but I adore the delays, and I love the cancellations. I would like to not be at school for the rest of the week. Let it snow all night and all day.

For Christmas, Amber got me a dinosaur excavation kit. I spent a few fair hours scraping away at moist clay and assembling a plastic Tyrannosaurus rex. I am happy at it's five-inch figure, but later I plan to tackle the nine-inch friend. They can be mommy and baby. I just enjoy the fact that I got my hands so dirty, and the clay was delightfully moist. Not moldable, yet not dusty. You could cut it with a knife, crack it with a hammer, and leave impressions with tools. Satisfying.

The optometrist called and my glasses are ready. But by the time I got down there to pick them up the little shop had closed. So tomorrow I will swing by and then see things a bit more clearly. I am excited to find out if I am dyslexic when it comes to reading, or I just have poor eyesight.

So lately I have been considering whether or not I might be narcoleptic. I know for a fact I have some sort of dyssomnia (I have for many many years). And lately I have had strong urges to sleep at random moments in time. I am too strong willed to just lie down and sleep during certain activities, such as driving, but I found myself propping up my head and closing my eyes during a quiz today. That is so uncharacteristic of me. I'm usually the most alert kid in the class. I also find I would rather lie down and take a nap than play a thrilling video game right in the middle, and I'd rather rest than read a favorite book. Everything has become "Oh, but I shouldn't do that, because I want to sleep instead."

Maybe I just need a nice vacation to get rested up.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Cingulomania (n) -
A desire to hold someone in your arms.

(Felt like sharing.)

Ugh ugh ugh. That hat I am crocheting is turning out all wrong. I have no desire to restart again. I think I might just buy a hat and dye it black. Fun fact: Kelly always reads 'crocheting' as Crotch-Etting. Even though I know better.

One more week until winter break. I am excited. Since I do dislike school.

Sunday I helped to tear down the set from the school play. I was having fun and enjoying myself until Jessie took my power drill away for her own selfish needs. Then I was stuck peeling tape off the floor, as opposed to dismantling things with gusto.
... Her selfishness and blindness towards others really gets to me sometimes.

There is snow on the ground but it is not as normal. Usually, the snow falls in thick wet clumps, gathers on the roads as slush and ice, and gathers on the cars as a very not dense ice. But this time, the snow fell as powder, gathered on the roads hardly at all, and gathered on the cars as powder. It is so strange... When the wind blows it looks like it is snowing sideways, because of all the powder being blown around. It is strange, surreal, and very very cold.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


So you know how at sports games, someone will hold up a sign that says John 3:16? I've been wondering what that meant, and I've looked it up.

I had to pull out my dusty old Bible from back in the day. I've never actually looked someone up in this book before, actually, and I wasn't sure how to go about it. Despite attending a Christian school. But I found it.

For god so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
This made me think. Not about Jesus, but about how I need a passage from the Bible to call my own. Something that speaks to me. So I opened up to my favorite book, Leviticus. I've been reading and rereading it for a while now, and I really can't think of one passage that I like the best. All of it is really great. And perfectly absurd out of context. I especially like the ones that end with "I am the Lord," or "I am the Lord your God." I think that defines me well. But I think I've settled on one that I can stand strongly by, despite my lack of religious faith: Leviticus 18:19.

Do not approach a woman to have sexual relations during the uncleaness of her monthly period.
That's really something I believe in. For oh so many reasons.

I want to go on and quote some more of my favorite passages, but I'd just end up quoting the entire thing. I'm especially fond of the bits that make slavery okay, tell you not to eat pigs or chickens, describe who and what to not have sex with, and count the many different ways you can be unclean.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Professor Tweedle

I need to go to the Post Office! To mail boxes. I also need to go to the Optometrist's. It's been a couple weeks and they've yet to call about my glasses. So I'm going to walk up there and be all like "You promised! Also, I kinda need these lenses."

Crocheting is going... Okay! I've learned that it is not something you need to pull tight, like knitting. It took three tries to get the hat going right. The first time, it turned out like a triangle. The second time, it was bunching and ruffling along the edges. This time! I now have a black yamaka. That will hopefully evolve into a fuller sized hat.

I! Hate! Using! Exclamation! Points! I've seriously just been using them as a way of being sort of ironic. I really think they are evil and a sign of poor writing. But now, I find them as a way to excuse myself for writing fragmented sentences as well as stressing things. But no more! After that. I am back to boring punctuation.

I am now off to shower and then have troubled sleep. Tonight feels like a night for nightmares!
(Okay, no more exclamatory remarks.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sometime during the week, my parents put up the Christmas tree. On Sunday, I went with my dad and we bought all new ornaments and decorated the tree. We bought ornaments for two reasons; one is because the old ornaments are infected by Christmas trees past, the other is because we needed unprecious unbreakable ornaments that the kittens couldn't destroy. They get into the tree all the time. They think it's a new toy for them.

Today we had a bomb threat at school. After receiving multiple threats a week for a few months, bomb threats aren't a big deal to me anymore. As horrifying as it is, I am used to them. This threat, though, was really weird. First, they announced that they received a note with the threat, and made us evacuate without any of our bags. Normally, they just pull the fire alarm and tell nobody what is going on (which is a smart idea). They also made us gather in a weird place where they could not take role: the stadium. It made sense on one hand because it was windy and raining and 40 degrees outside and the staium is covered mostly. On the other hand... they couldn't take role.

So they made us wait in the wind and rain for about an hour while they (I assume) checked everyone's lockers and ran the bomb-sniffing dogs through. They then sent everyone back in, in groups determined by the placement of your classroom. We'd go in, grab our stuff, authorities would then dig through and check our bags, and we'd go back outside and wait. In the rain and wind.

The last group never had a chance to go inside and grab their stuff, because they made everyone leave school grounds immediately. There would be no access to the school until 4pm tonight. A few of my friends were not able to get their stuff, some teachers found themselves without the necessary things to leave with, and the entire ordeal strongly suggests that they found something.

On an unrelated note:
Since I finished that surprisingly labor-intensive scarf, I've now picked up crocheting. I'm making a hat.

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is one day's worth of dirty dishes.



And maybe now people will understand what I mean by "I've been gone all weekend--I have a lot of chores to catch up on."

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ahhhhh... The play is over. Now I can get some sleep, and maybe have some time to do things.

The last night's performance was hilarious at the end, because the disappearing act was totally ruined by Jesus. He literally left a trail behind, and everybody knew where he went. And then one of the actresses stole an important part of the disappearing box, and the stagehands couldn't haul it off stage right away like the director demanded. But all in all, each night was a good performance. And the cast party was fun, too. I had no idea there were so many ways to interpret the play as well as the Bible sexually.

Really, I'm just excited to have free time again.

Oh! What am I doing wasting time on Ubiquity? I should be off playing video games!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Day

  • That is the best sleep I have ever had in my bed before.
  • Me 'n Audrey have a specialized assignment in Photography. (All we normally do is sit around)
  • We are watching Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead, and I am happy.
  • No homework in Japanese for the week, due to the play.
  • I bought Christmas gifts and boxes.
  • Another standing ovation, and a better audience. Yay.

  • I sleep.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bottle Toppers

Yay! The play went off without any major disasters tonight. I flubbed once, and every so often an actor said something odd, but it was nothing we couldn't just overlook. It was great! We got a standing ovation.

BUT. Only one person I told to come tonight showed up. And that was because I drove him there. I don't mind so much, since there are still three showings left, just so long as they see it sometime. Heh, I'm starting to feel like a friend of mine that was a senior when I was a sophomore. He'd tell everyone to come to the plays and things, and they would. So now, here I am, a senior sitting in a class full of sophomores, telling everyone to come. Now, if only they would. I guess I'm just not charismatic enough.

Man, am I tired!

I plan to Christmas shop real fast tomorrow. I need to buy a ton of cards, a videogame, and small trinkets and boxes to put everything in. I'd immediately think that I could just go to the mall, but the mall does not sell boxes! So, to Target I go. And maybe I'll buy some bandaids while I'm there.

Okay. To bed now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Savour the Savior

I want to write a story. Something long, with dialog and character development. Maybe even twists in the story. It's been so long since I've attempted such a thing, I don't know if I can anymore. So I want to find out, and start putting words onto paper.

I have two ideas in my head I've been kicking around. One, I've more or less been working on for years. The idea is still original as far as I can tell, but I've been stuck on the same old problems in how the plot should unfold. I also don't think I'm ready to put an idea that's so important to me so completely down on paper. Not to mention that I'm tired of the characters, and I know that story all too well. It's like, repeat central.

The other idea is still fresh to me, more or less since I came up with it only this year. I'm interested in exploring the new ideas, and there are things I genuinely want to find out about human emotions through writing this story. There are a lot of problems that come with writing this, though. One is that it would be an emotional story about somebody with average emotions. While I do have feelings, I can't say I always experience the correct ones for the current situation. That other story is based around a character whose problems center around how very different they are. This one the characters don't matter quite so much as the situation, so I need them to be normal.

The other problem is that, if I write this, I'll actually start worrying about what other people think about me. Not strangers, I don't care what they think, but the people close to me that I'll force to read it. Because I'll want their input on how the characters behave. And the characters will have to be based on real people, or a mish-mash of real people. I feel like I should be asking permission. Also: I don't want anyone thinking it's real. Because these realistic characters will do realistic things that could shatter lives in very real ways.

Oh God, I'm afraid to write a story because I don't want to hurt anyone.

That means I should totally do it.
(but at what cost?)

Monday, December 1, 2008


I love that feeling! I love it so much. And it's an odd thing to enjoy, too.

That feeling of "Hey, you've been reading my diary!" but put into a context where it's obvious that they have not.

For example, before Chuck Norris jokes were on the internet, I had problems sleeping. I'd be dead tired, but just not sleep. I'd lie there all night, eyes closed, but still awake. I'd still be peppy the next day so it was really no problem. So I would think; I don't sleep, I wait. So when that became a common internet joke, I had a Hey! My Diary! moment.

But now! Oh, now. I am having another one of those moments, but much more prolonged.

We are reading Samuel Beckett's play The Endgame in Dramatic Lit (He wrote Waiting for Godot, in case you've forgotten). And the way he writes his plays! We are reading this play because it is written so differently from everything else we've read. It is strange, and incoherent, and does not conform to the proper dramatic laws of scriptwriting. I'm enjoying the play enormously, but the entire time, I cant help but think "Hey! That's how I used to write my diaries!"

Yes! I wrote largley incoherent strings of words that mattered to nobody but Kelly! They made perfect sense to me. Which is all that I cared about, not like I wanted anyone to easily read my private thoughts, anyhow. So, as we read the play aloud, I'm having very little problems understanding just what is going on. But as the other people read their parts, I feel compelled to direct them. You can hear it in their voices--They have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. But the entire time I'm reading, I have no problems grasping who the characters are and what they are trying to say.

Clough says Beckett messes with it's actors.
Kelly says she has cracked the Beckett code.

Hah! If I knew where they've gone off to, I'd publish my old diaries. I could probably make a mint off of my Beckett-styled writing.

And now, I am tired. I have one more rehearsal, and then four nights of performances. So I should sleep now while I still can.