Monday, December 1, 2008


I love that feeling! I love it so much. And it's an odd thing to enjoy, too.

That feeling of "Hey, you've been reading my diary!" but put into a context where it's obvious that they have not.

For example, before Chuck Norris jokes were on the internet, I had problems sleeping. I'd be dead tired, but just not sleep. I'd lie there all night, eyes closed, but still awake. I'd still be peppy the next day so it was really no problem. So I would think; I don't sleep, I wait. So when that became a common internet joke, I had a Hey! My Diary! moment.

But now! Oh, now. I am having another one of those moments, but much more prolonged.

We are reading Samuel Beckett's play The Endgame in Dramatic Lit (He wrote Waiting for Godot, in case you've forgotten). And the way he writes his plays! We are reading this play because it is written so differently from everything else we've read. It is strange, and incoherent, and does not conform to the proper dramatic laws of scriptwriting. I'm enjoying the play enormously, but the entire time, I cant help but think "Hey! That's how I used to write my diaries!"

Yes! I wrote largley incoherent strings of words that mattered to nobody but Kelly! They made perfect sense to me. Which is all that I cared about, not like I wanted anyone to easily read my private thoughts, anyhow. So, as we read the play aloud, I'm having very little problems understanding just what is going on. But as the other people read their parts, I feel compelled to direct them. You can hear it in their voices--They have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. But the entire time I'm reading, I have no problems grasping who the characters are and what they are trying to say.

Clough says Beckett messes with it's actors.
Kelly says she has cracked the Beckett code.

Hah! If I knew where they've gone off to, I'd publish my old diaries. I could probably make a mint off of my Beckett-styled writing.

And now, I am tired. I have one more rehearsal, and then four nights of performances. So I should sleep now while I still can.

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