Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sometime during the week, my parents put up the Christmas tree. On Sunday, I went with my dad and we bought all new ornaments and decorated the tree. We bought ornaments for two reasons; one is because the old ornaments are infected by Christmas trees past, the other is because we needed unprecious unbreakable ornaments that the kittens couldn't destroy. They get into the tree all the time. They think it's a new toy for them.

Today we had a bomb threat at school. After receiving multiple threats a week for a few months, bomb threats aren't a big deal to me anymore. As horrifying as it is, I am used to them. This threat, though, was really weird. First, they announced that they received a note with the threat, and made us evacuate without any of our bags. Normally, they just pull the fire alarm and tell nobody what is going on (which is a smart idea). They also made us gather in a weird place where they could not take role: the stadium. It made sense on one hand because it was windy and raining and 40 degrees outside and the staium is covered mostly. On the other hand... they couldn't take role.

So they made us wait in the wind and rain for about an hour while they (I assume) checked everyone's lockers and ran the bomb-sniffing dogs through. They then sent everyone back in, in groups determined by the placement of your classroom. We'd go in, grab our stuff, authorities would then dig through and check our bags, and we'd go back outside and wait. In the rain and wind.

The last group never had a chance to go inside and grab their stuff, because they made everyone leave school grounds immediately. There would be no access to the school until 4pm tonight. A few of my friends were not able to get their stuff, some teachers found themselves without the necessary things to leave with, and the entire ordeal strongly suggests that they found something.

On an unrelated note:
Since I finished that surprisingly labor-intensive scarf, I've now picked up crocheting. I'm making a hat.

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