Friday, December 19, 2008


Recently, when I have been clicking on things, my computer doesn't register that I clicked, but the internet browser does. So the button shows selection, or changes color, or whatever it is the button does, but nothing loads. I find myself clicking on something, then waiting a few minutes for it to load before realizing that nothing has happened. I decided to try double clicking on everything, but that just caused more problems.

What the fuck is wrong with my computer?

I don't know why I said I would bake cookies today. I was planning to start them around 2pm, so I cleaned the kitchen up. But I found I did not have what I needed for the recipe, and sent my father out in his massive snow-fighting truck to pick up a couple things for me. That was at about 1pm. About five or six dad comes home, and then we go out to dinner. Meaning I waited for many hours just so I'd have something to do. I thought he'd be back in one or two hours. Gah.

So the cookies got started at 8:40, and need three hours to chill. I was making this recipe specifically for my dad, so I hope he doesn't mind that there will be no cookies until tomorrow evening, since I refuse to bake at midnight or before lunch.

Also, I sucked at making the cookie dough. But I succeeded in making cookie crumbs, somehow, despite my use of the oven. It will be interesting to see how my cookie crumbs cook.

I am in a reading mood. I spent so long on the couch reading that my knees hurt from being curled up. I plan to finish this book before Sunday is over, then move on to another, and then I have three more lined up I will probably have done before New Year's. Which is all well and good, because there is an ice storm with 90mph winds headed our way. The power is expected to be out for a couple days or more. Though the generator is all cranked and ready to go, the TV will not be hooked up to it, so I'll be stuck with books.

Wait. I realized why I have this sudden enthusiasm to read. It's because I can see clearly now with my glasses. With the words in focus, I'm actually focusing on the story, and not getting distracted and daydreaming while I skim along. It makes so much sense!

Off I go, to read.

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