Thursday, December 25, 2008


Suuuup, Ubiquity?

Merry Christmas. Even if you're not religious, I do wish you a good Christmas day.

I received some very lovely things for Christmas. Including this shiny new Mac Book that is sitting on my lap right now. Mircrosoft Office (another gift) is currently installing, and I am anxious for it to finish. I feel the need to type out a lot in order to get used to this new keyboard. The fact that is is so very flat is causing me to miss keys, as my long fingernails hit the areas around them.

God, why is this keyboard so flat? Who thought this would be a good idea?!

Here, let me list the other things I received for you:

  • MSU sweater and T-Shirt (They are lovely.)
  • Calendar, complete with nail
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac
  • $60 iTunes giftcards
  • Tangerine
  • Wireless mouse for Mac
  • Hello Kitty soaps
  • Pajamas
  • $100 from Grandma
  • Steampunk locket-rings
There might have been something else, but I really can not think of it right now.

Let me tell you, those steampunk rings I got are really incredible. They are clockwork inset to the front of a locket. One is attatched to an intricately-designed band, the other attatched to just a solid band. They are both of a golden color. I'll have pictures of them up for you as soon as possible.

To celebrate Christmas, we went over to a family friends' house. There we sat around chatting for a long while, then eating dinner for a bit, and finally playing The Great Dalmuti. It is like tradition with us to play that game for long hours. The game divides you into classes depending on how well you play; Greater Dalmuti plays the ebest, then going down to the Lesser Dalmuti, Merchants (of which there can be any number), the Lesser Peon, and the Greater Peon. I usually am the Greater Peon, as I seem to always deal myself horrible hands (Greater Peon is in charge of dealing, collecting cards, and doing other's bidding). Never had I been the Great Dalmuti, and tonight I decided it was my turn.

I should mention: The Great Dalmuti wears an obscenely large and ridiculous hat. The Greater Peon also wears a ridiculous hat, but it is a jester's hat and it nowhere near as large.

So I played a mean game! I was slowly wokring my way up through the ranks, and I had made it all the way to the lesser Dalmuti. I then lost my seat and ended up a merchant, and finally the Greater Peon again. But only for a couple rounds--I then miraculously won and became the Great Dalmuti.


Only problem: We did not have the usual hat tonight. So I wore a large purple pimp/Mad Hatter hat.

... I'll win again. And I shall wear that hat.

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