Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Snow snow snow snow snow some more please. I hate the cold, but I adore the delays, and I love the cancellations. I would like to not be at school for the rest of the week. Let it snow all night and all day.

For Christmas, Amber got me a dinosaur excavation kit. I spent a few fair hours scraping away at moist clay and assembling a plastic Tyrannosaurus rex. I am happy at it's five-inch figure, but later I plan to tackle the nine-inch friend. They can be mommy and baby. I just enjoy the fact that I got my hands so dirty, and the clay was delightfully moist. Not moldable, yet not dusty. You could cut it with a knife, crack it with a hammer, and leave impressions with tools. Satisfying.

The optometrist called and my glasses are ready. But by the time I got down there to pick them up the little shop had closed. So tomorrow I will swing by and then see things a bit more clearly. I am excited to find out if I am dyslexic when it comes to reading, or I just have poor eyesight.

So lately I have been considering whether or not I might be narcoleptic. I know for a fact I have some sort of dyssomnia (I have for many many years). And lately I have had strong urges to sleep at random moments in time. I am too strong willed to just lie down and sleep during certain activities, such as driving, but I found myself propping up my head and closing my eyes during a quiz today. That is so uncharacteristic of me. I'm usually the most alert kid in the class. I also find I would rather lie down and take a nap than play a thrilling video game right in the middle, and I'd rather rest than read a favorite book. Everything has become "Oh, but I shouldn't do that, because I want to sleep instead."

Maybe I just need a nice vacation to get rested up.

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