Thursday, December 18, 2008


It snowed all last night and all today. School was canceled for today, and they just called to tell me that it is canceled for tomorrow as well. This is reason to CELEBRATE, as I don't have to make these snow days up at the end of the year. The perks of being a senior.

Do you remember how forever ago (a little over two weeks, actually) I was talking about a story I wanted to write? I decided to plow right on ahead with it, donning a sort of screw-the-world air as I decided not to bother talking to anyone about it first. And I've made a bit of progress; I have given the main characters names. Though, I must say, two of the three main characters got completely shafted when it comes to their names. Who the fuck names their son Liam? I must re-roll the dice on that one.

And I am having trouble when it comes to designing the looks for the main female character. I keep wanting her to look like me, because I am The Prettiest. But I want her to be in no way connected to myself, otherwise I'll just be inserting some dumb Suzy into this thing. But she'd just look right with long blond hair. With curls. And a thin figure. And elegantly long fingers. And luscious red lips, captivating blue eyes, beautiful legs that go on for miles...

Damn, I'm pretty.

(I need a break to look in the mirror.)

On second thought. Maybe I will base her looks off me. And tell people she's really based off some cover girl.

RaeLynn got me these adorable socks for Christmas. They are black with neon hearts in cute little rows all over it, with Hello Kitty at the top. They are so me. I plan to wear them later. Jessie said something about making cookies. But without school tomorrow, I'll see no such things until maybe after New Year's.

Oh, hey! That's true! I don't have any more school for the rest of the year!

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