Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have that one song stuck in my head.
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so!
Don't stand so close to me!
I am considering adopting it as my new theme song. My other one seems to have worn itself out, and I do believe this one gives off just the right message.

So! Even though it is past Christmas, I am still receiving gifts. I've managed to gain: Yotsuba doll + manga, manicure kit, slippers, bracelet charms, and a replacement pocket watch for the one I have that broke.

I am so happy to have this pocket watch, you really have no idea. I've really missed winding my watch every morning, listening to that frantic way it ticks double-time... It's like having a part of me back. Though, I still have not found somebody locally who can fix my old watch. Which is sad, because even though the two watches are very similar, their faces are opposite color, and I think the older one is prettier. Black and gold is nicer than white and gold, I think.

I went and saw that movie Spirit with a friend tonight. It was unplanned, but fun nonetheless. That movie, though. I expected so much more out of it. Like maybe a plot that was thicker than tissue. And not the kind you sneeze into, but the kind you wrap things in. It seemed like everything they said was useless. You could condense every important line down to a short paragraph. But the visuals were good, once they got done with the opening credits.

I wish to kill the opening credits' animations!

After you get used to the fact that yes, the entire movie will look like that, the visuals become more stunning and less tedious. Which is backwards. It also would have been nice if they explained certain really important bits more. Like what that shiny thing at the end was that saved the entire movie. I had to ask somebody--It was the golden fleece. An ancient Greek myth.

... Or maybe they did tell us about that fleece, but it was during all of the fluff I tuned out because nothing was happening visually or to the story.

Usually I'm done rambling right about now, but I wish to share my experience at the orthodontist today. I've had bad visits in the past, but they all had their reasons for being painful. This time, they were just being completely incompetent. I told her I had a loose band, and she made a big deal out of it. All I could think was yeah, yeah, just fix it already. She had so much trouble trying to get the already loosened band off my tooth that it started to bleed. She then proceeded to cover my entire tooth in glue. The entire thing. The. Entire. Motherfucking. Tooth. I took my fingernail and chipped off a huge piece later, but there is still a lot of glue. She was then told to take a wire and pigtail one of my teeth. Last time I went, my entire upper row was pigtailed, it was really nothing out of the ordinary for me. It's nothing painful, just a bit of wire used to anchor the main wire to the braces.

But she found a way to make it painful.

She takes this thin, razor-sharp wire, and maneuvers it around my braces, get it in place, then spreads the two ends apart and proceeds to scrape around my mouth with it. I almost smacked her! What was she thinking, running a wire that thin along the sides of my mouth like that?! Once more around, and she'd have taken enough off that it would have been considered surgery. She must have been having difficulty with whatever she was doing (it is simple, I could have done it for her with one hand.) because she took one wire and pulled it down as far as she could so that it was badly cutting into my lower lip, and took the other wire and pulled it sideways, so that it was cutting into the side of my mouth. And wiggled it around a bit.

"Why are you fighting me so much?"

Because if you keep doing what you're doing, I'll look halfway like Batman's major villain. I don't know why I didn't just push her hands away from my mouth. That was seriously so painful, and for no good reason. It made sense when I flinched when that other lady forced all of her weight onto a sore tooth, and it was perfectly fine that I squirmed when the orthodontist dug her sharp metal tools between my gums and my tooth. But when I'm flinching, squirming, squealing, and clenching my eyes tight at what should be an absolutely painless and completely normal thing, it means you're doing your job wrong.

Needless to say, there is a sore in the corner of my mouth.

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