Sunday, January 31, 2010


It seems I just don't have to time to make Ubiquity posts every day anymore. It's a shame, and it kinda makes me sad. I'm still going to try, though, because I love Ubiquity. It's my little pet, almost.

I moved into a new dorm room, so now I am rooming with a friend of mine. It's been really nice to live with someone I can actually talk to. And now I almost never have to worry about who I am gong to eat dinner with, since there is a person sitting right next to me who has the same eating schedule as me. Yep, a lot of pressure has been removed, all becuse I'm living with a friend.

I especially like the dedicated study sessions that happen pretty much every day with my roommate's friend group. I don't actually like the studying part, but I do like how my grades are positively affected. I am finally getting a good college experience.

I bought a new alarm clock and I am really excited for it. It's one of those old-fashioned ones, with the bells on top. In fact, here it is! It's from Hot Topic, but I really love the Chesire cat, and I think this clock is gorgeous. I'm especially fond of the second hand; it's a blue key. I don;t think I'll use it as my morning, alarm, though, because I'd probably forget to set it every night before I went to sleep. And I'd probably break it trying to turn it off every night.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lot By Number

So it looks like I will be switching dorm rooms. On purpose, not because anyone is forcing me or anything. I want to. I'll be moving in with a friend of mine, who I actually know and hang out with and get along with very well. It'll be exciting to live with her for the rest of the semester. It's kind of a shame that I have to leave this room behind, especially since I just got it the way I like it with the addition of a new bookcase. But I'll only be moving down the hall a little ways. Though... We do have to figure out how to bunk our beds. Neither of us own any power tools, and I'm the only one with previous experience building large things out of wood. (Hint: I used to build the sets for the school plays.) At least the things I built stood up well to things like actors jumping on them and flying walls bashing into them. So maybe we won't die accidentally at night sleeping on a home-made bunkbed.

I have been overcome by a very sudden desire to learn Russian. It is not a language offered at this school, though, so I'll have to pursue this interest all on my own. Thankfully, there is the internet here to help me satiate my every whim. I will learn enough basic Russian that I will feel it okay to sleep now. And then in the morning, I will likely wake to find that I no longer desire to learn this foreign language, and then brush my teeth and go to class. Because that is how it goes with the internet and whimsies.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have played about eight solid hours of Uncharted today, and it's starting to mess with me. I'm coming up with my own little inside jokes. I'm becoming prejudice against waterfalls. I'm coming up with hilariously wrong things for Sully to say. I also kind of really hate the mood the music sets. If I were able to draw things faster and to my satisfaction, I'd probably be making stupid comics about this game right now. And they'd probably only be hilarious to me, since they'd be based on my secret jokes.

I'm kind of in an Alice in Wonderland mood. I think I'll find some Alice movies online, maybe watch that SciFi miniseries. Those miniserieses can be so hit and miss, amd I'm a bit iffy about watching it in case it is a miss. But it's gotten strong recommendations by a friend of mine, so I might as well watch it. We tend do to like the same movies. Maybe we'll like the same TV shows as well.

Sorry for not having more to say. I seriously woke up and started playing Uncharted. It was half an hour before I realized I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet. It's not that I'm addicted to this game (though it is a great game), I just feel a lot of pressure to beat it and move on to the next one. And then beat that and play Infamous. And then beat that and play Persona. And then beat that and play Prince of Persia. I haven't planned anyhting beyond that, but there are at least eight more games waiting to be played after that. And one of them is a Final Fantasy. So I really only have so much time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Serious

I feel like I've won a small victory because my noisy neighbor has moved out, so now there is a new girl living in the room next to me. Except so far, this new neighbor is much noisier than the last. She's been hammering away at a loft all day, even sawing wood at one point. Also: She plays her music constantly and is always talking to some guy that is in her room. Judging by the cadence of their speech and the fact that they are both asian, I think my new neighbor is Chinese. Either that, or Korean. Whatever, her taste in music is by far better than my previous neighbor.

I am doing my laundry as we speak (even though there is no speaking involved in this). Because one of the dryers is broken, it takes over an hour just to do one load. It looks like I'll be doing laundry until about midnight tonight. I'm not excited. Except, I am a little bit excited to have clean clothes, and it'll give me an excuse to play video games all night.

I have so many video games to play right now it's not even funny. It's bordering on stressful.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I have some good new about my braces! It looks like they'll be coming off in either March or April. Hooray! That means I'll schedule to get them off at my next appointment, probably. Unless my teeth get really screwed up this month. But yeah! They're coming off! This year! For sure! Yay!

And then next year is when I do the bone grafts, post-drilling, and get teeth implants. Woo... Six months of a liquid diet...

I was pretty excited to come back to my dorm today and see that I have two teenaged seamonkeys in my seamonkey tank. Jimothy is long dead, but now is the age of Scratch and Sniff! May they live a long and healthy life. I've left up Jimothy's Christmas gift, and written on the inside the dates of his life and death, as well as a short epitaph. "As I Am Now, So Shall You Be." August 2009 - December 2009. He was a good seamonkey.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I just noticed that this is my 307th Ubiquity entry. I made 360 Gaia Journal entries, so let's see if I can beat it!

I am sad that I haven't made an update since finals week. I am also sad that I didn't notice when my 300th entry came and went. So much has happened since my last entry. I took my last final, flew home, crammed a bunch of hangout time in with all of my friends, had Christmas, flew to Maine, crammed a bunch of hangout time in with Griffin, eventually flew home again, and now I'm at my grandparent's house as one of the stops on the way back to college. I hope I still have a seamonkey when I get there.

I have had very little time to myself this winter break. It's been pretty stressful for a vacation.
I worry about what it's doing to my health. All the junk food, the irregular sleeping pattern, traveling so far every week. Not to mention all this emotional strain of seeing loved ones and saying goodbye to them, often times within the same day. I hope the first few weeks of class won't be that stressful, because I really need to rest. Just... sleep...

I'm doing a lot of the driving to Montana, but it is hard because I'm tired all the time. Ever since I've flown home for winter break, I've been really tired. It's like I can't catch up on my sleeping. Even when I get 12+ hours, I'm still dead tired. I wish I knew why, and what I could do to remedy it.

Speaking of sleep, I think I'll go do that right now.