Monday, January 11, 2010


I have played about eight solid hours of Uncharted today, and it's starting to mess with me. I'm coming up with my own little inside jokes. I'm becoming prejudice against waterfalls. I'm coming up with hilariously wrong things for Sully to say. I also kind of really hate the mood the music sets. If I were able to draw things faster and to my satisfaction, I'd probably be making stupid comics about this game right now. And they'd probably only be hilarious to me, since they'd be based on my secret jokes.

I'm kind of in an Alice in Wonderland mood. I think I'll find some Alice movies online, maybe watch that SciFi miniseries. Those miniserieses can be so hit and miss, amd I'm a bit iffy about watching it in case it is a miss. But it's gotten strong recommendations by a friend of mine, so I might as well watch it. We tend do to like the same movies. Maybe we'll like the same TV shows as well.

Sorry for not having more to say. I seriously woke up and started playing Uncharted. It was half an hour before I realized I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet. It's not that I'm addicted to this game (though it is a great game), I just feel a lot of pressure to beat it and move on to the next one. And then beat that and play Infamous. And then beat that and play Persona. And then beat that and play Prince of Persia. I haven't planned anyhting beyond that, but there are at least eight more games waiting to be played after that. And one of them is a Final Fantasy. So I really only have so much time.

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