Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Serious

I feel like I've won a small victory because my noisy neighbor has moved out, so now there is a new girl living in the room next to me. Except so far, this new neighbor is much noisier than the last. She's been hammering away at a loft all day, even sawing wood at one point. Also: She plays her music constantly and is always talking to some guy that is in her room. Judging by the cadence of their speech and the fact that they are both asian, I think my new neighbor is Chinese. Either that, or Korean. Whatever, her taste in music is by far better than my previous neighbor.

I am doing my laundry as we speak (even though there is no speaking involved in this). Because one of the dryers is broken, it takes over an hour just to do one load. It looks like I'll be doing laundry until about midnight tonight. I'm not excited. Except, I am a little bit excited to have clean clothes, and it'll give me an excuse to play video games all night.

I have so many video games to play right now it's not even funny. It's bordering on stressful.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I have some good new about my braces! It looks like they'll be coming off in either March or April. Hooray! That means I'll schedule to get them off at my next appointment, probably. Unless my teeth get really screwed up this month. But yeah! They're coming off! This year! For sure! Yay!

And then next year is when I do the bone grafts, post-drilling, and get teeth implants. Woo... Six months of a liquid diet...

I was pretty excited to come back to my dorm today and see that I have two teenaged seamonkeys in my seamonkey tank. Jimothy is long dead, but now is the age of Scratch and Sniff! May they live a long and healthy life. I've left up Jimothy's Christmas gift, and written on the inside the dates of his life and death, as well as a short epitaph. "As I Am Now, So Shall You Be." August 2009 - December 2009. He was a good seamonkey.

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