Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lot By Number

So it looks like I will be switching dorm rooms. On purpose, not because anyone is forcing me or anything. I want to. I'll be moving in with a friend of mine, who I actually know and hang out with and get along with very well. It'll be exciting to live with her for the rest of the semester. It's kind of a shame that I have to leave this room behind, especially since I just got it the way I like it with the addition of a new bookcase. But I'll only be moving down the hall a little ways. Though... We do have to figure out how to bunk our beds. Neither of us own any power tools, and I'm the only one with previous experience building large things out of wood. (Hint: I used to build the sets for the school plays.) At least the things I built stood up well to things like actors jumping on them and flying walls bashing into them. So maybe we won't die accidentally at night sleeping on a home-made bunkbed.

I have been overcome by a very sudden desire to learn Russian. It is not a language offered at this school, though, so I'll have to pursue this interest all on my own. Thankfully, there is the internet here to help me satiate my every whim. I will learn enough basic Russian that I will feel it okay to sleep now. And then in the morning, I will likely wake to find that I no longer desire to learn this foreign language, and then brush my teeth and go to class. Because that is how it goes with the internet and whimsies.

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