Friday, February 27, 2009


My parents went out with their friends, and came back a little drunk, as is the norm. It wouldn't be worth mentioning, but I think mum had just one glass too many. So she is lying in bed, with my dad attempting to sleep, but she won't stop talking. Dad isn't really acknowledging her, except to shush her because she keeps going "WOOO!" for no real reason.

Maybe she's high?

I might be going to Seattle tomorrow, but it is really uncertain. My legs hurt like nobody's business because of the workout in PE on Wednesday. (I can't even use stairs, and can barely sit in a chair.) And today in PE, we worked our legs some more. My muscles were too sore to even do the stretch to relax them... Seattle is made up of ridiculously steep hills. And each steep hill is punctuated with a stoplight that is usually red. This means that I refuse to drive my manual transmission car in Seattle. And we'd be doing a lot of walking, up hills.

I'm in pain just thinking about it.

So the trip is temporarily canceled unless unless a miracle happens tonight. Then it will be un-cancelled, and I will be in the big city.

The culminating project is due in just a few weeks (16 days). It is kind of scary just how much work I have left to do. Yet, I can't seem to bring myself to do it. If I had two months left to work, like the kids last year did, I'd be going at an epic pace and all would be well. But instead, I am way behind and a little bit frightened. My high school diploma is at stake here. At least I am not having family problems involving scholarships, work, and projects like RaeLynn is. Poor girl started crying in class today.

But then, she seems to be prone to tears. I can't decide if things really are that tough for her, or if she is just weak.


I really hope I graduate this June.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stardate 2021

I am trying my hardest to type up a post right now, but my cat and her sharp claws have other plans.

Claws in the neck is the nearest thing I'll ever get to a vampire, and I can tell you now, it is the opposite of sexy.

Someday I will make a video mashup of this cat's adventurous (OW FUCK MY BELLY BUTTON) way of cuddling.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I can not function like this. End post.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I remembered what it was I wanted to say but forgot about yesterday. Hooray! It goes like this:

So I talk to myself sometimes. (This is what I've never told anybody.) And by sometimes, I mean all the time. But I don't actually use my voice--I whisper to myself. Because I'm a quiet person, and it might disturb my parents just how often I talk to myself. So I do a lot of whispering. To myself.

I was whispering to myself, making a comment on a comic I had just read. I don't remember the sentence exactly, but it involved the word 'love.' As I whispered it to myself, though, a tiny little devil managed to make it's way up my throat. When I got to the word 'love,' it came out in the form of a burp. I ended up using the Devil's Tongue to speak that single word.

It was the creepiest thing you have no idea.

All like "Gah, doesn't he realize that's not LOVEBUWAAAAHHHREDUM that he is feeling?"

(Freaked me out.)

When I was in fourth grade, my teacher recommended four books to me. Of these four books, three have become movies. I wish I could remember the name of the book that didn't make it, because it had quite an impact on me, but whatever. The books to movies were Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, Bridge to Terabithea, and Tuck Everlasting. Each book was pretty great in it's own way, but the last two were really understated and didn't have a huge following the way Lemony Snicket's did. I was never all that fond of Terabithea, because the characters were represented as more of hick farmers in the book, and I couldn't relate to that. But Tuck Everlasting left quite a (heh) lasting impression on me.

I suppose you could say I became a fangirl, back before I knew what a fangirl was. When I wasn't busy keeping up with Snicket, I would often reroll the storyline around in my head. There were a lot of elements that really appealed to me; disjointed memories, being shut in, being shut out, horses. The book managed to explore being the one left behind, as well as being the one leaving. Which was a big deal to 4th-grade Kelly, who had just moved, and whose friends were always moving away.

And when the movie came out, you better beleive I raised a rukus about it. I didn't want to see the movie, I needed to. And that movie, oh fuck did it suck. It was horrible. It was as if they took everything from the book that mattered, and then shot it. But it's Tuck Everlasting, so it doesn't die, it just gets really awkward and stupid. The movie was greusome in the way it destroyed itself, it was like watching your parents commit a murder-suicide. It should have been rated X for extreme graphic decay of your youth and imagination.

So yeah, little Kelly was crushed.

The first book I read after seeing that movie, I read twelve times. I didn't like the book, there was nothing all that great about it, but I read it twelve times. It was my duty to read that book to death. When I finished it, I would go right back to page one. The schoolyear ended and I had to give the book back. So instead I would write a story that had no real direction or even plot. I lost the first story I was working on, and started another. Kelly would later exhibit this strange reptitive-obsessive behavior when researching walruses.

So I mark the day I saw that movie as the day I started experiencing serious depression. Because really, it all went downhill from there.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I didn't get that assignment done last night. I feel asleep right at midnight, still surrounded by papers. But I did turn it in on time! (Mostly.) I just talked my way around it, completed it, and then turned it in.

The important thing is that I did it/learned something.

I have been having so many problems in PE. Today, I found myself getting dizzy to that point where colors become... Hyper, I guess. They become hyper-colored colors. Yeah. And we were just lifting weights. But I became short of breath and quite dizzy, so I sat down and waited for it to pass. Jessie wonders if I might have locked my knees, which is a possibility since we did a lot of leg work, and I suddenly found myself unable to support myself without rigid legs.

Anywho, since Louis got a part in the play, I have had nobody to give rides to after school. While it's nice to get to go straight home, it is a little bit lonely. But now Sean wants rides home sporadically, and Sean doesn't shower. So now, I have a suddenly very busy schedule that has me running to my car as soon as the bell rings. Y'know, so that I don't have to say "No, because you stink," when he asks for a ride home.

Fake reasons why I need to run home:
- I have homework
- I have the culminating project
- I have an interview
- Orthodontist appointment
- I forgot to feed my fish and he might die
- I wanted to play the ukelele a bit
- I just keep repeating 'no' and he keeps repeating 'why'

Man, this entire blog post I have been stalling. There is something specific I wanted to write, but I've forgotten what it is. All I remember is I was gonna start off with the words "I have never told anyone this before, but..." and now, even I'm disappointed that there's no ending to it. What was I gonna say? It sounded like it was gonna be really juicy. Or at least lead to something interesting. Pah... I'll just sleep on it.

Speaking of sleep, I keep having these dreams where I'm sleeping.
What does that say about me?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Biological Sciences

Boy did I have a weekend.

I managed to catch a cold on Friday, but I went to celebrate Craig's birthday Saturday anyways. Ten of us (with only three of us being under 21, and five being over 40) went to Teatro Zinzanni's for dinner. It's a really neat place, you should look it up some time. It's a five-course dinner with a show, where the show is made up of circus acts. It was simply an amazing place to be (and with that price, it had better be). And it seems that it's a requirement to be gorgeous if you want to wait there. I noticed all the girls at the table were downing their glasses of water in an attempt to bring our lovely water boy over to the table.

Did I mention, that despite my age, I was the only one not drinking that evening? I decided that cold medicine and alcohol doesn't mix. It was kind of lonely to be sober. (I was still amazed by the performance, anyhow.) Also, Craig's dad decided to pull all the stops for his only son's 20th, and rented a stretch hummer for the evening. It was really cool for the first twenty minutes, and then I just had to pee really bad.

Sunday I lazed about, in that way one does when they are sick but their bed sheets are being washed. I played games on my laptop. I avoided my homework.

I stayed home sick today, mostly because I was sickly, and partly because I had a surprise doctor's appointment. The doctor gave me an inhaler, in case I had another attack. I then lazed about some more, and avoided my homework some more until this very last moment.

I dawdled an hour trying to comprehend this writing assignment I have for Biotech, and then wasted another hour actually doing work on another assignment in Biotech. (Half of that second hour was spent being stuck on question four. I still don't have the answer.) I hope to finish the writing assignment before midnight hits, because I am deathly afraid of missing work in that class and I do wish to sleep and get better.

I'm gonna go BS some stuff now.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The WiiFit s alright. I like it better than PE, at least.

So I nearly had a asthma attack in PE. We were doing a circuit, and it was pretty intense for little ol' Kelly who avoids exercise like the plague. I thought maybe I was just breathing extra heavy today, and my chest hurting isn't so uncommon during aerobics, so I tried to just push through it. But when I noticed I was wheezing both when breathing in as well as out, I went over to the teacher and she had me stand outside and try to breath. Also, I found myself in a severe panic, and instead of telling the problem, I pointed at my chest and gasped, since I found I could not speak.

(These are symptoms of an attack.)

This is all very frightening to me, since I don't have any inhalers or even a doctor that remembers my name. I had asthma as a really little kid (like three or four years old), but we were all positive I outgrew it. I had never had an asthma attack until I came out of an eight-hour operation, and we decided that it was because I was in severe pain at the time and had been breathing in anesthesia for hours. Thusly, not a problem to be worried about.

But anyways, I am ungodly tired after a freak-out like that. Gasping for air on a sidewalk really takes a lot out of you.

(RaeLynn's birthday pie was delicious, by the way.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Floatation Diorama

Whenever dad goes out of town, mum and I seem to go shopping and always end up spending upwards of $100. Today, we bought a buncha things for the cats, and then happened across a WiiFit. Dad's been wanting to get a WiiFit for mum for a long time now, so we decided to grab it for him. For her.

Today was a big day for my mum technologically. She used the Wii without having me as P1 to control everything, and I taught her how to text. She sent a text to my brother, and maybe I'll start texting her whenever I stay late after school. Now, I just need to figure out if it's possible to text my dad, too.

I bought two pies to celebrate RaeLynn's birthday today. I brought them to class, and had planned a party with the teacher for her. We had a sub today, though, but I figured, eh, we can still eat pie. But then we were scheduled for the computer lab, where there is no food or drink allowed. So I brought the pie back home, and will try again tomorrow.

I think I forgot to mention that I did not get a part in the play. Jessie did, though, and that means I might stab somebody. (I'm gonna start counting how often she mentions the play or rehearsals.) Louis got a part as well, and he got the part I wanted. But at least he's not a brat, and would rather brag about his shows with his band. Talking to Clough about the play, it seems I came really close to being casted to the character I wanted. Like, really close. If he casted me, though, it means two of the other male actors would be bumped up a notch, and Sean would be knocked off. And that makes me sad, because I think I'm a stronger actor than Sean. And also, I don't think Louis can portray the feelings of love, since he has no emotion and is really only good at looking angry or blank. Louis would have benefitted playing the angry character, and the play would have benefitted from some better acting. But we'll see how they do in their parts. Sean might have just done poorly that night I saw him last year.

(They'll prolly be fine with practice.)

I bought new fish food for Othello. I hope he does not float anymore.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Lately I've been all "I'm tiredddd" like a whiny bum, but when it comes to sleep, even though I'm still complaining about how tired I am, I still just want to stay up late.

Today, that chick I sit next to during lunch (I think her name is spelled something like Huwang) mentioned something called Hetalia. After oggling the images that popped up on Google and scribbling the name down on my arm, I've found a new manga to obsess over. So It's called Allied (or Axis?) Powers Hetalia. The only place I've found anything resembling scanlations so far is here. And it's a bit tricky to read it, since there's no semblance to scanlating things in order. Also, with most of the main characters being male, this is definately one for the girls.

But hey, it's a manga about the personification of countries during WWII. It's still awesome.

I crocheted a hat for my grandmother while watching Eagle Eye. Then I watched the first half of There Will Be Blood, and enjoyed it.

In a paper I got back from my Biotechnology class, my teacher wrote a note in the margins about aliens. I feel accomplished to provoke such a response, even though when he was standing in front of the class talking about what we generally did wrong on the assignment, he was pretty much talking about my paper. Either way, I'm done trying to be clever in that class ('cuz it only makes me look foolish) and will now attempt to be serious.

That is all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So today I found myself in a very musical mood, and I played on the piano. This soon became risky, because at any moment my mother could come home and hear my playing. It's not that I'm not supposed to play, I just really hate playing for other people. So I settled to play my ukulele. I bought that instrument pretty much because it can be played so quietly. So after an interrupted ukulele session, I find myself wanting to strum instead of sleep.

What a dilemma.

I made it on call-backs for the play. There is a 50% chance that I will actually get a part, and I am really hoping for it. If I don't get a part, oh well. If I do get a part, woo hoo! But if I don't get a part and Jessie does, I may just stab somebody, because I hate being excluded from her conversations all the time. I'm a bit annoyed at how frequently she cracks and inside joke (with only Kelly around) and then goes "Oh! I guess you weren't there for that." And maybe she'll be humbled a bit if she doesn't get what she wants this time around.

We find out who has been casted tomorrow.
(Unless Clough wimps out on us.)

Oh man, I am so oddly tired right now. I think I'll go strum on my ukulele until I fall asleep.

Monday, February 16, 2009


And that concludes my four day weekend.

I was right, I did pretty much nothing. I did decide to get all responsible at one point, but I took care of the house as opposed to my future. I shopped for food and cleaned things up, and then I invited Amber over and we watched my favorite romance movie. We also swapped internet videos and games, complained about certain mutual friends, and made bacon.

My parents came home from their Valentine's trip. Apparently they went to Victoria, Canada. (It was a secret surprise.) We used to go there all the time, just for little weekend trips, but it's become really bothersome to cross the border. They bought awesome things, had an awesome time, and even got me some gifts from a magic shop there. I now am the owner of a shiny new coin trick and a kinda pathetic rope trick.

I can't get over the fact that Sylar from Heroes has a sidekick named Luke. All I can think is "Luke, my boy!" everytime someone says his name. And the icing on the cake? There happens to be a kid at my school with the last name of Layton. His name was in the Valentine's section of the school paper. I plan to hunt them down and force them to solve puzzles.

C'mon Layton, every puzzle has an answer! Ahahahahahaa!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have no school tomorrow! There's really no good reason why, that's just how it is. And then I have no school on Monday--Four day weekend. What will I be doing these next four days? I have no idea, probably nothing. I may decide to get all responsible and apply to jobs, scholarships, and do some schoolwork, though. But I really don't want to do that stuff on my days off.

Right now, Louis is performing live in concert (or something like that). I know this because he slipped a flier into my Watchmen comic before he returned it to me. And right there, above the screaming viking skeleton, is his band's name in a font similar to that used in the title for 300. And instead of wishing him luck in his show, all I can think is how wimpy a Valentine's gift that is. Even Sean got me an orange KitKat bar circa Halloween 2006 that he stole from Sensei. And that girl I sit with at lunch gave me a whole bag of lovely little goodies.

But then again, it's not like I hand out treats on Valentine's. I really just receive them from my adoring fans. Perhaps I shouldn't complain. (I have sores in my mouth from eating too much candy.)

I feel like taking a moment to complain about the rubber bands on my braces.

Holy God mother fuck ow these things are obnoxious.

That is all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Hattery

Oh man, today was a pretty good day. It was definitely magical.

Hah! I've busted out laughing. I totally just made a pun based on how today went. (I finally got an interview with a magician.) Also, how can your day go wrong when you've watched so many magic acts?

I had such a disturbing dream last night. It wasn't frightening, but I had a hard time looking some people in the eye today. I dreamt that a dear friend of mine had stolen this new sweater I bought. It was a big conspiracy, you see, a lot of people were involved in taking my sweater. And then they defaced it, ripping it apart and making it into a new sweater that was nowhere near as nice as the original. That friend of mine was wearing the sweater, and I freaked right out and ripped it off them. Emotions ran high. And then I ran off to join a salon. There, I invented a blowdryer that looks like a scifi lazer gun and dries your hair so that it's curly by pulsing jets of heat.

Then today I couldn't find my sweater.

I just found it, about half an hour ago, in the bottom of a pile of my parent's laundry. I've been holding it like a security blanket ever since.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Augh, Gym class. Today we worked our core muscles in a very painful fashion, doing exercises that I know can't be good for you. The first thing we did gave me a stitch in my side right away. When we decided to do it again later, I got a stitch in my other side. I have decided that movement is what the Devil does when he exercises. Only the Devil would do something that automatically gives you a stitch in your side.

It felt like knives under my ribs.

(I'm just angry because the only muscles we worked were our stomach muscles. Incomplete workout + overstressed abs = EXTREME PAIN.)

It snowed so hard today, oh my gosh. We got like, an inch in less than an hour after it finally started to stick. But unfortunately, they did not let us go home early. Instead, they canceled all after school activities, including the auditions. So I had to drive in some pretty nasty weather, because we can never just have snow. We have to have rain and snow and ice all at once. Auditions have been moved to tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I went to the orthodontist. I pointed out that they have made my teeth crooked and off-center. She went "We can fix that! :D" and put rubber bands in my mouth. I now have a band going from the top-left hook to the bottom right hook. I also can no longer say 'the' 'that' 'there' 'look' 'wish' 'fish' 'chess piece' 'elephant' or anything else with any similarity. I can't close my mouth without intervening with my fingers, and if I do open my mouth my tongue is in sharp pain until I can close it again. Not to mention, there is more tension in my mouth than there is in a piano, and I am in some serious pain.

Also, I have been so horny lately. It's really distracting.

Monday, February 9, 2009


These last few hours today seemed to have slipped past me. I could have sworn there were another couple more hours until I needed to sleep.

Auditions were today and I had completely forgotten about them. I was reminded, though, and I was able to stay after and try out. I don't know why so many people dread the auditioning part of a production, I find it to be really enjoyable. I get to hang and joke with all of my drama friends that I never see, watch so many different takes on the same scenes, and do my best to cold read and not screw up. (I totally screwed up and ended up reading Louis's lines by accident. But I did well the second time around.) I just think it's fun. Especially when everyone that's trying out is so great at acting.

I either want to get the main part of Nora (I can totally do 18th century woman), the old widow (She is like Marvin from HGG), or the doctor. If only because I'm loving the unrequited love the doctor has for Nora. Pretty much everything he says makes my heart go thumpa-thumpa, and I always want to slap Nora for not seeing how much he truly loves her.

Nora, you're a damned fool.

I want to stay again for auditions, but I have an orthodontist appointment and I'd have to leave halfway through. It's not such a problem for me since Clough knows my skills and such, but I'm Louis's ride, and Clough needs to really get to know the only two boys auditioning for a play with three major male roles. But hey, it's not my loss.

Hah, I hope I get a role, along with that one chick whos name I can never remember. I'd like to get to know her better, because she has my lunch and I need someplace to eat. Performing in the same play would be great for getting us talking.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Bah! Bah, I say! Bah humbug, and all that jazz!

Today was a not so great day. Even though I got all dolled up and managed to make myself twice as cute yesterday, that energy boost wore off as soon as the rain messed up my hair. And then I got a bunch of papers back all marked up. And PE was kind of excruciating (and it made my hair all weird). Lunch was simply amazing, but English was dead boring. And when I got home, dad decided he would add some stress to my culminating project. So I decided to just give him the silent treatment, as I didn't really need that today.

... He figured it out pretty fast. Like, the very moment I decided to just shut up, he asked me if I was giving him the silent treatment. And I think that really got to him, because when it came time to talk, he didn't approach me with command in his voice, but was instead apologetic and forgiving. A welcome change.

I then took a bubble bath to relieve the aches and pain from PE, and watched the first part of American Psycho. Now, I think I might sleep.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Why did I eat so much icecream whhhhyyy?

So I trekked out by myself to help take down the set of Antigone. I found chargers for some drills, and plugged them in because they are always dead. Then I cleaned up some screws, and left, because there was nothing for me to do. For some reason, Louis was there again tonight to see the play. I guess he really likes Greek Tragedies. Or maybe it's because he was stuck at school without a ride, and he had to wait for his brother to show up for the show.

One can only guess.

I am cold and I am tired and people keep IMing me right as I go to shut down my computer. I hope tomorrow goes a little better. (Though I doubt it will, because I looked ultra cute today with my hair all up in a ponytail. That'll be difficult to top.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So Louis and I trekked out to see my friend's play, Antigone. I generally dislike Greek Tragedies (long speeches, little movement, people die and I don't know who they are), but Brie pulled off a couple scenes very well that helped to keep me from sleeping. Chris happened to be there, since his girlfriend was somehow in the play, and it was a great chance for us to catch up. Afterward, Louis and I went and bothered Rae at her job, ate delicious candy on Rae's dime, and I finally returned home.

For some reason, I decided to have a Coca-Cola and gummy octopuses for dinner tonight. I was patting myself on the back for the great decision, while I ran around and did tricks. And then I smacked myself in the face for being so foolish when the intense nausea set in, and now I am only thinking of sleeping.

Which reminds me of a great dream I had last night. It was explicit, though, but it ended with such a contented feeling. It's too bad I was too freaking tired to continue to enjoy it when I woke up.

Auuugh I am so damn tired.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was going to make a post but I ended up modeling for myself in the mirror, and 30 minutes just flew by. Now, I am quite tired.

But I feel like going over some things about my day anyways.

The new semester started today. I had all new classes except for one. I only have friends in the old class, and 1 new class. I ended up changing lunches, but my friends did not. I looked for somebody I might recognize that I could eat with, but there were no familiar faces. Not even people who I recognized but I didn't know their names. So now I eat alone. I am attempting to befriend this girl in my 4th period. I told her to sit next to me and started chatting her up. She was confused, and kept telling me it was awkward, but she eventually warmed up to me. I plan to get close enough to her that she won't mind me sitting near her during lunch.

I am using her for her table space.

Until then, I scarf down my pizza alone and then fart around in the library. I hope to get my Biotech homework done in this time.

(The school day is really lonely now.)