Monday, February 2, 2009


I was going to make a post but I ended up modeling for myself in the mirror, and 30 minutes just flew by. Now, I am quite tired.

But I feel like going over some things about my day anyways.

The new semester started today. I had all new classes except for one. I only have friends in the old class, and 1 new class. I ended up changing lunches, but my friends did not. I looked for somebody I might recognize that I could eat with, but there were no familiar faces. Not even people who I recognized but I didn't know their names. So now I eat alone. I am attempting to befriend this girl in my 4th period. I told her to sit next to me and started chatting her up. She was confused, and kept telling me it was awkward, but she eventually warmed up to me. I plan to get close enough to her that she won't mind me sitting near her during lunch.

I am using her for her table space.

Until then, I scarf down my pizza alone and then fart around in the library. I hope to get my Biotech homework done in this time.

(The school day is really lonely now.)

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