Monday, February 9, 2009


These last few hours today seemed to have slipped past me. I could have sworn there were another couple more hours until I needed to sleep.

Auditions were today and I had completely forgotten about them. I was reminded, though, and I was able to stay after and try out. I don't know why so many people dread the auditioning part of a production, I find it to be really enjoyable. I get to hang and joke with all of my drama friends that I never see, watch so many different takes on the same scenes, and do my best to cold read and not screw up. (I totally screwed up and ended up reading Louis's lines by accident. But I did well the second time around.) I just think it's fun. Especially when everyone that's trying out is so great at acting.

I either want to get the main part of Nora (I can totally do 18th century woman), the old widow (She is like Marvin from HGG), or the doctor. If only because I'm loving the unrequited love the doctor has for Nora. Pretty much everything he says makes my heart go thumpa-thumpa, and I always want to slap Nora for not seeing how much he truly loves her.

Nora, you're a damned fool.

I want to stay again for auditions, but I have an orthodontist appointment and I'd have to leave halfway through. It's not such a problem for me since Clough knows my skills and such, but I'm Louis's ride, and Clough needs to really get to know the only two boys auditioning for a play with three major male roles. But hey, it's not my loss.

Hah, I hope I get a role, along with that one chick whos name I can never remember. I'd like to get to know her better, because she has my lunch and I need someplace to eat. Performing in the same play would be great for getting us talking.

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