Friday, February 27, 2009


My parents went out with their friends, and came back a little drunk, as is the norm. It wouldn't be worth mentioning, but I think mum had just one glass too many. So she is lying in bed, with my dad attempting to sleep, but she won't stop talking. Dad isn't really acknowledging her, except to shush her because she keeps going "WOOO!" for no real reason.

Maybe she's high?

I might be going to Seattle tomorrow, but it is really uncertain. My legs hurt like nobody's business because of the workout in PE on Wednesday. (I can't even use stairs, and can barely sit in a chair.) And today in PE, we worked our legs some more. My muscles were too sore to even do the stretch to relax them... Seattle is made up of ridiculously steep hills. And each steep hill is punctuated with a stoplight that is usually red. This means that I refuse to drive my manual transmission car in Seattle. And we'd be doing a lot of walking, up hills.

I'm in pain just thinking about it.

So the trip is temporarily canceled unless unless a miracle happens tonight. Then it will be un-cancelled, and I will be in the big city.

The culminating project is due in just a few weeks (16 days). It is kind of scary just how much work I have left to do. Yet, I can't seem to bring myself to do it. If I had two months left to work, like the kids last year did, I'd be going at an epic pace and all would be well. But instead, I am way behind and a little bit frightened. My high school diploma is at stake here. At least I am not having family problems involving scholarships, work, and projects like RaeLynn is. Poor girl started crying in class today.

But then, she seems to be prone to tears. I can't decide if things really are that tough for her, or if she is just weak.


I really hope I graduate this June.

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