Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Move

Auughh hack hack cough.

There is this thing in my throat, but I can't wash it down with water. It has been there all day, choking me into coughing. It is probably the most annoying thing in the world. The only thing that might be more annoying will be explained to you right now.

So you remember TKWWTSTE, right? Of course you do. While I still inexplicably hate him with every fiber of my being, we have developed a sort of mutual avoidance of eachother. It seems every day when I am leaving class he is entering at the same time. So we both just squish as far over to our respectful sides of the door, and do our best not to come in contact. The same happens in the hallway as well. This is annoying, because it means he has noticed me, and is attempting not to touch me for some reason.

Either I'm so outwardly hostile towards him he had to notice, or I'm just so attractive he had to notice eventually. I'm not really okay with the first one, and I am morally opposed to the second one.
(So now I just hate him more.)

We are folding 1,000 cranes in Japanese. Louis and I average about six together a day, while Sean just sits with both his feet on my desk. This wouldn't be interesting, except that we apparantly make more than some of sensei's other classes, who are also supposed to be working towards the goal. At this rate, we will never get to 1,000.

Just like Sadako, we'll never make it.

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