Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks to Me

So I’ll probably make it home on Thursday about the same time as a normal day, if not a little bit later. But I will have to be at the ferry by 7. I’m usually not even out of bed by 7. So Thursday will be a day of waking early, driving way too much, all with a chance of catching an incurable strain of whatever virus is being worked on at the lab.

I still have Friday off, though.

In PE, we used those large rubber exercise balls that people sometimes sit on instead of office furniture. My ball was defective. It must have been, because I could not do a single one of those exercises. We started out doing this thing where you are in push-up position, but with your feet on top of the ball. Every time I'd go to put my foot up there, I'd miss because the ball had rolled halfway across the room. I'd finally get both feet up there, and fall over sideways. I once managed to get both feet on the ball, and pull my knees in to do the curling exercise. I then got stuck, lost my balance, and fell over sideways. Most of today was falling over sideways.

I also had this problem with traction. We had our stomachs on the balls, and the only thing keeping me from sliding backwards was the tips of my shoes. But obviously, I wouldn't be talking about this if that was enough and I had no problems. No, my feet had no traction, and the hellish ball would slowly roll backwards, almost as if it were trying to carefully roll me off. I would either be deposited on the floor, or I'd get stuck hanging on by my chin, lose my balance, and fall over sideways.

When we were lying on the balls sideways I would fall over half of the way, landing upright.

Tomorrow I need to take all of the CD's and LotR cassettes out of my car. Don't let me forget. I also need to make the next day's lunch, print out a few essays all properly formatted, and cut one of the tri's off my trifold board. (Also: Master Japanese. Sensei has been a nazi lately.)

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