Thursday, March 26, 2009


Strange that I didn't make a post yesterday. I was feeling rushed all day yesterday... I was wearing my great grandfather's watch as part of a Mad Hatter costume (Disney Day at school), and it ticks very loudly. It sounded like there was a clock constantly ticking down how many seconds I had left. Years of playing timed video games has finally caught up to me.

I looked really dapper in my costume without the cheesy hat. I will be wearing that outfit again sometime.

I bought some medicine for Othello. I hope it helps him. I was poking at the cottony growth on his tail with a Q-Tip. The Q-Tip managed to get a pretty good hold of it, and then Othello twitched, and we ripped it right out of his tail. Othello is fine, just a small notch in his tail now, but it was strange how it happened. There's now a small thread growing there again, but nothing as major as before. Hopefully the medicine kills it and everything is fixed.

Oh, and I also have to hand-feed Othello now. I am trying so hard to keep this fish alive. I don't even know why.

Today I went out and bought Pokemon Platinum. I'm not sure why, but at least now I have something to occupy myself with during the long plane flights coming ahead of me.

Which reminds me! I am going on Vacation next week. It is my spring break, and for the first bit of the week I will be in California. For the second bit, I will be in Montana. I leave Sunday, probably get back Saturday, or thereabouts. I'll see if I can't drag my laptop along with me.

I love my parents. Here is a transcript from a recent conversation we had:

Kelly: So it's alright if it's just Griffin staying with us?
Dad: Yes, of course. Where is he going to sleep?
Kelly: Billy's room should be fine.
Mum: Or he could sleep in the Media Room.
Dad: Whichever he wants.
Mum: But either way, you'll have to share a bathroom.
Kelly: ... Shouldn't be a problem.

It's like, where does her mind wander when we talk? Obviously, she thinks about bathrooms.
And sharing them.

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