Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ahh, yes, I found an internet connection. The rest of my spring break maybe won't seem so deprived, then.

Monday, dad and I went down to LA to ride some roller coasters. We rode all but two of the coasters at Magic Mountain. We missed out on X2 because it broke down, which is sad because I was hoping to experience the fifth-dimension like they were advertising. On the Deja Vu, a bug hit me in the face and I slammed my front teeth and bottom lip against my harness. Both my dad (who passed all the physical tests to become a fighter pilot) and I nearly blacked out on the Riddler's Revenge.

I did the Penny thing on the Superman, and it was so amazing. You just hold a penny in the palm on your hand, and when you go into zero G's on the vertical part, the penny begins to float. Louis told me to try that, I should call him and tell him how right he was. The Batman ride was alsosimple amazing, and I was expecting it to suck. The first thing I rode was the Collosus, and I forgot to get a picture of its shadow. I thought that would be a neat play on words. My dad's favorite ride was the Tatsu. It was a really neat ride--You sit down and strap in, with your feet hanging like most of the other rides. But then they strap your feet in, too, and then the ride tilts you horizontal. You're on your belly, and you're flying around, twisting through the air, really intense without being too forceful. Fun fun fun.

After two plane flights, though, I am in Montana, with the soul intent of checking out the Montana State University Campus. We drove around it today, and tomorrow we go on a special tour. I'm not very excited about the tour. But! I am excited about the shops on Main Street. They have a specialty bead shop, and a specialty book store, and a library so huge it makes me want to faint. Not to mention, the soup shack has really tasty soups.

Montana is really weird. Kids run around in the bars, and I swear I met Buck from United States of Tara today. People wear cowboy hats seriously, for function, and not for fashion. We also came to a split in the road. If you went left, you'd go to Amsterdam. If you went right, you went to Manhattan. We went to Manhattan. We go back on Saturday, and I will take a picture of the sign that says "Welcome to Manhattan!" with a sign underneath pointing to the campgrounds.

Ugh. I am so bored. And I ate way too much steak.

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