Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know that weather is a boring topic unless you are a meteorologist, but OH MY GOSH THE WEATHER.

Weather weather weather!

It was so sunny and nice today! The birds are still singing, there were so many hatchling bugs and cotton-tree seeds it was like epic snow, and it was still too cold to stand in the shade with shorts. THIS is spring! On the plane, I could see all of the mountains. I don't think I've ever seen all of the mountains before. I mean, I knew that Mt. Rainier was the largest of them all, but I really only knew it as a disembodied peak of a summit that floats over the clouds. I could see where it connected to the ground. There were all these bumps and bumps and bumps that looked like a mountain range, and then suddenly a large cone about five times the size of the other bumps just juts out of the Earth. Simply amazing.

The weather down in LA was like summer to me. Pure sun, complete with shorts and sunburn. And the weather over in Montana was simply winter: snowy and snowing. Though, it wasn't all that cold, despite the snow falling from the sky. It seems that the high humidity here (plus constant windchill) just makes makes things seem colder, without the responsive weather.

So I have decided to play Ico again, in preparation for my cosplay. There were three interesting things to note:

1- I tried to call Yorda (who was three steps away), and she turned around and ran the opposite direction. She ran so far that Ico kept shouting "OOOII" until she turned a corner and disappeared. She then got taken by shadows.
2- Yorda wears a tiny little cape. The wind blew it by the castle gates, and I was surprised.
3- I tried to save, but Yorda was too busy running to the opposite side of the level to let me. It took five minutes to get her to sit down. It seems that this time, my Yorda is a runner.

I want to see Yorda sit down with a shadow thing, and Ico pull a Scandelous Wench.

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