Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fellonious Tube

With every day that passes, I become a little more excited. I expect that by this time next week, I will be so excited that I will pee everywhere and make a horrible mess. I'll be babbling incoherently, and someone will put me in an insane asylum. I'll break out, of course, on May 14th. My super excitement that day will give me superhuman strength.

And then I'll be all depressed that following Monday, awww...

The school play that I tried out for but did not get a part in is playing this week. It was a good play, and I thought the actors did a pretty good job. Louis got the part I really wanted. But in the end, I think he did a better job than I ever could. He had this chemistry with Jessie that I could never match. And McClain did a good job throwing Jessie against the couch, though I wish he would have menaced her a bit more after that. I'm a little mad at Jessie at the moment, and it was nice to see someone putting her in her place, even if it was all just a show. And Sören did a great job being the badguy with justafiable means. There was this part where his glasses caught the stagelight, and it looked like an evil glare.

Plus, everyone was in Victorian-era outfits. Guys need to dress like that every day, all day.

I've downloaded an application onto my Mac that allows me to play Interactive Fiction games. It is so fun, I've finally found a game I can play when the internet is being slow. These things take me months to play, and I often don't get to the end, but they take hardly a minute to download. And they're always a small file size. I'm just going to load up with a bunch of them, and be set for the next few years. Not to mention, most games like these pretty much require multiple playthroughs.

Oh my god I'm so excited!

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