Thursday, April 9, 2009


ARGH that interesting thing! I was thinking about it earlier today, so I wrote it down. And now I have lost the note! This is the most frustrating thing available on this planet.

I feel accomplished right now, since I just finished hanging a bunch of posters on my wall. I have been putting it off for a few months now. These posters are small--maybe 5 by 7in--So they take a lot of tedious work. But it's also really cool whenever I add a new bunch of posters. It is like mold growing across my wall. It just keeps spreading. This time, though, I added some posters that aren't like the others. Instead of the usual American Movie in Japanese poster, I added a double-wide Watchmen poster, and a couple dinosaur things I picked up last week. I think it looks alright, despite the Watchmen poster being the third watchmen poster (as well as being posted sideways) on my wall.

I am sitting around in anticipation. I can't seem to find anymore ways to spend my time until the second episode of The Office comes on tonight. I have to know what happens next. I need to! I need to know that it will all end okay, that everything will work out in the end. I need a happy ending right here, right now. I am waiting, with bated breath, for this week's exciting conclusion.

It has been so long since a TV show has made me excited for the next episode.

We do a lot of fun stuff in Biotech, because Dr. F is actually a good teacher that has a real interest in his subject. Today we played Dingo (DNA Bingo) and I won twice in a row. I'd have won a third time, but I actually didn't notice that I had four in a row, and continued on with my game. Yesterday we watched the best science-related video I have ever seen. Bill Nye could never top this. Not even if he did it himself.

Protip: Actually listen to the boring lecture at the beginning. "Colored Head Balloons" "Using the dance idiom" "Tumbling, rolling, clusters of body" "Second dancing initiation factor"

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