Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Purple Monster Saliva

Man. Is it really only Tuesday? I keep thinking it is Thursday. My TV viewing schedule was thrown off last week, meaning my internal clock is out of whack. Partially because of traveling, mostly because of the fact that most of the shows I watch didn't air their new episodes.

Oh man, that reminds me. Did anyone see this week's episode of House? That's fucking bullshit. If they're gonna do that, then I'm just not going to watch the show. You are not allowed to kill off my favorite character in a show that is already starting to fail. Seriously, the only reason I watched the show was for that guy. He was the only one that wasn't troubled by his serious problems, and bogged down by the blues. So he, the only happy guy, commits suicide? Not okay.

Otherwise, what a ho-hum day. I decided to bring my old sketchbook to school. It still is made of mostly empty pages, so I thought I would do something about it. Also, it has white paper in it. I've been drawing on yellow paper lately, and I was kinda missing the classic white. Now if I decide to scan anything I don't have to worry about color correction so much.

Not that I can do a lot of color correction. This is the worst Photoshop Elements I have ever used. I mean, my God, it doesn't even do what it's supposed to do. Resizing an image is impossible (Resize 50%. Resize 50%. Just resize 50%. WHY IS IT STILL FULL SIZED, FUCKING GET SMALLER), copying and pasting is a nightmare in its purest form, and it does things randomly, and won't allow you to do anything else until you tell it to stop doing its thing. You can't even hit undo--First you have to find the impossibly small button that has appeared somewhere because you did something like click, and then you can't click on it because you have to find the button somewhere else that tells you you can't do anything, and then maybe if you close Photoshop while sacrificing a baby you can continue on with your work.

Devilshop Elements 666, I spit on you.

I mean, Photoshop has always had its problems. But Photoshop Elements 6 is like someone pissing in your eye.

(Boy, I am angry today. I must be PMSing.)

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