Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I skipped school today so that I could hang with my brother out in Seattle. We bummed around for a bit, and then saw the Dragon Ball movie. As soon as I got home (it takes like, two hours to get home from Seattle) mum and dad push us back out the door to go eat dinner. I didn't get home until about 9. I'm pretty exhausted from walking so much.

Gosh, there is a lot I want to ramble about tonight. Like some of the hobos we saw today--There was one guy trying to learn to fight from a Mortal Kombat arcade machine--To the sorts of epople that shop in the mall on a Wednesday afternoon, to that interesting thing that I've been forgetting but have remembered.

But I am so damn tired. I'll talk about that interesting thing tomorrow.
Don't worry--I wrote it on my computer. I won't forget.

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