Thursday, April 30, 2009

Government Dereliction

Oh hey, I have a follower again. But this time it's somebody whose name I kinda recognize. Now I'm feeling the extreme social pressures of high school, right here in my own home!

I made that Professor Layton doll I mentioned last post. Now mum wants me to make a voodoo doll for her of some guy that's been giving her trouble at work, and Rae wants me to make a Vincent Valentine doll. Either I start dabbling in voodoo magic to make my mother happy, or I start on a rather complicated design to make my friend happy. To be honest, I might just blow them both off.

I had the worst substitute today. I've had horrible subs before, and horrible teachers as well, but this one takes the cake. Mrs. Wheelock (I was going to insert link to a personal page of hers, but could not find one), you have succeeded in making the lives of children everywhere a little more miserable miserable. I was on edge with her the moment she told us to put our food away in a cooking class. I felt a bit like punching her when she told Emily to put away her Nightowl and Rorschach laminated dealyboppers. Then she went and seperated Jessie and Emily, despite the fact that they were not disturbing class in any way (I'm not even sure they were talking). She lectured Larrisaa for not looking forward, when all she was trying to do was get out a peice of paper like she was told, and then had the tallest kid in class sit right in front of me during the movie.

What this boils down to is that she treated us like little children, and did not give us the respect we gave her. Also, she kept interrupting the movie to ask me inane questions, and I was really interested in the movie. We wrote a letter to our teacher, explaining the experience. The kids in class that knew about it signed it. If I never see that sub again, it will be too soon.

Ah! I just had one of those moments where you think of what to say afterwards.
Damn. That would have set her straight. And probably gotten me in detention. (worth it)

Something else interesting happened today... Oh! For some reason, my writing class decided we would all be having second lunch today. They told us over the announcements, but I was in an auditorium filled with kids that were quite literally screaming, and I did not hear it. So I went to first lunch, as normal, and missed most of class. As did about 75% of the rest of my class. I was still excused to eat second lunch, though, and I got to eat with all of my friends. It was really great, talking to people I know and love.

As opposed to the kids I only know by their nicknames... And I think they're all sophomores, too. Sigh.

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